Day 27: Thanks to Mary, Mother of God Parish and the faithful prayer warriors

You are the light of the world”

Think about it, we really do bring light to the darkness of downtown. We reflect HIS light and goodness.  We are like the moon reflecting the light of the sun, or should I say the SON.

Many would like us to go away.  Many would like to do their evil in the darkness. But we cannot stand by and do nothing.  We must be the light of truth and righteousness. Our light reflects His love and offers hope to the hopeless. I see His love when I go down to the vigil. I see it in the faces of the faithful prayer warriors. I also see peace and joy among those knowing they are doing HIS will.

I know it’s not easy sometimes and it takes effort and sacrifice.  But as the expression goes, (and I really like this one) “If it were easy HE wouldn’t need you”.  We can transform the world one prayer and one smile at a time.

As St Pope John Paul II said “He needs you.  In some way you lend him your face, your heart, your whole person, when you are convinced, dedicated to the good of others, faithful servants of the gospel. Then it will be Jesus himself who attracts people.”

Be the light of the world. See you on the sidewalk.  Sign up or show up.  Stay as long as you can, it doesn’t have to be long. GBY Tim

Shift manager report from Jeannie 7-9:

Diane and I faced the truly Lenten morning temperatures in the 20’s and let’s just say we’re looking forward to Spring. It was somehow a very neighborly morning with a nod to Mr. Rogers. Several people stoped to ask us for directions to different places: the bus terminal, a bus stop, 7-Eleven and all sorts of things. In hindsight, we both agreed that you wouldn’t stop to ask someone you didn’t trust for directions so we felt it was a complement to the movement that these folks saw us as helpers.

The most remarkable conversation was with a man who stopped to ask us to pray for his wife who was in pancreatic failure. He proceeded to tell us a little bit about his family, including this amazing story: his sister was raped and became pregnant. She decided to have the child but never told the baby that she was conceived in rape. Today that child of rape is 37 years old and is one of the most highly regarded special needs Educators in the South Allegheny school district. God has a plan for every child even those conceived in rape!

One young man stopped to pray with us as well this morning. Quite an interactive, if chilly morning! Jeannie

From Nikki 9-11:

“I was blessed to have Mary and Pete with me for the 9 to 11 shift today. Our peaceful prayers were momentarily interrupted when a young woman angrily turned over our table and sent the baby models flying. I recognized her as the woman who has done this many times in the past. She is a petite woman with dark hair, and usually is carrying a coffee cup, although today, she did not have one. We picked up the display and resumed our prayers. We prayed peacefully for the first 45 minutes or so but then were shocked when couples started entering Planned Parenthood who appeared to be abortion bound! The Google Maps for Planned Parenthood says that they are closed today but they were definitely doing abortions which is very unusual for a Monday. we offered hope and prayers, but it did not appear that anybody was willing to listen or change their minds. But we were there, and our prayers were heard. We had blue skies above and sunshine, even though it was very cold. Thank you everybody for offering up their suffering during this cold weather for an end to abortion! 

From Beth 1-3:

Thanks to Joe, Helen and Bonnie from Mary, Mother of God parish for praying with Marie and I. Not too many clients going in but quite a few coming out. Few people took information and no one stopped to talk. We talked to God about the situation and you know He always has a wonderful answer in His great time. Special Thanks to Sharon and Dan for coming a little early every week,  a great kindness.

From Dan 3-5:

“A nice sunny start to the Spring time as we prayed the Joyful Mysteries . Few people going in and out of PP. 
one man walking by thanked us for being there, which is always nice to hear, but one lady jogged by us and spit on the ground in front of us ( not too ladylike!) another lady walking by gave us the double finger ( again , not too ladylike) . And the same man that grabbed the 4 signs wrapped around the metal pole 2 weeks ago did it again and walked 4 buildings up Liberty Ave and flung them on the ground when Joe and I screamed at him to give them back. “

Barb, Joe, Bill and Joanne

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