Day 20: Thank you for coming downtown to pray!

“Do whatever He tells you.”

“Do whatever He tells you.” Those are the words of the Blessed Mother of Jesus to the waiters at the wedding feast of Cana.  And then the first great miracle happened, water was turned into wine.

The same happens downtown. He can change our presence, our prayers, our smiles and our words from water into wine. He can use our efforts to change the hearts and minds of those abortion bound but we must do our part first. We have to do what He is telling us. It starts by just showing up. Every time I go downtown I hope and pray for this miracle. And maybe to see it too but I know we don’t always see the results of our efforts. But I have hope and I believe.

I’m guessing if you are reading this, you have heard with the ears of your heart what He is telling you to do.

We are halfway through the campaign. We will change hearts, minds and lives into fine wine and souls will be saved if we just keep doing what HE is telling us to do in our hearts. I’m willing to keep carrying my water jug. How about you?

Please keep coming downtown and let’s be confident more miracles will happen.   GBY 


From Sue 7-9 am:

It was a quiet morning for foot traffic, and few employees went into PP. Diane and I were joined by the ever-upbeat Jeannie who did an amazing job with the set up today! Diane led all the mysteries of the rosary with a beautiful book from Priests for Life, given to Diane by another volunteer from 40 DFL. It was a prayerful, peaceful shift.

Here is the 9-11 report:

“The 9-11 shift was quiet, especially the first hour with only a few workers going into PP.  One gentleman passed by and gave us a small donation to thank us for being here.  One young woman angrily walked by and warned us not to say anything to her, even rejecting Lianne’s wish for her to have a ‘good day.’ We agreed to pray for her.  We prayed a rosary with the Joyful mysteries.  Lianne’s friend joined us for the second hour and we prayed another rosary, meditating on the Sorrowful mysteries.  Our friendly security guard was a little late due to the confusing time change yesterday.  Overall, it was a quiet, prayerful shift with the intermittent snow flurries.

Beth 1-3 reports:

Quiet afternoon, good for getting some praying done. Marianne from St. Aiden and Marie from St. Luke the Evangelist took one side of the circle and with me on the other side, lots of petitions went heavenward. 

From Dan 3-5:

“It was pretty quiet at Planned Parenthood. The weather was cold , but bearable. One man came walking down Liberty Ave. wearing a Choose Life sign around his neck (it actually looked like it was one of ours,) said hi to us and told us he wears the sign for another reason, then continued walking down the street.          
Barb shared her wonderful story with us about how her sidewalk counseling persuaded a young lady not to abort her child! She showed us pictures of her with the beautiful baby , and elaborated to us how she’s still involved with the mother helping her in many ways! She told us that the girl is doing well and wants to pursue a degree in teaching and be a principal in one of our schools. What a wonderful and heartwarming story! Please keep them all in your prayers! 

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