DAY 40: Thank you, Sisters of the Holy Spirit; Sisters of Saint Joseph, Baden; The Passionist Nuns Community; Volunteer Knight of Columbus Rich D.; Beloved witnessing with us on the sidewalk downtown; Beloved praying and fasting with us this fall; Beloved Nikki and our managing team. 

The Infant Jesus
Francisco de Zurbaran (1598-1664)
Pushkin Museum, Moscow, Russia
Copyright 2021, Photo Scala, Florence

We hold this treasure in earthen vessels, that the surpassing power may be of God, not from us. 2 Corinthians 4:7

DAY 40 IS TODAY. When I first witnessed for life with our Pittsburgh team the joy surprised me. I would never have known to ask God for that.  But I did know that God is the joy we bring to the sidewalk. We want to meet our abortion-bound sisters and brothers face to face. Face to face can make life easier for exhausted broken hearts. Even if the abortion-bound person continues into the abortuary, God accompanies them, cherishing and watching, ready to give His love, hoping they will give Him even the tiniest opportunity. We know that is true because God has done that for us so often.

God’s treasure is vast and intricate, beyond understanding. The following quotes from Chesterton and Metaxas will give you a glimpse of reality’s gigantic treasure. Mozart and the musicians make music that I hope you can enjoy right now.  Come with us to the sidewalk when you can, year round Tuesday through Saturday. In God’s company your adventure will be a treasure, vast, intricate and surprising.

Al and Sally


JEN McD. and VINCE P.  7-9                                         

The weather for the last Sunday of the Fall Campaign was absolutely perfect…hard to believe it’s November in Pittsburgh!  While we didn’t need to offer up our frozen toes, we did get a chance to “suffer” for the cause of Life due to the many closed roads for the EQT Race this morning. Thank you to everyone who braved the frustrating maze of dead ends to get to the vigil. 

Lots of encouragement from passersby this morning. One group heading for the finish line to cheer for the runners was especially enthusiastic in their thanks and support. It felt like they were cheering for us, too!

Thank you to Vince, Rich, and Marie for praying and witnessing this morning, and for everyone who has joined us throughout the 40 Days!  Please come back to the sidewalk as often as you can. 40 Days for Life 365 and the Sidewalk Advocates will be there Tuesday through Saturday each week. Email so we can pair you up with another volunteer.

Shift Buddy Vince, with Marie and Shift Manager Jen and Knights of Columbus volunteer Rich.

KEN B. and PAT S. 9-11

The last Sunday for this campaign was a little different with the EQT 10 mile run today. It was a little difficult getting into town and finding parking but all things are possible with the Lord and we did fulfill our duty. I must say that the great majority of those running or passing by had nothing to say, but we were able to witness to over 4000 today and I know that our signs had an impact. The comments were generally prolife but there are always a few in such a large crowd who hurl nasty, vulgar comments. It seems predictable that the comments from the culture of death are harsh, vulgar and sometimes personal with little attempt at civility. One woman yelled with expletives that she loves abortion and she is going to go have one today. I know the hurt, pain and confusion for many who participated or procured an abortion runs deep and I pray that our peaceful, prayerful witness has a lingering, healing affect. I was joined by Rich in the first hour and shift buddy Pat in the second until Roseanne and Rich arrived for the 11:00 AM-1:00PM shift.

Ken and Rich

Ken, Pat and Rich, shift manger for 11-1

ROSEANN and RICH K. 11-1

It is always nice to be greeted by Ken and Pat when we arrive at Planned Parenthood. It was for the most part an uneventful day. Prayed and witnessed.

Shift manager, Rich

Nikki and Lindsay 1-3

It was a beautiful shift today! I can’t believe this amazing weather! It was warm sunshine and blue skies above. It was supposed to just be Lindsay and I for the 1 to 3 shift but we were happily surprised when Marie and her friend came to pray and then another man, Dan, with the blue army showed up and then four people from a family from Saint Joseph the Worker. We had many positive comments from passersby and no negative ones. It was a wonderful shift for the last day! Thanks to everybody for coming!

Our Beloved Nikki with Shift Manager Lindsay

Marie’s Friend, Lindsay and Marie

Joined by this wonderful group from Saint Joseph the Worker Parish

JOE W. with Jim and Cathy S. 3-5

Shift managers Lindsay 1-3 and Joe 3-5


Infant Jesus, Repairer of the evils of the earth, have mercy on us.

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