Day 5: Thanks to People of God Community, St. John & St. Mary Parish, Our Lady of the Lakes Parish, Divine Mercy Parish, and all our wonderful volunteers!

Radical Solidarity

“In firmly rejecting ‘pro-choice’ it is necessary to become courageously ‘pro-woman,’ promoting a choice that is truly in favor of women…

The only honest stance, in these cases, is that of radical solidarity with the woman. It is not right to leave her alone.”

Pope St. John Paul II

Arlington Bishop Michael Burbidge, the chairman of the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Pro-Life Activities, echoed St. John Paul II’s call for “radical solidarity” in his statement on the 50th Anniversary of Respect Life Month, which begins today. According to Burbidge, radical solidarity means “putting our love for them into action and putting their needs before our own.”

We are blessed with many beautiful examples of such radical solidarity right here in our Pro-Life Pittsburgh family…including YOUR example every time you give up time, money, and comfort to go out to the sidewalk and pray for women and their unborn children in difficult circumstances. Let’s keep our eyes and hearts open for additional opportunities to walk with these women — by donating diapers, babysitting, or offering a listening ear.



The Sisters of the Holy Spirit will be covering the 40 days in daily prayer and we started today (Day 1) at Mass. A petition was prayed for those participating especially for their safety as well as the success of saving the preborn and helping the mothers!

Sr. Jolenta

Stories from the Sidewalk

Marie, Jen, Vince, Rich, George

Thank you to Vince, Marie, Rich and George for the heartfelt prayers they offered this morning. We had a few interactions with passersby, more positive than not. One man stayed for a long while and listened quietly as we prayed a Scriptural Rosary, occasionally joining in on the Lord’s Prayer. Bill H also stopped on his way to church. His precious little granddaughter recently passed away. Please pray for him and his grieving family. It was wonderful to see the members of the People of God Community coming to join Pat for the second shift as ours was wrapping up.


Pat with members of the faithful, faith-filled People of God Community

Lauren, Amy, and Cole

Amy, Cole, and Nadine

Beautiful quiet Sunday! Amy and Cole from Our Lady of the Lakes Parish and Nadine from St. Joseph the Worker covered one side of circle, while I prayed on other side. Lauren from Epiphany joined us for the second hour.

Kathy K

Thanks to the parishioners from St. John’s who came in from Delmont! We had a strange encounter with a disturbed, homeless-looking man who aggressively approached Lauren and Ann, but our security guard was able to move him along without much difficulty. We received a few positive words from passersby, including one from a teenage boy with his friends. The shift was mostly quiet aside from the one incident. Besides praying, we were able to pass out some literature to those who would accept it.


The 3-5 shift was prayerful and peaceful. Steve and I were joined by Judi and Joan from our Lady of the Lakes Parish.


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