Day 39: Thanks be to God for stunning weather and AMAZING 40DFL Prayer Warriors, including St. Maria Goretti/Our Lady of the Angels Parish and Christ Our Savior Parish!

In the 1990’s I was involved in a research study called REAL CHOICES– which involved talking to post-abortive women in 5 cities who regretted their abortions–to find out what pro-lifers could have done to help them choose life instead. What we found is that 1. 80% of women get abortions to please or protect SOMEONE ELSEHer parents are sacrificing to send her to college …… The father of the child is not willing to support her– or — he is her supervisor, or is married, or is violent …..Her parents will throw her out of the house …. She promised her husband no more kiddos … 2. We also clearly heard that abortion day is not a happy day for anyone —- these women felt they had no choice but to get abortions— it appeared to be their only choice. 3. And most importantly, women who regretted their abortions said it would have made a difference if there was SOMEONE (any one!) who could actively SUPPORT the decision to carry the baby. Money, baby items, housing and diapers all mattered but —-having someone who cared about them to commit to being with them for the challenges of pregnancy was what was missing.

My wonderful 40DFL Pittsburgh colleagues … Being PHYSICALLY PRESENT in front of PP lets women know that WE WILL WALK WITH THEM on this journey, regardless of how difficult it looks. We stand representing amazing pregnancy care centers, churches, charities and countless individuals who ALREADY love these daughters of God and their little ones and are ready to provide real, lifelong HELP. We know that the answer to a crisis pregnancy is to eliminate THE CRISIS, not the BABY, and we have the resources to do just that– through the Grace of GOD! Love is … Ending Abortion!

Faith is taking the first step up without seeing the whole staircase….

-MLK ll


7-9 Shift Manager Tim Reports:

Charlie, who dropped off Materials, David, and Laura – THANK YOU TEAM!

It was quiet and peaceful early but around 8 am the escorts came out and abortion-bound women started entering. Sadly, several young girls went in with older women (probably their moms.) The regular Saturday prayer warriors of Bill, Bill, David and Randy stormed Heaven with prayers.

9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

Sue and Dan on a beautiful day for prayer…

THE BEST PEOPLE IN Pittsburgh the WORLD are on the sidewalk in front of PP.

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

As we prepare to finish our fall campaign, let’s do so with the hope of success for all the pro-life candidates.

There wasn’t much activity at Planned Parenthood today. GREAT NEWS: More women than usual accepted the pregnancy support material that we were handing out.

Mike and Vince — FOR LIFE!

1-3 Shift Manager Kathy Reports:

I thank God for Shift buddy, Maureen— she has experience working in a Pregnancy Care Center in Virginia and is quick to use experience and her testimony on the sidewalk. I thank God for Jason and his powerful prayer.

Maureen and Jason Witness for Life

We were involved in 2 in-depth discussions. We saw 3 women enter PP and several came out . No one took info. Sad faces.

Highlight: a young dad walked past us with his 3 year old son. A few minutes later he walked back with both his 2 yr old daughter and his son holding his hands. Mom there too. As I talked to the family, the little girl reached for my hand !! —- I wish I had been able to take a picture of the scene for our 40Days for Life Pittsburgh materials. This is what we do every day : we are reaching out; she is reaching back.

3-5 Shift Manager Billy Reports

Today’s shift had Fran, Jeff and myself.  We were blessed for good weather and not too much activity going on. A few negative commentators and a couple thumbs up. 

Billy and Jeff helped Fran wrap up the last Saturday of this campaign
Sign of trouble ahead…Liberty Avenue is closed for a race from 6 AM-noon tomorrow. Please take a look at the map below and plan out your alternate route for those hours.

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