Day 27: Thanks to St. John Baptist de La Salle (Delmont) and St. Mary (Export) and St. Bonaventure/All Saints/Holy Spirit/St. Aloysius Parishes

Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost,” they said, and cried out in fear. But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”  “Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” “Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.  But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” Matthew 14

This is one of my favorite Gospel readings. Peter was terrified. He needs Jesus, then he sees Him and Jesus invites him to come, to walk on water. Courageously Peter takes him up on it. Imagine the the courage to take that first leap. Yet he does. And then…he walks on water!!!
Then like us, he loses his focus. He sees the big waves, the threats, distractions and concerns all around him. He starts to sink. Yet once again Jesus saves him as He does to us every time we are terrified, slip, fall, lose focus and start to sink. 
He invites us to come, to walk on water too. We walk on water when we take that leap and get out of bed or break away from the things of life and go to the vigil. When we reach out to those who are misguided, who feel lost, who are drowning. We see Jesus in each one’s eyes. We offer them a lifeline. We offer options and hope.  We help them walk on water. 
Come. Be not afraid. There is still time to come to the vigil if you haven’t been able to make it yet or to come again. –Tim

Here are the reports for today at the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

11 AM-1 PM, Donna and Beverly:

It was a rainy quiet day on the sidewalk. Thanks to Dean for staying a few extra minutes. It was only Ken and Beverly and I. Thanks for joining on Mondays!
We had a woman come up and ask what we do to help women when they choose life. We talked to “A,” listened to her story and offered to pray with her and she said yes. She had a bad experience years ago and was very curious about what we do to help. We assured her that we make sure the woman is connected with many resources; Birthright, Genesis and Womens Choice Network as well as many of our 40 Days for Life participants will help and have a baby shower and continue to connect with the mom. We also shared information with her too about Rachel’s Vineyard.  Please pray for “A”. Thank you and God bless you.

1-3 PM, Beth and Rose:

If the rain brings such nice people, let it rain! Quiet, prayerful and soggy, the afternoon brought Patty from St. John and Paul as Rose and I prayed and spoke to a variety of people who were more inquisitive than anything else. Mostly affirmative, very little negative. Thanks God for the blessed rain and friendly people .

3-5 PM, Marie and Pete:

Day 20: Thanks to St. Joseph the Worker Parish and St. Bonaventure/All Saints/Holy Spirit/St. Aloysius Parishes

“Lord make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy. O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, to be loved as to love. For it is in giving we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life, Amen.”

St. Francis

There is nothing I can add to that prayer. I say this prayer everyday, however, it is one thing to say this prayer and another thing to live this prayer. When we are at 933 Liberty Avenue we live this prayer. We break the darkness and bring the light of Christ to all who see our witness. We sow hope where there is despair, we understand and don’t judge and we offer options and express love.

And when we love, God smiles. -Tim

Here are the reports from today at the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

9-11 am: “It was a very quiet morning at P.P. Only two people went inside. It is always so much easier to be here on  the days that they aren’t doing business.”

Thanks to Nadine, Beverly, Katie and John. They made sure that I wasn’t by myself at the vigil this morning.

Dave brought his family to pray with us today.

11-1: Thanks be to God the sidewalk was filled today with 20+ prayer warriors. Deacon Ron led prayer with his many parishioners from St. Joseph the Worker and they prayed the rosary too.  Fr. Jeremy joined in too as well as Beverly, Katie & Sharon and a family from St. Bonaventure also.  Jim, who I met a year or so ago, stopped by too. He lives close by and stops and prays often. Thank you all and God bless you. Quiet day not much activity with it being Columbus Day.  Donna

From Beth S. 1-3: “Dave from Weirton, Rose and I prayed the afternoon away with warm temperatures and sunshine (Please remind me of this in February). Only saw PP staff members going in and out. Reverend Billy joined us later, all of us praying for an end of abortion and healing from its wounds. 

From Marie H. 3-5: “Had a great group from St. Bonaventure parish along with their former pastor Fr. Sweeney. Very light sidewalk traffic. The shift was peaceful.”

