Day 6: Thanks to St. Maria Goretti/Our Lady of the Angels Parish and all of today’s wonderful prayer warriors!

Are you being asked to work in His vineyard?

Just like the landowner in the Gospel, God asks all of us at different stages of our lives to come and work in His vineyard.  For many of us, His vineyard is located at 933 Liberty Avenue.

Since the work that awaits everyone in the vineyard of the Lord is so great, there is no place for idleness. With even grater urgency, the “householder” in the Gospel repeats his invitation, “You go into the vineyard, too.” Ask yourself: are you working energetically in in the vineyard of the divine Sower?

Pope St. John Paul II

If you have already responded courageously to God’s call to stand up for the unborn, I suggest you forward this email to someone that you think God is calling too. Ask them to join you.  Let them also feel the peace and joy that comes from doing His will. Be not afraid.  Reach out. And, like you, they might feel that greater sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. 

Then you will hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” God bless you and give you courage.  Oh, and enjoy the grapes.


Stories from the Sidewalk

It was a joy to pray this morning with three wonderful men. Anthony prayed most fervently and than continued on his day. Mike and Mark have their faces shining in the sun like two angels on this Feast of the Guardian Angels. Town was fairly busy with working traffic and some workers went into Planned Parenthood. Overall, it was a blessing to pray and witness on the sidewalk this morning.

Sue D

All of the elements blended into a beautiful morning.  Most importantly, only staff members passed through the doors of PP.  We also experienced very light sidewalk traffic, truly beautiful weather, and the very friendly smiles of the 40 Days for Life team: Bill, Fran, Mike, and Summer.  Although there were no interactions to note, our presence does speak volumes.  We must continue to pray that they will listen.


Relatively quiet afternoon on Liberty Avenue.  Answering a last minute call, my friends, Kevin and Mary Pat, joined Anthony who stopped by with the spot-on attire of the day (see tee shirt for Feast of Holy Angels.) The security guard was on duty and there was little negativity. Many thanks to Dan and Joanne who arrived early so we could catch our bus…and we did!


Quiet time in front of PP while we prayed The Joyful Mysteries and Divine Mercy Chaplet, only a few employees leaving at the end of their shifts. One lady did ride up on her bicycle and ask if we had a pregnancy test. When I told her no, she went into PP for one. When she came out, we offered her information in case she or the person she was asking for ended up being pregnant, but she refused any assistance and rode away. A very nice gentleman named Sean who said he works nearby came and prayed with us while he had a break at work. God bless him!


EDITOR’S NOTE: If we are out of pregnancy tests in our sidewalk setup, we should encourage the woman to call a local pregnancy resource center since they’ll test for FREE (unlike PP.) The phone numbers are on the yellow card or green brochure we hand out on the sidewalk.  

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