Hark the Herald Angels Sing…

“Come all ye faithful…”

And they came on this chilly Saturday morning. Carols and prayers sung brought the true joy of the season to the darkness outside the clinic. Bishop Waltersheid, Jeannie and Tim read Gospel readings and prayers and led in caroling. Jeannie handed out gifts to those going by, surprising and delighting.

The young mom and her baby in the front of the group pic showed us why we are there and how we save lives.

Audrey, Greg, Nichole and Ken drove from Erie to join in the joyful event.

Hopefully through our praying and singing we demonstrated the true meaning of Christmas and the value of each life including those in the womb as we kept the Christ Child in the forefront and brought a little JOY TO THE WORLD!

3 thoughts on “Hark the Herald Angels Sing…”

  1. So happy to see the pics and for you to celebrate Jesus birth in front of the place that destroys life, PP! What a contrast. Diane and I could not be with you but we attended Mass , prayed the Joyful mystery and also the chaplet.of Mercy all as our way of supporting all of you and defending life, for the babies and the moms!
    A Blessed Christmas to you and a healthy Grace filled 2023!
    Sr. Jolenta and Diane Miller

  2. Sr. Jolenta the Polish Carol was missed! Next year! It was a really joyful gathering, despite the chill and folks sort of stood around afterwards to greet each other, and see the little one who joined us!

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