Day 27: Thanks to Elk County Right to Life Group, Triumph of the Holy Cross Parish, and our courageous volunteers

God speaks to us in funny ways sometimes.  Maybe even through fortune cookies.

I’m uncomfortable going downtown to witness to life and pray at pp.  I watch the news and see all the crazy thing going on.  Sometimes I even feel a twinge of fear.

I’ve come to realize that fear is normal.  It’s how we handle the fear that is important.  Courage is doing the right thing despite that fear.

Plus, we are never alone.  “Take courage, for I am with you. Be not afraid.”

“Start being brave about everything, driving out darkness and spreading light as well. Don’t look at your weakness, but realize that in Christ crucified you can do everything.” ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA

It’s an honor to share the sidewalk along with all you courageous prayer warriors. GBY Tim

From Sue 7-9 am:

Quiet today on the streets. Many employees went into pp. Shift buddy Diane and I prayed 4 mysteries of the rosary…my thoughts were Keep It Simple, Mary’s Immaculate Heart will triumph. It was a blessed and grace-filled shift, Diane powered through leading the rosaries! Many pens and precious feet pins were accepted! So grateful to be called to do this work. Pictured are Mary starting the next shift, me and faithful shift buddy Diane!

From Nikki 9-11:

It was a beautiful and prayerful shift today, praise God! It was Mary and I for the first hour. It began with a young woman stopping by to film herself with us. She began her video by saying that she was standing with these two old and stupid women. I agreed with her that I was indeed old but did not think I was stupid because I believed in the sanctity of all human life. It was clear she was very angry but I was able to tell her that God loves her and that her life is important to him as is every single life, including unborn life. We planted seeds I hope. We definitely prayed for her after she left. At 10 o’clock we were joined by the wonderful Elk County Right to Life who traveled three hours to get here and then stay for a four hour shift! Such dedication! It was a true blessing to have two large groups on either side of the circle praying for the entire time. God bless all of them and everyone who comes to pray! 

From Ginny 11-1 pm:

This the group from Elk County Right to Life
What wonderful group. We prayed all four sets of Mysteries of the Rosary. They thanked me for my big loud mouth . The group that stood on the opposite side of the circle could hear me even with all the traffic and construction noises. Praise God for gifting me with a big mouth.

From Beth 1-3:

Thanks to Meg and her husband, Mimi, Eileen, and Amy from Triumph of the Holy Cross parish for sending up prayers with us on a beautiful afternoon. The volunteers from Elk County were there with us; we’re always glad to see them.  Marie and I had one heckler, but generally, it was good to pray together today.

From Dan 3-5:

Only  2 girls walked out of PP , looked like maybe they were workers ending their shifts. A few people passing by voiced their opinions, one stating “ I guess if a girl gets raped she has to live her life with that child. Later,  another one told Dean “ you’re shaming women” Dean kindly told him he wasn’t and the man pointed at his sign and walked away. The sign read  Pray to end abortion, I’m not quite sure how that’s women shaming! Another man walking with a girl stated something about other kids dying and we aren’t doing anything about that. A young 11 year old boy , very pleasant and respectful, stopped while heading to the bus stop after school,   asked why we were praying, my wife, Joanne,  said we were praying for the babies. He asked why women don’t want their babies, I had to tell him I didn’t know why. Megan told me that she had prayed that she would talk to someone during her shift today and God answered her prayer, she spent a solid hour talking to a girl ( a self described agnostic) about abortion and  other things ! Let us pray her words help guide that young lady  to a better understanding of God and abortion! 

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