Day 5: Thank You, Bishop David Zubik and blessings as you endure and heal from your surgery; Fuel Sisters of the Holy Spirit, Passionist Nuns, Carmelite Nuns of Latrobe; Shift Buddies Vince P., Pat S., Joe B., Jim and Cathy S., Steve and Denise McG.; and all of you who so generously support us in your prayers.

Christ as Judge of the World (c. 1449/51)
Rogier van der Weyden (c. 1400-1464)
middle panel of the Beaune Altarpiece
with the Last Judgement,
Hotel-Dieu, Beaune, France. copyright akg-images / Francois Guenet.

This cover from MAGNIFICAT is one of my favorites. As long as I can remember, I have needed, usually desperately, a shepherd.  This is what my shepherd looks like. It is a mystery to me that my shepherd finds me interesting.   “He calls me into freedom.  He saves me because he loves me.” Steph Macleod in the attached song below, knows what I am talking about!  

Jesus shepherds the pro-life witnesses and the abortion bound people on the sidewalk at PP downtown.  As my shift begins, I walk past the PP windows and doors.  I make the sign of the CROSS on each glass pane.  “O, Beauty, ever ancient, ever new, please bless our efforts.  Our struggle is not with flesh and blood.”  

Parents bring their baby here.  In a crisis pregnancy, parents are not thinking clearly. Their child feels like an insurmountable problem. Abortion promises to solve their problem. It kills their child. Staff come here because of their baby. Killed babies are their billion-dollar industry. Staff and clients look like ordinary people.  The building at 933 looks ordinary.  It looks ordinary like all the other buildings on this Liberty Avenue. 


The howling guttural croaking truth is that “Planned Parenthood” owns and occupies this address. This building houses an abortuary.  This building and the plans of these abortion-bound people are not ordinary. They are beyond the pale.

BRIDGES-TO-LIFE are printed on our golden cards. We hand them out freely to everyone on Liberty Avenue. The BRIDGES-TO-LIFE are contact information. Choose one. Contact the person. She will help you take your first step away from abortion’s plan. She will shepherd you.  In her company you can feel strong enough to choose the path of life for you and your baby. She will accompany you as you continue on your way. Trust her.

Many of you know that after Roe v Wade, the number of abortions in America basically skyrocketed until you get to 1992 where it peaked.  That’s where the Supreme Court decided the Planned Parenthood v Casey case.  It decided that it would not overturn Roe V Wade, yet, but it gave states more authority to regulate abortion, like any other medical practice.  You start to see abortions drop at that point. The decline gets steeper and dramatic in 2008.  That’s when America elected its most pro-abortion president in history.  He funneled millions and millions of dollars into Planned Parenthood.

And yet, the abortion rate was declining faster and faster over all those years of Mr. Obama’s presidency. I submit that only God does that kind of thing. One of the important factors there, is the witness of the saints. 

At the same time that the president became president (Obama), around 2008, 40 Days for Life was starting.

That prayer presence convicted hearts both of mothers and of abortionists, clinic workers. It also gave good information that we didn’t have before. Before, folks in the neighborhood just let it be.  They knew that something was happening in that brick building.  They didn’t go down and say anything or do anything about it.  When they started to show up and say things and do things about it – praying and witnessing – counseling women to persuade them not to abort their children – that’s when the decline became stronger and stronger and stronger.  I’m convinced it’s part of the witness that George (Weigel) is talking about.

Stephen H. Aden, Americans United for Life, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel. 2019 Cardinal O’Connor Conference – Panel Discussion.


Steph Macleod, Scotland, came from a life of hopelessness and despair. He became a gifted singer, musician and composer.  “Even when I was broken beyond measure, and had nothing but my name and the clothes on my back, He spoke to me.”  The Interview” (Episode One) – Featuring Steph Macleod.

When I Found Jesus (Live), Steph Macleod


Sisters of the Holy Spirit

The Sisters of the Holy Spirit will be praying daily for all participants that their effort is fruitful, abortion stops! Life is respected. Babies can live!
Blessings on all this Lenten Season.
Sister Jolenta, SHS

Passionist Nuns Dear Dolores,

We will participate in the 40 Days for Life. We will pray and fast each day with special remembrances during our Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. Be assured of our prayers for all those who witness outside of Planned Parenthood. May God keep you safe in His hands and close to His heart.

