Day 39…Thanks to Christ Our Savior Parish, St. Paul of the Cross Parish, Archangel Gabriel Parish, Faithful Team Members & Volunteers!

In the Gospel, Christ makes it clear that it’s never too late to come to Him. Many times, He scandalized the elders by keeping company with society’s outcasts who they’d written off as completely lost. Once, He told the parable of the late coming vineyard workers being paid a full day’s wage before the day’s long laborers received the same. (Matthew 20)

His loving Sacred Heart continually meets mankind “where we’re at” and draws us gently into His warm embrace. We ALL need to surrender to it!

Here we are at the tail end of this 40 Days campaign. If you haven’t yielded and still feel that pull, it’s never too late to respond. Come pray alongside us! Joined together, we ARE Christ’s Mystical Body – His heart and voice, His hands and feet.

Remember, 40 Days for Life 365 continues throughout the “off season”. We try to be present on the sidewalk any day of the week which PP performs abortions. (Check out

Venture out! You have to start somewhere! (Dress warmly!)


Mike and Tim

We were blessed to have Mike, who came from Wheeling, to join us on this Spring (????) day.  He came early and even helped set up in the light rain. 

It was quiet early, the streets were empty and we were hoping the that the abortion mill was closed as the lights were off.  Sadly it opened later than usual but no one entered on our watch. So we were able to “Pray to End Abortion” without interruption.  As our shift was ending Judy, Joe and Bill S. arrived along with a church group to keep our witness to life strong and vibrant. Blessed Easter to all and come back and see us sometime on Saturday morning.  We’ll be there. GBY

Parishioners from St. Anne Parish, braving the frigid weather to pray against abortion today!

The last Saturday of this campaign may have been the coldest due to the wind.

Many people were seen entering P.P.  None of them were accepting our support material.

To those who I won’t see again till fall, don’t  give up hope.

Archangel Gabriel parish prayed in the bitter cold today!

Arc Angel Gabriel parish joined Rich ,security guard,and I in opening prayer. Then this church prayed 2 hours solid.

Because of these prayers God gave us encounters with 2 women separately. Listened to help available but still went in. One ray of sunshine came towards the end of our shift, beautifully contrasting the cold.


It was a really quiet day at the clinic. Katie Jeff and I were good, we did not get a lot of comments when we were down there and we saw a few people leave the clinic. We were able to get some prayer in towards end of our shift.


Billy and Katie
Steadfast Jeff

Homeless pregnant mom and her fiance who turned away from PP on Wednesday need our help! Contact Maggie at to help!

From Maggie:

      On Wednesday early afternoon, Katy and I were on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood:

I saw 2 young people dressed in dark clothes approach the door to the place. As the woman opened the door, I just said to her, ‘we have help available for you. We want to help. Please talk to us.” We made eye contact and she stared at me for a few seconds.

      Fortunately, they weren’t in pp very long at all, maybe 10-15 minutes. She (Momma A) and her Fiancé started walking down the street. I asked them if they were hungry. They said yes. I got a bunch of granola bars and gave handed them to her fiancé. They both seemed grateful for the food. She said they just lost their apartment that morning and now had nowhere to go. She confided in me that she took a pregnancy test three weeks ago and it was positive. She has a three year old and loves her daughter. Momma A said she really doesn’t believe in abortion, but as their financial and housing situation became dire, they did think about it as they didn’t know how they would care for a baby under these conditions.  I told her that pp would only kill her baby, and then send her back out the door in even worse condition. She reiterated more firmly that she didn’t want to have an abortion.

     Katie and I assured her that there are many resources and many wonderful people who would be willing to help them. I called Regina formerly from Birthright) who talked to Momma A for several minutes, telling her about the many ministries and services available and reassuring her that saving her baby was the best thing she could ever do. After the phone call, I exchanged phone numbers with Momma A and said I would be in touch to find out if we could find housing for them until they could meet with Birthright and other ministries.  She said thank you and seemed genuinely grateful. exhausted but grateful.

     Steve from the Sidewalk text me late on Wednesday and offered to pay for a hotel room. We set that up and Momma A was able to get to a clean warm place for the night!

     But, then came Friday! The two still didn’t have anywhere to go and did not want to be separated.  I talked to Nina from Birthright, Anita from PCUC, Jen from 40 Days for Life, Peter of Genesis House, Sidewalk advocate Jenna and others, trying to put together a plan of action to get them off the streets. Praise God, several people helped with getting another hotel room and money for bus passes.

     Today, Saturday, Momma A and her fiancé met Nina from Birthright.  There seems to be nothing available until Monday or Tuesday at the earliest. 

     We are humbly asking anyone who feels led to consider chipping in even a small amount (no amount is too small) to Birthright to cover the expenses for a hotel for a few more nights.  Checks sent to Birthright are perfect, please just put Momma A on the bottom ‘memo’ part.  I will stay in contact with her as she goes through this journey.


            In Christ,


In addition, if any of you have any thoughts as to where Momma A and her fiancé could stay on a temporary basis, please contact Maggie at . Genesis House was and is ready to accommodate Momma A this weekend, but she is worried about her fiancé remaining out on the streets of Pittsburgh and is hoping to find a place where they both can stay.

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  1. Thank you all who participated n 40 Days for Life this round around. May you be blessed a hundred fold for your part in saving God’s little ones , the unborn and helping their moms! Just great!
    Prayer was a constant from the Sisters of the Holy Spirit. We were very proud to take part in this important endeavor, saving lives.
    God bless you Nikki for your efforts in keeping the campaign going.

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