Day 3: Thanks to St. Matthew, St. Agnes, and Christ Our Savior Parishes, along with all our prayer volunteers!

Surrender and Purpose

No, I’m not talking about surrendering to those passersby that shout insults at us, whether during a Eucharistic Procession like Tuesday night, while we’re on the sidewalk praying, or attempting to counsel pregnant women in desperate need of help.

I’m talking about the surrender of our hearts to God and His son, Jesus. For us to give up the illusion of control over our lives to the Almighty — a humbling of self, a fiat, to the Will of God. To listen to God’s gentle voice within us, to follow Him, and do his Will. To be His hands and feet during this 40 DFL Campaign.

We need to open our hearts to those entering PP’s doors, to pray for all those who enter there, not just the pregnant women — the abortion doctors, nurses, staff, and security guards. God knows, it is not easy to do. Forgiveness is hard.

We pray to God the Father, Jesus, and Mary to change their hearts, to help them recognize the Truth, to embrace Life, and save the lives of the pre-born children.

“And when you stand to pray, if you hold anything against another, forgive it, so that your Father in heaven will forgive your trespasses as well.” Mark 11:25

Let us pray that our purpose during the campaign is one with His — to try and save pre-born lives through love, counseling, and prayer. And if we are not successful, to be, perhaps, the last ones to pray for the souls of the little ones before their entry into Heaven.


Stories from the Sidewalk

It was just really touching for me to meet Anthony and see his awe-inspiring faith, the deepness and the contemplativeness with which he prays is something I ought to strive for. We got everything set up for the day and got to speak to several women, though sadly I don’t have any hopeful reports on any of them for today. 


Sidewalk Advocates Katie and Kim with David from West Virginia 

Many clients entered the clinic today and not many accepted resources.  Our security guard was present during the shift.

Three women passed by and one came back to get three rosaries (one for each.)  She also accepted a resource pamphlet.  A young man carrying several bags stopped by and also asked for a rosary.  One of the SA’s gave him one and off he went.

Two women exiting PP conversed briefly with one of the SA’s and may have accepted resources.


Carolyn from St. Anne’s in Rostraver Twp. with David and Ann from St. Agnes in North Huntingdon

Ken from St. Agnes

The weather was beautiful for our shift. No one entering Planned Parenthood was interested in taking any information from the Sidewalk Advocate for Life. Halfway through the shift, six of PP’s escorts showed up on the sidewalk. Many prayers were prayed.


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