Day 20: Thank you Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish and the prayer volunteers

“We have worked hard all night and have caught nothing, but at your command…” (Luke 5:5)

All the signs seem to be saying don’t do it, why bother, and yet we put out into the deep. We are only at the halfway point of our Fall Campaign and may not feel like we have been all that successful.

Sometimes we get tired, frustrated and maybe overwhelmed with the stuff of life. Maybe you just don’t feel like it.

Yet at HIS command, we will and must go back out into the deep, to make the effort, to save a life and maybe a soul.

We go back to the sidewalk and cast our nets every day. Sure, the wind and the waves of the pro abort crowd are big and constant, but we have God on our side and the gates of Hell will not prevail against us. So, get ready to start pulling in the nets full of fish. When it is HIS time, it will happen.

If you haven’t been downtown yet, come on down. And if you have been, come back. The sea is full of fish, and we need your help to haul them in. Bring a friend. GBY


From Sue 7-9 am:

There was nothing out of the ordinary today on the sidewalk. Shift buddy Diane and I prayed 4 mysteries of the rosary interspersed with talking/praying with 2 homeless men that asked for prayers and giving out pens/Precious Feet pins to passersby. Bonnie answered the call for an additional person and she stood on the other side of the circle praying and witnessing by wearing signs. Very few employees entered PP, some workmen and 1 client who had trouble getting in touch with them to open the doors, but finally did, unfortunately. Overall it was a blessing to share the sidewalk and pray with Bonnie and Diane.

From Nikki 9-11:

I was blessed to share my two hour shift with a brand new volunteer named Mary. I would’ve been by myself if she has not answered the call. She said that she had to get up her courage to come and I was glad she did. We had a very peaceful shift. We had a few friendly encounters with passersby who stopped to talk and share their stories with us. One man is homeless and asked us to pray for him which we did right there on the sidewalk. Reporters from Sweden stopped to interview us and take pictures. We were able to get some praying in also. It was a good shift. Very peaceful and nobody going into Planned Parenthood. 

Ginny and Marie 11-1

Marie and Red 11-1 together

From Beth 1-3:

Thanks, thanks, thanks for all the help that Marie and I had for our chilly, windy shift today. Diane, Art, Annette, Margaret, Dot, Dave, Rose, and Libby were the “Great Eight” from Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish sending up so many prayers with frozen fingers. And Bill and Anthony stopped by. Most remarks were favorable; just a few negatives. The weather was a preview of coming attractions. 🥶
And thanks to Ginny and Marie for lending me a hat and gloves, a real blessing.
And thanks to PP for the new sign. They may “stand together for all” but there’s our difference. We won’t stand for the killing of innocent human beings. We won’t stand for lying to women about the misery of abortion. We just won’t stand for it.

Dan and Joanne 3-5 pm:

Very noisy today on Liberty Ave. with all the sounds of buses riding by, and the jackhammering at the construction site, and a group of kids screaming as they played football in the alley nearby! But, thank God, it was very quiet at Planned Parenthood!! Marie stayed past her scheduled shift and prayed The Joyful Mysteries with us. A couple of students inquired about the baby models and Marie was kind enough to explain what they were for. Another couple asked if “they“ get mad at us for being there. I told them some say God bless you while others berate us for being there. They just kinda smiled and walked down the street .

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