Sister Mary Ann, CP

Carmelite Nuns of Latrobe, PA Dear Dolores and all at 40 Days for Life, Pittsburgh,

Yes! By all means, we are fasting and praying with you and for you during these “40 Days for Life.” May Jesus, Mary and Joseph, bless, protect and sustain you in this awesome work. We offer our Masses and Liturgy of the Hours, our Rosaries, Stations of the Cross, Sorrows and Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Divine Mercy Chaplets and sincere daily Sacrifice for you and your wonderful work. We wish you a Blessed and fruitful Lent!  Keep up your good fight. We are with you all the way.

Your ever grateful Carmelite Nuns


JEN McD. 7-9

Grateful for spring weather on the first Sunday morning of our Lenten vigil…especially after Vince reminded me that the temperature was all of 4 degrees for our first shift of the last “spring” campaign!
Thank you to Tom and Diane for setting up our supplies; and to Vince, Bill, Dave, Rich, George, Ken, Pat, and Margie for praying to end abortion.
Margie shared the good news of a save at the East Liberty clinic last week!  The woman left crying and the man in the car said that she didn’t do it.  Please pray that they will stay strong and find all the help they need to welcome the child into the world.  

Vince, Bill, Diane, Tom

Dave, Rich, Vince, George

Margie, Ken, Pat, Jen, George, Dave, Rich

KEN B. 9-11

An early drive to town today brought me over the Fortieth Street bridge, from Route 28, headed to the 6:30 AM Mass at the Cathedral. Children’s Hospital was a bright light on a dark morning and it occurred to me that the hospital truly is a beacon of hope for so many parents. I thought of so many children who are healing or at least improving; but, also the many parents whose hearts are aching because of critical or even terminal illnesses. I prayed. Contrast that to the gloom and darkness at Planned Parenthood where parents destroy their own lives and the lives of their unborn child. One is a place of hope and the other a place of despair. 

At the 9:00 to 11:00 AM shift we prayed especially for all those with scheduled appointments this week. That God would send a messenger, a word, a change of heart, some hope. We prayed. So glad to be united once more with the Faithful who stand for life, including the 7:00 to 9:00 AM shift team of Jen and Vince, my faithful shift buddy Pat, and the Knights; Dave, Rich and George. We also had a few moments to pray with the faithful of the downtown rosary walk.

Marge, Vince, Pat, Jen, George, Dave, Rich

40 Days for Life witnesses accompany the Rosary Walk prayers

NIKKI B. 11-1

Thank you to the usual 11 to 1 managers, Roseann and Rich, for switching with Joe and me today so we could get home early to prepare for Joe‘s 70th birthday party! It was nice to arrive at 11 and see Ken, Margie and Pat as they finished the earlier shift. It was good to get caught up with all of them. Joe and I were alone for our shift with the exception of dear Lisa and Randy who came to wish Joe a happy birthday and to say a prayer after they got out of Mass at Epiphany church. It was great to see them. The sidewalks were very quiet and empty. It was extremely windy which made it chilly. We prayed all four mysteries of the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet and before we knew it our shift was over and faithful Roseann and Rich came to take the torch from us. They don’t have anybody signed up to be with them so it will probably be a lonely shift for them also. I am very grateful for our core 40 Days For Life team which keeps the vigil going even when there are no individuals or churches signed up! We could never do this without each and every one of them!

Joe, Ken, Margie, Pat

Randy and Lisa

Rich and Roseann


“Just the two of us” and a quiet prayerful shift. For the sake of the blog, we were forced to take a selfie.
Roseann and Rich

Roseann and Rich

JOE W. 3-5

My heroes Tom, Cathy, Jim, Diane, doing battle for the voiceless. All glory and praise be to God!!!

Tom, Cathy, Jim, Diane


Prayerful and peaceful time on sidewalk. Please pray for Christopher who stopped to ask for a rosary and prayers.


And God saw that it was good.


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