Day 13: Thanks to Roundhill Presbyterian Church,Clarks Mills United Methodist Church and all the prayer warriors

Brick by brick

Did you ever look at a beautiful big building and just go “wow, that’s magnificent”.  We have many magnificent churches and buildings in Pittsburgh.  

These magnificent structures didn’t just appear one day.  They were built one brick at a time.  One steel girder, one window installed at a time.  

That’s how we will end abortion.  One prayer at a time.  One vigil outside the abortion clinic at a time. One day at a time. One heart changed at a time.  One baby saved at time.

Grab your brick, your smile, your presence and bring it down.  We can build something magnificent together. We can build the kingdom of God. It won’t be easy.  If it were easy, we wouldn’t need you.

God bless you. Tim

Here are today’s reports from the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

“It was a pretty quiet morning on the sidewalk. It was good to stand with Pastor Adam and shift buddy Amy. Pastor Adam started our time with a beautiful prayer. It was so nice to have a Pastor on the sidewalk, leading us in the litany of the Holy Spirit. It appeared that mostly workers went into planned parenthood and Pastor Adam prayed specifically for everyone who entered. We were joined by a man whose name I do not know, who comes regularly to witness and also Lauren who works close by and came to pray.”

From Ginny 9-11 am: Members of Roundhill Presbyterian Church joined  Dean and I on the sidewalk for prayer and peaceful witnessing.  There were 3 pastors in the group. I felt very blessed to be there today  

Here are Marie and Beverly 11-1 witnessing to life and in prayer.

It was a quiet shift with a few negative pedestrians but even more positive people. Frank joined us for the last hour.

From Beth 1-3 PM: It was good to be there. As much as we pray for an end to the nightmare of abortion, it’s good that we have kind people to pray and witness at PP.  Volunteer Dave categorized it as a “ministry of availability. ” He, his wife Laurie, Rose and all of us are there to be with those who need us. Laurie said that the rest is up to the Holy Spirit. So correct. Thanks to our friends from Christ Church at Grove Farm. 

And Kevin from St. Michael the Archangel parish came right on time to pray for the rest of our afternoon.  As a reward for being “available,” we had some nice comments from those who could see that if the need arose, we were there and those who just prayed when passing.

Day 6: Thanks to Rosary Makers Group, SS. Peter and Paul and the faithful prayer warriors

Then Jesus said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” So he stretched it out and it was completely restored.

Matt 12:13

“Just stretch out your hand.”  It’s time to listen to our Lord.  Have faith.  Believe. Take action. Let’s stretch out our withered hands and He will heal us. All of us. Miracles will happen.

How? We stretch out our hand when we go to pray at the abortion center.  When we smile at passerby’s. When we hold our signs. We are showing we believe that nothing is impossible with God.  He can stop the abortions from happening downtown. He can flood hearts with grace and break the hard hearts.  He can end abortion in our land and the world.  We just have to believe, do our part and He’ll do the rest.  

Just stretch out your hands. Tim B.

Here are the recaps from today at the vigil:

From Sue 7-9 am: Amy and I were joined by first timer to 40 DFL, Johnny. He has a legacy of being pro-life from his grandfather and decided to get involved! It was wonderful to say the rosary with the visual of Nikki’s beautiful images of the Blessed Mother on the sidewalk! We handed out many cards and engaged as many people as we could. There was a man who stopped that said he knows someone who is 2-3 months pregnant, has substance abuse issues and is considering abortion. We assured him that help is available and gave him brochures and all the information with free resources. He thought her pregnancy might be the inspiration and strength to help her get clean and abortion would only make things worse. I told him that I would ask all of you to pray for her! Please keep K in your prayers! 
Thanks, Sue

From Donna 11-1: It was a beautiful warm day on the sidewalk. Janet, Connie, Pat & Nick from St Peter & Paul in Beaver joined in prayer today. Pat & Nick blessed us with Our Lady of Guadalupe chaplets  and rosaries. Please share them with others. Thank you so much! Pat & Nick are pictured in the previous shift manager report. Sheila and Mary Ann joined in prayer and handed out resources also. Thanks be to God for these faithful prayer warriors! Our positive comments, thumbs up and blown horns outweighed the negative comments. Thank you all for your faithfulness!


