Day 4: Thanks to St. Joseph the Worker Parish, Christ our Savior Parish, Corpus Christi Parish, Guardians for Life, Penn State Students, and more . . .

IT is all about


Most of us have heard the saying “It’s All About Who you KNOW” …. lots of times “who you know” gets you that job interview…. Sometimes “who you know” gets you tickets to a Sporting or Special Event or even a Deal on a Vacation Rental. “Who you know” certainly matters when you need a Car Repair or a Discount on a Major Purchase — Lots of times people will ask “Do You Know anybody who” ... or “Do you know somebody who … ” We are always looking for a connection that will make a difference; someone who can help out in our interactions or issues: A person who can enable us to maximize an opportunity. But, since you are reading this:

You know SOMEBODY…

… and Not Just ANYBODY .

You know the Guy who made the Earth and filled it with Life. You know the Guy who Cured the Blind and the Lame and the Lepers, and raised his Friend from the Dead! You know THE GUY That showed us how to Love . You know the Guy who DEFEATED DEATH and waits for us in our REAL HOME! THAT is why you and I can continue to stand together for LIFE everyday! We know the Guy — God who Loves and Cherishes every human being from conception until natural death. And we know He is the ANSWER — the way, the truth, and most certainly the life!

Today, the Guardians for Life, Penn State Students, Parishioners of three churches, and many faith-filled Prayer Advocates sure showed us WHO THEY KNOW!

7-9 Shift Manager Joe Reports

The “Life Support” Team came early and strong this crisp pre-Spring morning – First Saturday of the Vigil. First, Fr. Jeremy and his crew from St. Joseph the Worker showed up and we “went big” with prayer!  Not too much later we were joined by the faithful Guardians for Life with Fr. Tim. – and they always go B-I-G with prayer.  We were also joined by the faithful Saturday regulars like Bill and Bill, and Mary Pat.

Unfortunately, 933 was busy with couples going in today – some did take handouts. Mary Pat did engage one of the 933 workers who represented herself as a doctor who raised her voice about the babies being “just a clump of cells”…  Discussion is welcomed, but at least be honest and / or somewhat erudite on the issue, eh? The shift transitioned into the capable hands of Sue & Mary – with Guardians still going strong in Christ: Life S-T-R-O-N-G!!!

Earlybirds on “TEAM LIFE” Greet the Day! Great Prayer Support THANK YOU faithful ONES.

9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports

Ever Faithful Mary Pat

When I arrived for this shift, I was told this Saturday was a busy day at Planned Parenthood. The Guardians of Life were praying when I got there. Mary and I prayed and reached out to as many people as possible. We were joined by Filene, Bridget, Andrew and his sister Anne and a group of Penn State students. As you can see in the picture, Bridget and the students knelt in front of the building. They prayed silently, not out loud as a group,  and I have to say, it was a Holy Hour on the sidewalk. They provided the most solemn atmosphere that I have been a part of during 40 Days. Many people passing by took notice. A man stopped at the red light, rolled down his window and took a picture of the scene. I found people passing by looking me very closely in the eye…it seemed as if their hearts were stirred as well. The Silence was Deafening.  I noted very striking contrasts. The young escorts at the end of the sidewalk chit chatting and laughing, contrasted with this prayerful, serious group of young people. The escort at the door, listening to music, contrasted with the very silent prayers.  Many people went in while we were present. There was a young couple who listened to the help we could offer. She hesitated with her hand on the door for several minutes, but did end up going in.  Please pray for them, I do not know their names. She mentioned she already struggles with depression.  Dean arrived to take over the next shift. Thanks to everyone who was there today, God bless you!

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

When I arrived at P.P. today, there was a group of Penn State students gathered together in prayer. It is so encouraging to see young people speak out against the atrocity of abortion.

Our message to the women who think that abortion is the answer to their problems

1-3 Shift Manager Kathy Reports

Powerful, prayerful witness on beautiful day: thanking God for His presence!

3-5 Shift Manager Billy Reports

Good afternoon everyone, it’s Billy again and for today today I was accompanied by Sue M. I wanted to thank all who prayed for workers to pray with us. We were blessed by pro – life students of Penn State : West, Shannon and Joe who had come to our aid.  We were blessed by a beautiful day on the sidewalk, too. Thank you for all who prayed for extra workers. Prayer sure does Change Things!

5-7 Shift Buddy Fran reports:

It was so nice to be greeted by the warm smiles of Billy, Sue, Tom and Diane for the first Saturday of the Lenten Vigil.  I am in awe of Diane and Tom who manage all of the supplies.  For 40 straight days, no break, they deliver and set-up everything by 7 am, then return in the evening to pack it all up, only to take it home to clean, organize, restock, and dry everything (when necessary), and then they do it all again the next day.  They truly are a blessing and an inspiration! We were also happily surprised that Steve and Vivian decided to stop by on their way to an event at their parish.  We prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries together before they went on their way.  Shift Manager, Jeff, Gerri (not pictured) and I remained to continue praying.  This was Gerri’s first time at the vigil.  We were fortunate to have such a beautiful evening for prayer.  Many people decided it was a good night to come downtown.  We saw a number of families with young children as well as adults of all ages, all out having fun.  People seemed respectful that we were praying and so we had very little interaction but hopefully some quietly joined their prayers with ours.  ~  Peace

Steve, Vivian, Jeff


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