Day 40…Thanks to St. Luke the Evangelist Parish, St. Regis Knights of Columbus, Divine Mercy Parish, Faithful Volunteers & Team Members, Pastors Joe Stump and His Excellency, Bishop Waltersheid!

It’s Day 40…we did it!!!  THANK YOU for the sacrifices you made to keep this vigil going and to offer hope to the EIGHT moms who turned away from Pittsburgh’s PP during this campaign!!!  May God accept our prayer, fasting, and outreach in reparation for the sin of abortion and to rescue our sisters and brothers who have fallen for the devil’s lie.  

But please, think of today more as “graduation day” than “retirement.”  Let’s celebrate and catch our breath, but let’s also decide how to make this crucial fight part of our daily lives.  Each of us, no matter our situation in life, can take a moment every day to pray for the end of abortion.  Here are some additional options to consider, adapted from the 40 Days for Life & Sidewalk Advocates for Life Pittsburgh leadership team’s beautiful brochure inviting more people to join us:

  • Fast for an end to abortion
  • Pray outside Planned Parenthood with 40 Days for Life 365
  • Train as a Sidewalk Advocate for Life and offer help to women entering PP
  • Donate to and/or volunteer at a Pregnancy Resource Center
  • Start or join a Respect Life Group or a Walking With Moms in Need Ministry at your church

If you feel called to come back to the sidewalk, we’ll be there Tuesday through Saturday every week.  Please email to let us know when you’d like to go and we’ll make sure you’ll have a partner.  

May God grant each of you a blessed Holy Week and a VERY joyous Easter.  THANK YOU AGAIN!

Three of Vince’s fellow Knights were there from the North hills.  I was joined by two of my brother nights, Lud and Mike.  And also by Nancy, a fellow parishioner of ours from St Regis.  

A  chilly day but we felt the warmth of the sun for the first hour of our shift. In Mass as I was reflecting on Palm Sunday and the reading of the Passion it struck me that we experience something similar at our Sunday shift in 40 days. Our Lord was greeted with, ‘Hosanna in the highest’, but a few days later with shouts of ‘crucify Him’. Our Sunday shift is a little deceptive with sunshine, warm greetings and prayer but soon early in the week there will be death and horror at that same. May God please bring life, peace and healing to Liberty Avenue.

As this campaign comes to as close many thanks to my partner Pat and to faithful Marie who was our third person for this campaign. Also thanks, courage and blessings to the Sunday rosary walk which will continue each week until we return in the fall.


We were blessed with many vigil participants on this last day of the campaign. Parishioners from St Luke the Evangelist and Assumption church joined us along with newly trained Sidewalk Advocates Rosalee and Zoe. Although 40 Days is over until the fall, the baby killing continues in Downtown Pittsburgh. Sidewalk Advocates will be holding a training on June 1st. Please consider staying involved in the cause and supporting life year round! If you feel called to this important ministry either as a prayer warrior or trained advocate, contact, or me at A blessed Easter to all!


Thanks to Pastor Joe and Jonathan for leading us in prayer and song for our Jericho March. Thanks to all who joined us today. May all our prayers be a sweet incense to our Lord on this Palm Sunday. Have a blessed Easter!


Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter! Hope to see you on the sidewalk on Good Friday at 10am for Stations of the Cross!

God bless you!


4 thoughts on “Day 40…Thanks to St. Luke the Evangelist Parish, St. Regis Knights of Columbus, Divine Mercy Parish, Faithful Volunteers & Team Members, Pastors Joe Stump and His Excellency, Bishop Waltersheid!”

  1. Thank you to all of the Team members & all of the wonderful volunteers that gave up so much of your time !!
    I hope that GOD BLESSES ALL OF YOU !! I Pray that we see the benefits of all of our PRAYERS !!
    Thank You all so much !!

  2. Nikki’s Pittsburgh 40 Days for Life is such a gift.
    Pittsburgh Pro-Life so beautifully focuses LOVE in all His splendor on people targeted and trashed by evil.
    “You guys are the BEST!” This is one of my favorite Nikki quotes.
    Bishop Waltersheid’s support is gracious and irreplaceable.
    LIFE is good. ☺️❤️

  3. You are the best, Nikki. Thank you for your time, dedication and innovation. God bless you and yours always.

  4. Thank you to all the shift managers who were so faithful to post messages and pictures each day of the Vigil. It gives us, who are unable to be there, a closeness with the volunteers and a glance at the rewards of our prayers for them.

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