From Ginny 3-5:

Marlin stopped to talk to us about the darkness in the world Pete gave him some pro-life information.

He was concerned about the baby lives mattering. 

Another man stopped by to ask about when a woman is raped I explained to him that the child is innocent and it should be the father that was the rapist that should be punished and he said what about the woman being traumatized and I said it’s more of a trauma to have a baby aborted. Women who kept their babies or gave them up for adoption after a rape felt much more peace and he started to see it that way. praise God 

Students for Life, 40 DFL, Sidewalk Advocates and PPFL join in National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day

Help and hope were in abundance on Saturday morning, August 1, during the Students for Life National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day. Students across the country gathered outside abortion facilities to sidewalk counsel, offering women help and hope before they walk through those doors. Their goal was to be a life-changing spark of hope for another in need. And that they were!

It was so refreshing to see the younger generation in action interacting along with the “more seasoned” pro-life warriors of 40 Days for Life, Sidewalk Advocates, and the newly formed Prayer Partners for Life.  Their kindness and compassion brought true joy to my heart and filled me with confidence knowing that our mission to end abortion will be continued by the next generation.

The Mary’s Place residents made blessing bags to give out to women going in as well as to those passing on the sidewalk. It was heartwarming to see the young people giving them out.

I’m sure Heaven heard our prayers and God smiled today.

Day 34: Hope springs eternal

The signs of spring are all around us.  We will come out of these trying times and things will be better.  We must have hope.  We must also have faith and of course demonstrate love.  I hope and pray for God’s mercy for my family, for all of you and the world.  I know HIS mercy is is limitless and will be showered upon us in HIS time.

I also hope that we all come out closer to God.  I hope our faith will be strengthened.  I hope we will all have the courage to love those around us especially the unborn. As I hope you know, God can turn any bad thing into something good. Sure we will have tribulation in the world but remember He has conquered the world. 

“We just need to do the best we can, where we are with what we got.” God will do the rest. HE has this under control.  He’s got this. Have Hope.

Jesus I Trust in You. Jesus I Trust in You. Jesus I trust in You. Tim

Today’s message from Shawn Carney:

Here’s from Sue 7-9 am today:

My shift buddy Amy and I were united in prayer from our homes for the 7am-9am shift. Amy emailed me on Sunday to say she planned to pray Rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets. I did the same from my own home. It’s like a Monday where we were covering each side of the yellow circle at PP. Blessings and peace, Sue and Amy

From Donna 11-1:

My shift was interrupted a little today as I had to go to my Mom’s so she could do a telemedicine phone call with her Dr.  I was close to town so for the last hour of my shift I parked near PP and sat in my car and prayed.  I did sing along with some praise music, “Raise a Hallelujah”.  Praise God no one went in and only one person came out and may have been a worker. May God stop PP and shut them down immediately since they are not an essential life sustaining business and should not even be open during this pandemic. Blessings For Life,

From Beth 1-3

There’s an altar in there!

Rose and I prayed for our shift.  St. Albert’s has glass doors and Father Steve has set up an altar right inside those glass doors with tabernacle, candles, and statues. People stop while circling the parking lot saying their prayers. Some just sit in their cars facing the altar.  We’re going to do what we can and prayers work.  Beth

Day 20: Thanks to St. Thomas Anglican Church, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Bonaventure, All Saints, St. Aloysius, Holy Spirit, and Faithful Volunteers!

“You’re in”

At the 40 DFL kick off Father Joe Freedy retold a story of his football days and the coach coming to him on the bench and telling him “you’re in.” He went on to tell us that some of us in the same way are being called off the bench by God to get into the game. HE is saying “it’s your time, you’re in.” It’s in the game of life. Pro Life.

Well it’s half time of the big Spring game. We are lucky here in Pittsburgh as we have a great team. We just need to execute HIS plan. We need to show up for 40 Days and witness to life. We need to pray and fast. Sure it requires a little sacrifice but it is worth it. We have a tough adversary but we have the secret weapon that assures we will win. We have God on our side.

This isn’t a watch on TV thing, this is a get in the trenches and get muddy game. Get over your fear. As Father Joe said, have courage and it will overtake your fear. And then savor the joy of winning.

