Praying to End Abortion

40 Days for Life Pittsburgh is a local chapter of an internationally coordinated 40-day campaign that aims to end abortion through prayer and fasting, community outreach, and a peaceful all-day vigil in front of abortion businesses.

February 14 - March 24, 2024

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Until our Spring 2024 prayer vigil begins!

We Need You!

Check out the schedule to select a time slot and sign up to join our peaceful vigil in front of Planned Parenthood.

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Day 18…Thanks to Christ Our Savior Parish, Triumph of the

“What? Who? ME?!?!” One soldier remarked to another that the third cross bearer probably wasn’t going to make it to the height. He’d already fallen once, and Golgotha was nowhere near. A quick scan of the crowd and the Cyrenean was singled out, forced to assist Jesus. Simon had only joined the crowd to watch! […]

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Day 17…Thanks to St. Matthew Parish, Dedicated Team members &

TRUST… Sometimes we can become discouraged about ending abortion in our city, our state, our country.  Some thought the overturning or Roe v. Wade could lead to the end of abortion.  But, no, the forces of evil have banded together to pass legislation codifying abortion as a legal right in many states.  Politicians who had […]

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Day 16…Thanks to Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, St.

LOVE… In the New Testament in the Gospel of John, Jesus tells His disciples: “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you”. John 15:12 As Christians we are commanded to love, not as the world does, superficially and it’s all about feelings. We are commanded to love like Jesus […]

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Day 15…Thanks to Waynesburg College Students, Dedicated Team Members &

What is your first response when facing a scary, or even a threatening situation? Last week, in karate class, we were practicing being swept to the ground. My partner is an ex-marine…very strong…and he sometimes forgets that he is paired up with a 60-year old grandmother. I have to admit, I was a little scared. […]

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How to Pray at an Abortion Clinic for the first time

by Nikki Bruni, 40 Days for Life Pittsburgh

Considering joining a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil for the first time? Here’s how to prepare yourself. First, you need to have your heart broken, and God’s Holy Spirit is the One for this job.