Day 4: Thanks to St. Paul of the Cross RLG, Archangel Gabriel Parish, and all who prayed with us today!

Behold the Cross

The Romans had many ways to administer capital punishment, but Pilate yielded to the demands of the chief priests, elders, and the people and he handed Jesus over to be crucified. Since that time, the Cross has become a sign to all Christianity. This particular instrument of torture signifies a self-sacrificial love beyond all telling and the consequent redemption of the human race.

Look around you. The form of the Cross can be found everywhere! In nature, a twig falling across a branch, the human body with arms outstretched at its sides, or the thumb over the index finger takes on the cruciform. In human artifacts, there’s the windowpane in a home, a utility pole, or brickwork on the facade of a building. Everywhere, Christ reminds us of His salvific suffering and invites us to take our place at the foot of His Cross.

This is so, even on the sidewalk. It will not always be pleasant or easy. Fix your gaze on a cross. Our Dear Lord asks us to remain and unite ourselves with Him in this work. There is Resurrection beyond!


Stories from the Sidewalk

A quiet, beautiful fall morning, first Saturday of the campaign… A thank you to Nikki for the videos, they sure helped with the setup. It should be smooth sailing going forward. I was joined by my sidewalk partner, David, and then Mary Jane for the start of the shift. Not too soon after starting, Charlie and Amy showed up bearing gifts of donuts — thanks! Today’s shift had a bit of a chaotic vibe to it.  Unfortunately it was a busy day with lots of activity, from the power warshing (pittsburghese) across the street, to the auto traffic, and the more noticeable number of homeless wandering the sidewalks.  Some stop to talk with us, such as the two vets today — please keep all of them in prayer!  Sometimes our pro-life vigil / witness can turn into an unintentional street ministry…or maybe it is intentional? God calling / putting us where we are needed, eh? (If we listen to his whisper…) 933 was especially busy, with eight escorts covering three areas to start the day and about six clients entered the lair. Thankfully, by late in the shift, vigil attendees lined the sidewalk, eventually outnumbering the flamingo-vested volunteers, storming 933 with prayers. Left the sidewalk in the more-than-capable hands of the next shift crew. Jesus we trust in you!

Joe K

Andrew, Maureen and John

John from St. Paul of the Cross

I was on the street with Joe from 9 to 11. St. Paul of the Cross parishioners were with us, along with Andrew’s parents and brother. Abundance of escorts today (as if Christians are threatening?) Several women entered PP this morning. No commotion or abuse from anyone, thankfully. Bill H. spent time with us, also. (Peter from St. Paul was also here, but I didn’t get his picture or the other parishioners’ names.)

Judy V

Dean sent these photos from his time on the sidewalk:

Parishioners from St. Paul of the Cross praying for the end of abortion

This couple from Archangel Gabriel were with us this afternoon in prayer.

Lots of prayers as members of Archangel Gabriel Parish did a full rosary and many other prayers for the women mostly coming out of the clinic.  Although the weather was good for us, the mood as usual was sad and dark.  My prayer partners were keeping spirits high.  It was also a pleasure having the banner of our Lady with us the whole time.  


Hey, everyone, Billy here. Today from 3 to 5, Jeff and I had a very quiet shift. God granted us a new day. Early on, a pink-haired young man came over with his camera and took my picture. I stood still and let him do this. A girl stopped for directions, and two women passed by. The one was appalled we were here. A lady talked to Jeff, saying she wanted to join us; we never saw her. Lastly, a young guy came over and asked what we were doing here. He was rather receptive and I got to have a good conversation about what we at 40 Days for Life do.  God bless you guys! 


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