He doesn’t call everybody. But if HE is calling you and saying “you’re in,” then pick up your helmet and get in the game. Come down to the vigil for your first time during this Spring event or an extra time. Bring a friend, as we’re holding tryouts (no worries, all will make the team as we have a no-cut policy) .

Thanks also to Father Joe for the truly inspirational homily. Peace and joy, Tim

Here are the stories from today at the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

There was more traffic coming into town today than I expected. Amy and I took up each side of the circle to pray. I wore the sign because Mondays are mostly workers entering Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately, about an hour into our shift, women started entering PP for abortions. I believe at least 15 women entered while I was still there. I was grateful Katie and Priscilla came to offer women help and Amy was reaching out as well. A man whose name I do not know also stood peacefully with us holding a hand-made sign saying “Choose Life.” We did our best to let the women and their companions know that they are not alone and there is free help available. I do believe everyone was approached regarding alternatives to abortion, but sadly it did not appear anyone was changing their mind. I do believe God hears our prayers and trust that God knows what he is about…Thanks, Sue

From Ginny 9-11: Today was the worst day I have experienced in years. So many women went into Planned Parenthood. Mondays are never abortion days, but today was. I suppose they trying to get as many as possible. Several woman came out towards the end of my shift with tears in their eyes. So I spent my shift crying and praying. May God comfort us.

From Donna and Glen 11-1: It was a busy and sad day today at PP for a Monday. Everything may be shutting down around us and PP is still doing abortions and on a Monday!!

From Beth 1-3: Surprise today was an abortion day so
twice as many thanks to the faithful prayerful family of 40 days
Dianne, Janet, Rita, Marie and Sandy from St. Teresa of Avila
They kept the prayers coming on this gray cold day at PP. So many clients

Our first experience was seeing a Mom and her daughter leave and it was clear by the look in the daughter’s eyes that she was hurting, physically and emotionally. They refused any information. So sad to see so many going in to PP today.

Katie had been there since 8 or so and was trying so hard to reach people and hand out pamphlets. She was determined! Thank God for that determination because praise God one of the couples she spoke with today, they are going to Birthright tonight for help. Please keep praying for this couple who has 3 kids and things are really tight for them. Kathy was there too and brought us some Unplanned DVD’s to hand out and share and Wolves In Sheeps Clothing DVD from EWTN. Thank you Kathy! Katie no sooner had the DVD’s and was sharing them with the book store owner. He told her he had been wanting to see Unplanned and appreciated her sharing them with him.

We were joined by faithful prayer warriors Patty & Bill. Then 3 ladies from St. Sebastian’s came early: Dot, Rita & Mary Lou. Thank you all for joining us today to pray to end abortion where we live.

We tried to reach out to so many but they refused. We thank God for the couple that Katie reached today.

3 to 5 was quiet at clinic and on the sidewalk. We had a great prayer group. Dave and John from St. Boniventure, Gloria from St. Mary of the Assumption and Pete the shift buddy. -John

Day 13: Thanks to Reformed Presbyterian Church of North Hills and Round Hill Presbyterian Church and Kathy, Sandy, Dean and Matt

“They will know we are Christians by our love”

I was thinking back to the 40 DFL kick off rally for this Spring Campaign, specifically being in front of the clinic in the light rain waiting for the entire group to begin singing and praying and being so overwhelmed with joy at seeing the sheer number of us holding candles and crosses and still watching as more and more marchers just kept coming and coming.

Yet, I was most impressed by the encounter between a a few of the prayer warriors and 3 young men who had come out the bar next to the clinic. Their language was insulting and vulgar yet no one flinched. When asked “What the _ are you doing here?”, one woman politely stated “We are here to pray to end abortion.” The men persisted and asked “Well, how many kids have you adopted?” and a woman answered “I have adopted one.” And then another woman nearby said the same. The men moved to another group in front of the doors and said to one women “You are not allowed to protest here”, she politely and calmly responded “We are not protesting, we are praying.” He responded why don’t you pray at home. She again calmly responded “I do.” He walked away.

