Day 34: Thank you to Our Lady of the Lakes Parish and the courageous volunteers

Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of England and someone who had to repeat the 8th grade three times for failing English, said just these three words when he was asked to give the commencement speech at Oxford: “Never give up!”

I repeat more words from Winston Churchill: “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never–in nothing, great or small, large or petty — never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

As we reach the end of our Fall campaign, I echo these words and add to them the words of another great man: “Be not afraid, I am with you always.”

Are you not yet ready to quit for a while? Are you being called to do more for the unborn?  Maybe you are and maybe you are not.  “Some are apostles,  some are prophets, some are evangelists…”  Ask yourself… are you still being called to be an evangelist? Not everybody is.

If you don’t want to stop fighting against abortion between now and the next 40 DFL Spring Campaign, join the year-round faithful of 40 DFL 365 and Sidewalk Advocates who are outside PP witnessing, praying and saving babies all year long, Tuesday through Saturday.  Ponder joining us. See the 40 DFL Pittsburgh website homepage for more information.

God bless you and fill you with the courage to do what HE is calling you to be.  And remember, “Never give up!”  GBY


From Sue 7-9 am:

It was overcast and rainy. A worker was parked in front of PP when I arrived and left the building a little after 7am. Also, the weekend guard came in today. Both unusual for a Monday. About 9 employees entered, including the new director. Diane led us in all 4 mysteries of the rosary and the “Memorare novena” that Nikki asked us to pray daily until the PA Supreme Court decision is made. Many children in cute costumes passed, a sparkly unicorn and a boy who said he was “Spidey,” LOL! We had a lot of positive comments and a car honked to make sure we saw his thumbs up! It was a blessing to pray with my shift buddy Diane.

A very soggy Sue and Diane pictured with Nikki and Mary as they arrive for the 9 to 11 shift.

From Nikki 9-11 am: It was a very good shift this morning! My final Monday morning shift of the 40 days was peaceful and we had many encouraging comments from passersby. Not even one single negative comment! In fact, a young woman parked and got out of her car specifically just to talk to us because she wanted to learn what we thought about abortion. She considers herself pro life but had questions because she was worried about rape and incest and thought that women needed to have access to abortion in those cases. We were able to have a very calm discussion where we both talked and listened and it was very productive. At one point towards the end she began to tear up and so I wonder if she may have some pain that she has not yet healed from, but it was a blessing that she stopped to talk to us. it was also a blessing that the clinic appeared to be closed, I think maybe one person went in during our entire shift but it did not appear to be a clinic day.

From Beth 1-3:

Sooner or later, abortion makes you miserable. Today was a case study in this belief.  Joining Marie and I were two wonderful pray-ers, Judy and Joan. Although we were in front of one of the deadliest places on earth, we offered prayers for all those concerned with abortion, even those who hate us. And within 5 minutes, here came a miserable abortion supporter, snarling about, you guessed it,  we only love the mother because we haven’t adopted enough children in her estimation. 

She was quite willing to scream at us but when the security guard asked her to go, she pivoted, left, and took her specious, hackneyed, pro-abortion fibs with her. So much for intelligent conversation. 

We said rosaries and a chaplet, handed out cards. We weren’t miserable; we rejoice in the truth of life and know the big lie of abortion is dying.

Special thanks to faithful shift co-manager, Marie,  and to my relief managers, Dan and Joanne, always arriving right on time. Yeah

3- 5 pm: From Susan and Dan

It was fairly quiet on Liberty Ave and at PP today. 

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