Day 38…Thanks to Weirton Catholic Churches, St. Michael the Archangel Parish, Divine Redeemer Parish, Dedicated Team Members & Volunteers!

It can be easy to be discouraged while praying in front of PP- there aren’t that many “saves”, people curse at us, and women don’t want to be counseled.  We can think that we are not making a difference, that our efforts are in vain. 

When praying downtown, I try to pray out loud, with the thought that passersby just might catch a word or a phrase that might affect them or bring back a memory– “Our Father…”, Hail Mary…”, “Forgive us our sins…”,  “Jesus…”, or “Mary…”.   Maybe that memory might soften their hearts and cause them to reflect on why we are there.

Who knows, our verbal spiritual seeds may find fertile ground.

 “Still other seed fell on good soil and produced a crop- a hundredfold, sixtyfold, or thirtyfold.  He who has ears, let him hear.”

Mark 4:8-9

Some of the seeds that we plant while on the sidewalk are not the result of prayers.  Pregnancy Care Resource cards and fetal development brochures are seeds, too.  Sidewalk Advocates tirelessly try to give them to women entering PP and to passersby.  Who knows in whose hands (relatives, friends) those cards and brochures end up, what pregnancy help results, and, ultimately, what little lives are saved?  So, take heart and know that our efforts are not in vain, that there are babies alive today because of our efforts over the past dozen years- “saves” we never knew about.  Keep the faith!


 United States Conference of Catholic Bishops 
3211 FOURTH STREET NE • WASHINGTON DC 20017-1194 • 202-541-3000 WEBSITE: WWW.USCCB.ORG   

Nationwide Invitation to Prayer Announcement

Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio  President, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishop Michael F. Burbidge  Chairman, USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities   

On March 26, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case that has the potential to make a major impact in the widespread accessibility of chemical abortion (abortion pills). Chemical abortions are now the most common form of abortion in the United States.  The case is in response to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) promoting the availability of chemical abortion while ignoring risks to women and violating federal law. In short, the FDA has enabled a nationwide mail-order abortion industry and turned neighborhood pharmacies into chemical abortion providers.    While the Supreme Court case is not about ending chemical abortion, it can restore limitations that the FDA has overridden. When a Supreme Court decision is released, probably in June, we can expect a public and political reaction similar to the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.  The USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities is inviting Catholics to join a focused effort of prayer for the end of abortion and the protection of women and preborn children, beginning on March 25, the eve of the oral arguments, and the anniversary of St. John Paul II’s landmark, pro-life encyclical, The Gospel of Life (Evangelium vitae).    In particular, we will invoke the intercession of St. Joseph, Defender of Life with this prayer (en español):   

Dearest St. Joseph, at the word of an angel, you lovingly took Mary into your home. As God’s humble servant, you guided the Holy Family on the road to Bethlehem, welcomed Jesus as your own son in the shelter of a manger, and fled far from your homeland for the safety of both Mother and Child. We praise God that as their faithful protector, you never hesitated to sacrifice for those entrusted to you. May your example inspire us also to welcome, cherish, and safeguard God’s most precious gift of life. Help us to faithfully commit ourselves to the service and defense of human life —especially where it is vulnerable or threatened. Obtain for us the grace to do the will of God in all things. Amen.    We ask Catholics to offer this prayer daily, from March 25 through June, when a decision is expected. Online and print versions of the prayer can be found at  Thank you for responding to this invitation to prayer for an end to all abortions and for the protection of women and preborn children. St. Joseph, Defender of Life, pray for us!      

First shift today, numbing cold! A couple of contractors told me it’s weird in there; they have all the “pronouns “ up on the walls.  Moderate traffic- mostly workers and 2-3 couples first hour.  Sue M.’s brother, Greg, came by and chatted us up for a while.  Great guy.   Al and Sally’s grand nephew Al, came by to tell us stories of them from the old days and gave us his support.  It was good to see Larry, Kathy, and Kim show up at 9:00 for our relief.  I was very happy I had remembered to dress 20 degrees colder than the 23 degrees temp when I awoke this morning!  Brrrr!

Early morning prayer warriors, Ethan & Greg…hearts on Fire for the Lord shielded them from the bitter cold this morning!

Sorry, no pictures this week.  With me on sidewalk today were  Sidewalk Advocate Kim; and 40 day pray-er Larry, who held the Our Lady of Guadalupe banner, Rich the security guard. 

Many couples and singles entered pp this morning.  No conversations were started. Attempts were made though. A young woman who was accompanied by an older woman (her mother?) accepted green brochure but still entered pp. I offered the older woman the yellow card and told her about alternatives to abortion.  She responded “I know” before entering building. Shortly after they went in, another couple, male and female appeared with two older women following them (grandmother and great grandmother?).  No acceptance of resources. It was very sad to see, as I viewed them from the curb, the older of the two women at the check in counter paying for services inside. A single woman accepted the yellow card and thanked me but still entered pp.  Upon exiting, she stated that she still had the yellow card. Hopefully, she will use the life affirming resources printed on the yellow card.

Passed out literature to receptive passersby, prayed a litany to end abortion with Larry.  Rich the security guard and a homeless man participated briefly.

Toward the end of my shift, a man crossing the street towards us hurled expletives toward both Larry and me as he passed by.  May God bring him to repentance. 


Thank you to St James in Sewickley and St Michael the Archangel for joining us in this feast of the Seven Sorrows! We prayed the Seven Sorrows chaplet along with multiple rosaries. Thank you all for your prayers for”A”, the homeless pregnant woman from Wednesday in your prayers; she stopped by and said that a wonderful 40 Days volunteer has gotten her and the father a hotel to get them off the streets for now and that she’s meeting with Nina from Birthright tomorrow! She seemed very relieved and optimistic! What a difference a few loving people can make!


Thank you Lord for all the faithful people on the sidewalk today. We had a few men stop to pray on their lunch hour too.

Ed handed out many cards to passersby and some took the resource brochure coming out of PP.

There was an suv with West Virginia plates parked half in a spot and half on the street. The person in the suv started to back up and almost hit a couple that was crossing the street. Our security guard yelled and startled probably the driver and the couple crossing the road. The couple thanked him. It was scary. She was there picking someone up from PP.

There was a young man that walked by and he was in distress. I heard him say his wife had 5 miscarriages. My friend Donna started talking to him and sharing her story. They talked for a good while.  She prayed for him and his wife. He said he just wants a family. He hugged Donna twice. Please pray for him and his wife: A & Y. Please keep Teresa’s family in your prayers too as her son was going to the ER with a heart issue. Jehovah Rapha please lay your healing hand on all those in need of a touch from you. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

Bob, Frank, Bill, Marybeth, and Theresa
Faithful witnesses Ed & Fran
Pat, Val, and Mike were joined by parishioners of Weirton Catholic Churches!

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