Wow. At that moment I realized what kind of people we really are. We are bold in the face of adversity, we are courageous, we are Christians and they will know us by our love. Peace and joy. Tim

Here are the stories from today at the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

It was a beautiful morning and Tom and Diane had everything set up when I got there. Amy and I stood on each side of the circle. Amy handed out a lot of literature but I mostly felt like just praying. In between a Rosary and Divine Mercy I picked up some brochures to hand out, but no one seemed to be accepting them from me today, so I went back to just praying. As always, the men of Reformed Presbyterian were a beautiful witness for Life. Their church group included a father and son duo and the women were coming down a little later. Planned Parenthood was having what appeared to be maintenance work done. Many clinic workers that went in were having trouble opening the door and Charles would ask them to have mercy on the babies. We felt compelled to specifically pray for the conversion of these clinic workers. We got many hard looks from people passing by but also supportive comments as well. I can still picture the face of a young man who said “God bless you” as he quickly passed. Charlene’s comments from last week keep running through my mind that God is asking us to come and pray here for an end to abortion, so here we are…with simple obedience to that call. Sue

From Ginny 9-11: The wonderful large families with all these beautiful children are from the Reformed Presbyterian Church of the North Hills.
They sang hymns and the children made hand movements to the words of the songs. It was hard to explain to the very young children not to be in the circle. But, no one came out to complain.
What a wonderful gift these children are to the pro-life cause. I felt very blessed to have this group on my shift.

From Donna 11-1: When we arrived there were so many children there which was wonderful to see! Diane and I were joined by Kathy & Sandy and Lisa & Jim joined us on their lunch hour too. Thanks everyone! It’s always great to meet new people! We had about 4 God bless you’s and thank you’s which is always refreshing especially after someone yells at you from their car or walks by and tells you thanks for donating to PP. I guess the pledge a picketer is what she was referring to. It always amazes me how unfriendly people are or how they are drowning out everyone with their ear buds & headphones. Kathy gave a 6 year old boy one of the baby models which he found interesting. We had several young guys stop and look at the models and talk for a little bit.

How do you like Sandy’s shirt? Binge Jesus! I love it! She told me it was from a series called “The Chosen” which can be streamed online and the app is titled the same and it’s all about Jesus & his disciples. Just had to share that.
How about the beautiful statue of Mary Ark of the Covenant! Kathy’s brother, Doug sculpted that and painted that. He is not an artist but after coming back from Medjugoria he was painting and sculpting. That’s God at work! Kathy will bring that with her every time she comes to pray. Thanks Kathy! There were many “God winks” today. Diane was praying and asked God to breathe life through the circle of death and looked down and there was a leaf shaped like a heart. It blew away faster than we could take a picture. And Lisa had forgotten her rosary and Kathy had one from Medjugoria. Lisa is hearing all about her friend’s trip to Medjugoria tonight too! Thank you Lord for bringing us all together today and for all the ways You are working to right the wrong of abortion. God is on the move!
Blessings For Life,

From Beth 1-3: Just a few people going in and out of PP but a busier sidewalk as the weather became warmer. Rose, Dean, Judy and I prayed.
Dean handed out lots of information cards. Bill H came as did Bill D who wants everyone to sign up for the March for life in Harrisburg on Monday May 18. PCUC will have 4 buses chartered. Everyone welcomed. Look for more details to come.

From Pete 3-5: What a glorious day to be outside praying with others who also want to see an end to the scourge of abortion. Shift Manager Marie and myself were joined by Matt, Mayim, Lori, and Kaylee from Round Hill Presbyterian Church.
Most passersby were pleasant, probably because of the sun (and/or the Son). There were a couple crude/rude comments but those were easily forgotten when we remembered what and who we’re fighting for. It’s such a blessing to be a part of this campaign because of the encouragement we receive from praying together. God Bless – Pete

Day 6: Thanks to the Parishes of St. Bonaventure, All Saints, St. Aloysius, and Holy Spirit

“Come follow ME”

Did you ever read the Bible where Jesus asks His apostles to “come follow ME” and wonder “would I have dropped everything,  truly everything and followed Him”? Hum?
Luckily I only see the beckoning finger and hear Him asking me to get up early Saturday morning to be at the abortion center to pray and witness to life. Ok I give up some sleep and coffee but the words of the Master echo in my head “Rise, let us be on our way“.

