Day 6: Thanks to St. Maria Goretti & Our Lady of the Angels

God’s art in action

We are all so different in our efforts to protect the lives of the unborn. Yet I see us all as pieces in the mysterious workings of God to save lives and souls. When we all come together, each of us a unique beautiful piece, we become part of HIS masterpiece to create a beautiful new world built on love and respect for all human life. If we individually do our parts, make our small effort HE will do the rest and HIS glory will shine through us.

Come bring your color and brilliance to the street. Take your place in the masterpiece. Bring a friend or family member to complete God’s work of art. God bless you. Tim

Here are the reports from today at the vigil:

From Beth 1-3:

Oh that every day was as slow as Monday and every snow came as rain. And rain it did. Very few comments just one woman accusing us of  working for the government??? Judy, Marie and I prayed and eventually the sun came out (for a minute or so)

Here’s from Barb and Dan 3-5: Nice weather as we started our shift , sidewalk counselors Barb and Megan bravely took to their posts and  handed out literature as I stood quietly praying. One lady driving  by beeped her horn and used her finger to express her discontentment with our being there but besides that it was pretty quiet. Then the weather changed and we prayed the sorrowful mysteries as the high winds and rain moved through . 

Here’s from George 5-7:

With the rain having stopped, it’s not so bad here in front of PP Abortuary. I bought the screen because one of my fears is being spat upon by a diseased person. Now I know that I am … almost … completely safe. George

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