Day 6: Thanks to the courageous teams on the street today


It’s time again to put out into the deep.  Sure, the winds and waves of popular culture are against us. But now more than ever we need to be brave and courageous. We must heed the words of the master, “Put out into the deep.” It is time to make a sacrifice and put aside our tiredness, comforts and worldly priorities.  It’s time to stand up for truth and the unborn, time to face the tumultuous waves of lies, deceit and criticism. It’s time to let God work through us to save lives and souls. It’s time to put our faith into action, to be courageous.

Is HE is asking YOU? Listen with the ears of your heart. I know, it’s not for everybody. But you? If it were easy, we wouldn’t need you.

“Put out into the deep” when you don’t want to, was demonstrated to us this past Saturday morning when Barb arrived to join us in prayer and fill an empty slot. She shared her interesting testimony of when she started at the vigil. She had been trained as a Sidewalk Advocate and came to PP to put her training into action. However, she was disturbed by a pro-life group with megaphones (not part of 40 DFL)  and the things they were saying (fortunately they no longer come to PP).  Afterwards, she didn’t want to return to PP.  But she was being called to come back and she did. That day she had an encounter with a woman going into PP for information on an abortion. She connected with the woman when she came out. Now, jump to the end of the story … she later took her for an appointment and sonogram, and here is the best part, she is still connected to the mom and the baby.

So if you are being called, be courageous, join us on the sidewalk.  Sign up or just show up but come to the vigil and bring a friend. Send this to a few friends too. Remember “Andrew told Peter, Philip told Nathaniel…” and look how that has turned out. Be bold and “be not afraid.” Put out into the deep. GBY


Here are the reports from today at the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

It was a very quiet Monday, there were probably about 4 workers that went in today. Unusual to see the security guard early on a Monday though. Diane and I enjoyed seeing the kids walking to school…some sleepy and dragging, others laughing and talking! Very few comments from passersby, but one young business man made the sign of the cross as he walked by. Towards the end of our shift, we had a car careen around the corner beeping and yelling something derogatory at us, but almost simultaneously a little child and her mom approached the fetal models, the child, pointing and saying “baby, baby”…what a joy, we gave her the little 12 week baby model handout to take with her. That made my shift! Lots of prayers led by Diane, a true prayer warrior and a pleasure to be her shift buddy! Thank you! -Sue (Sue is in the middle of the pic)

Here’s from Nikki 9-11:

It was a quiet and peaceful shift this morning. Mary and I prayed for a good part of our shift. We were blessed to have Tony as our security guard, we felt very protected. Somebody had defecated in the doorway behind us so everybody please be careful who is going today not to step in it. We told a city worker about it and they covered it with some plastic until it can be cleaned up. There was no activity at Planned Parenthood, no clients entered at all while I was there. Mondays are a good time to be there to witness and pray! Thanks to everybody who went today!

Here is from Ginny 11-1:

Marie, Maggie and I spent most of our shift praying all 4 sets of the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet 
It was very peaceful even in the rain.

From Beth 1-3:

Deluge but bearable. Marie, Ed, and myself kept vigil at PP today. Monday is administration day it seems with deliveries but few clients if any. Shout out to all who work downtown and stop by to pray or give encouragement. What a wonderful, necessary ministry! 

From Dan 3-5:

An inaudible comment directed at us from a young lady who walked by and an obscene gesture by  another lady driving by in a car, but besides that it was a pretty quiet time standing in the rain and praying.

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