Please note, I’m not that special to be the only one getting the call. As St Paul said to Timothy, “HE … called us with a holy calling, not in virtue of our works, but in virtue of his own purpose and the grace which was granted to us in Christ Jesus before this world existed” (2 Tim. 1:9).  

Well I’m guessing if you are reading this you have also been called, answered the call and are Following Him in the vocations He has asked of you.  Now as we get this 40 DFL campaign underway it is time to consider sharing the good news of our calling in the same way that Andrew asked his brother Simon Peter to come meet the master.  Would you consider asking those around you if they are also are hearing the call to follow Him, yet don’t know how?  Is there someone in your family, neighborhood or at work who would want to get involved to save lifes and souls but doesn’t know how?

Be not afraid” (where have you heard that expression so many times?) and ask them to join you.  Tell them about the true peace and joy you feel after going down to pray and witness to life.  Sure it requires some sacrifice but the resulting happiness from doing something really important and meaningful is well worth it.

The time is now.  “No more later” as a dear friend of mine now says.  “Come Follow Me” and bring a friend. Peace and joy, Tim

Here are the stories from today at the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

Praise God, it was so nice to have warm weather today, I couldn’t believe my thermostat read 46 degrees! It was good to see Tom and Diane again and to meet my new shift buddy Amy! We each took a side of the circle and prayed and also reached out to people passing by. I was engaged by a young pro-choice advocate who was well versed in the typical abortion talking points. I was grateful to have the fetal models to show human development, but she walked away when I mentioned the heartbeat starts at 18 days. The new sign saying “Do not take a Life” for Help, call 1-800-712 HELP” got a lot of second looks…it is very direct and to the point! A little while into our shift, Katie showed up. Pictured are Katie and Amy waiting to offer resources. It was a blessing to be with them, Sue

From Donna 11-1: It was windy and cold today at PP. We didn’t expect it because everywhere else it was warmer. We started our shift off by playing a few songs.
First, “Raise A Hallelujah” and then “Way Maker”. The lyrics were perfect
I raise a hallelujah in the presence of my enemies,
I raise a hallelujah louder than the unbelief,
I raise a hallelujah our weapon is a melody,
I raise a hallelujah heaven comes to fight for me,
I’m gonna sing in the middle of the storm,
louder and louder you’re gonna hear my praises roar,
up from the ashes hope will arise,
death is defeated the King is alive!

And “Way Maker”
You are here moving in our midst, I worship You I worship You
You are here working in this place, I worship You I worship You
You are Way Maker, Miracle, Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the Darkness
My God that is who You are!

There were many passersby today, some “God bless you’s & thank you’s”, and a thumbs up. A couple walked by with kind words to say and we all said “God will right this wrong”! Katie did her beautiful sidewalk sign “Love is stronger than fear” & wrote too. Many people read it and were afraid to walk on it. Katie was talking to a lot of people and handing out cards. Diane was reading prayers from “In The Palm of His Hand” by Priests For Life. Patty joined us as well and prayed the prayers from the kick off at Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene. Fr. Nathanial & Lisa both joined us and prayed the Rosary. Cathy, Patty’s sister joined us and then Judy & Debbie came right before Beth & Rose and Bill showed up too. We were amazed that there were four sets of sisters together. We called ourselves the“Sidewalk Sisters”. What a blessing to be with everyone today. Thank you all for your faithful witness to pray to end abortion where we live and bringing life to the sidewalk. Blessings For Life, Donna

From Beth 1-3 pm : Beginning our shift, a young gentleman came over to us and thanked us for doing 40 Days and said he was against abortion.  Ending our shift, another  young gentleman said he couldn’t understand why anyone would even do business of any kind with PP.  So prayers for “K”, this gentleman’s wife, who is due to deliver beautiful baby “E” by the end of March.  The  day was a true gloom-fest weather-wise but such warm thoughts and prayers kept us going.  Thanks to Judy and sister, Debbie, and my sister, Rose, for withstanding the chilly temperatures.  Makes one wonder if the coldness towards human life inside PP contributes to the coldness outside. And double thanks to Diane and Tom for putting the big weights on the signs because the wind blew them over, but couldn’t blow them away.

Parishioners of St. Bonaventure covered the vigil from 3-7 PM!

Day 34: Thanks to St. Thomas Anglican Church, Holy Apostles Parish, and all who came to pray at the vigil!

Did you ever hear the expression “keep it simple” or the K-I-S-S version?  I really think it applies to us and our efforts outside the abortion center.  We need to keep it simple starting with “just show up”.  Get downtown to 933 Liberty Ave. Sounds easy, but as we all know, it’s not always easy for either internal reasons or external ones.  Next “just stay awhile”.  It doesn’t have to be long but long enough for you open your heart to God in prayer so HE knows why you are there and what you want. 

Sounds a little like the Crucifixion. There weren’t many followers who showed up for whatever their reasons.

And lastly, let God’s love shine through you.  Smile. There is still time this week to come to vigil if you haven’t been able to make it so far.  If you can’t come this week, know there are year-round sidewalk advocates and prayer warriors outside the clinic every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. So uncomplicate your life.  Do something really meaningful.  It’s SIMPLE come back to 933 Liberty Ave to pray and demonstrate the gospel of life… maybe save a life and a soul and, oh yeah, find Joy. 


Here are reports from today at the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

Mary, Peggy and Thao

It was an interesting morning. There were a lot of emergency vehicles heading down towards the convention center. We learned from passersby that a bus had fell front-end first into a sink hole. Everyone was talking about the emergency and we did hear that no one was hurt….Rose remarked that the bus/sink hole is a one time tragedy while all the lives being lost at planned parenthood (over 3000 per year) is an on-going tragedy. We hope to make the people passing by aware of this tragedy…We also had a young man with his son tell us that he supports us, he is for life! It was a pleasure to stand with Peggy who volunteers at Women’s Choice Network and Family Links. She was telling me about the WCN banquet theme, ” father factor” and how when a woman has a supportive man in her life, the chances of her choosing life go way up!! Thank you! – Sue

From Ginny 9-11 am:

There was a lot of excitement up the street with the bus in the sinkhole , very quiet in front of Planned Parenthood.
Except when  charter school had their fire drill on our sidewalk walk. The kids were interested in looking at the fetal models.

Here’s from Donna 11-1:

“It was an interesting Monday to say the least; a bus in a sinkhole, the sidewalks full of Steeler & Dolphin fans, lots of foot traffic. Thanks to Marti & Ron, from our church, St. Thomas Anglican in Gibsonia, joining Diane and I today. Bill stopped by briefly as he told us he was on jury duty. Praise God there were many more positive comments than negative today. So many God bless you’s and thank you’s. Someone came up to me and said “May the Lord bless you and keep you” and then he walked over to Marti and said the same thing. Another man walked by and then came back and handed me a donation for 40 Days For Life. I thanked him and said God bless you. We did have one person early on say “Roe v Wade forever” as he walked by. I said “God bless you” and then he said “go to he..”. We prayed for all who walked by that Jesus would touch their hearts in some way and open their eyes to His truth. Jesus said we would be persecuted for our faith. In a small way we are with the jeers, eye rolls, laughter, mean comments and angry stares. Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”
Blessings For Life, Donna

From Beth 1-3: A big “thumbs up” to God for the best weather of this 40 days 
Lots of people walking by this afternoon and most of the comments were positive 

Thanks to Marie my shift relief for always coming early so we could leave before rush hour. Steeler fans, Dolphin fans, and people just wanting to see a bus stuck in the sink hole made for a crowded Liberty Avenue. Here’s from Marie 3-5:

“Lots of traffic on the street. Some very positive responses. Two different men had very positive comments. Pete and I were accompanied by Beth from North Park Church, Mary Jane from St Thomas More, Theo from Catholic Charities and Bill”. -Marie Here’s from Peter also with Marie 3-5 pm: “It’s hard to believe this was our 5th and final Monday of this campaign.  We have been blessed with wonderful weather on our shifts and today was no different.  There were many more pedestrians than normal because foot traffic (mostly for the Steeler game) had to be redirected our way due to the sinkhole that swallowed the bus. Even though there wasn’t much conversation with those who walked by, we hope our presence and prayers gave them pause.  God Bless. -Peter”