Day 38: Thanks to St. Matthew Parish, Weirton Catholic Churches, St. Regis Knights of Columbus, and all who prayed with us today!

…Pray then for conversion of hearts but also pray for perseverance in this monumental spiritual struggle against the “culture of death.” Perseverance to be always “available” at the “Modern Day Calvary” so that one day you may answer “YES” with humility to the question “Were you there with perseverance when they crucified my Lord?”

Fr. Philomeno James, Marian Franciscan Priest, post abortive
father, and 40 Days for Life campaign leader

“Modern Day Calvary”…what a powerful way to describe abortion mills. Fr. James makes it clear that when you stand on the sidewalk to pray for the innocent lives being destroyed, and for those “know not what they do,” you are standing at the foot of the Cross.

You have shown SO much perseverance throughout this campaign, coming out to pray despite many challenges, or uniting your prayer to ours from afar. Please ask our Lord to grant you continued perseverance to stay with Him at the foot of the Cross beyond day 40.

The 40 Days for Life 365 initiative, now active in Pittsburgh, was born of an awareness that prayer at abortion clinics is desperately needed year-round. Another amazing organization serving on-site is Sidewalk Advocates for Life, which you can join by attending training on Saturday, April 23rd to learn the most effective ways of reaching out to abortion-bound women and those who accompany them to PP.

Coming to the sidewalk during Holy Week is very meaningful way to start. Please prayerfully consider scheduling an hour to spend on “Calvary” as we commemorate the Passion of our Lord. We will be there Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 7:30-4:00…not just next week but every week of the year. To offer your gift of self or for more information on 40 DFL 365 / Sidewalk Advocates, please email

THANK YOU for all that you do to defend God’s gift of LIFE and share God’s gift of LOVE! May He generously bless each of you!



Nikki and Richard

Richard and Susan
Thank you, John, for the delicious donuts!

It was a blessing to share my shift this morning with Richard, whose better half is at home with some serious health issues. It is killing Barbara not to be on the sidewalk but she needs to stay home and rest. Please pray for her health! I was grateful for Susan’s commitment to be there this morning. She is planning to be there for five hours because we were short-handed today! She is a new volunteer and was surprised that there are not more Christians who are willing to do this. She asked me why. I told her that I think that it is a scary thing for most people when they first come to pray at Planned Parenthood and that is why more people don’t do it. Fear keeps them away. God bless you, Susan, for your sacrifice! It was a very quiet morning as far as Planned Parenthood business. Only one young woman entered those doors with her parents. She was clearly abortion bound, although she did accept the information that I gave her. Her mother scolded me and said they didn’t want my judgment. I told them that I was not there to judge them but to help them make a decision that they would not regret and that would not haunt them for the rest of their lives. They seemed very casual about what they were doing and so I don’t think any hearts were changed. I love my grandkids so much, it pains me to see other grandparents taking their grandchildren to be killed. I know it happens all the time but it is just so sad. There was a young woman who was so intoxicated by some sort of drugs that she kept falling over and laying and sitting on the sidewalk. For a while she was squatting on the sidewalk with her pants completely down around her ankles, and I was afraid she was trying to go to the bathroom on the sidewalk. Bill called an ambulance. The police came and stayed with her until the ambulance arrived. The ambulance actually stayed parked with its lights on right in front of Planned Parenthood’s doors for a good 30 minutes or so. I was happy for that, that may have been a deterrent to keep some abortion bound people away because we never saw another abortion bound person for the rest of the shift. It was such a joy to see John from Epiphany church who brought a dozen donuts for us! Thank you for all of the prayers and support from our pro-life Christian family in Pittsburgh!



Bill and Susan

Thanks to Susan, Theresa from Carnegie, and Terry from Central Catholic HS for coming to pray today.  Bill stayed for a short time after I arrived.
Several women entered PP with only one taking resources.  Once inside the building, a few glanced toward us as we wore signs bearing offers of free ultrasound, a better choice than abortion, and that life is precious. Sadly, no one exited to inquire though.
Four homeless individuals passed by at separate times and two of them accepted  donuts left by the first shift.  They were very appreciative of the free food and one supported our cause. A few negative comments were given to us by passersby.
May God bring an end to abortion.


Katie and Elsie

Thank you to Susan and John for praying and reaching out with us today! It was pretty chilly and a little rainy, but people were in a 60-degrees-and-sunny mood! We had so many thank you’s, thumbs up, friendly beeps and waves from passersby both on foot and in cars that I lost count. One man stopped at the red light called out to me that he would like a flyer, so I brought him one and asked if he knows anyone who’s pregnant who could use some help. He indicated that she might be pregnant and he’ll have her reach out to one of the centers on Shelia s awesome brochure if she is. We also had two men take pregnancy tests for friends, and a homeless man who stopped by a few times and accepted two bags of snacks, several donuts from Richard, and the extra hoodie I keep in my bin for that purpose. (Over-packing DOES come in handy at times!) 


Elaine and Donna

Theresa, Mary Anne, Bernie, Bob, Jean, Matt & Kathleen from St. Matthew Parish

Thank you to our faithful friends from St. Matthew Parish. They have joined Elaine and I every Friday this campaign. It was a joy to be with them! They all prayed the rosary and I tried to hand out information and talk to all going into PP and those passing by. As usual many who take the information discard it. Again our prayer this week is “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”. Glynn was double duty today as he was playing escort and security guard. He wasn’t happy with the persistence to talk with the girls he escorted. If they only would listen and learn about the free help that is available that they could receive if they weren’t brainwashed with lies.  But it’s a sad time we are in when so many are confused and brainwashed by those who are supposed to be caring for them. We look forward to the Lord’s coming when God will right every wrong. We pray for the conversion of all abortion workers and all who do not know Jesus. Lord, may they all repent and come to know You as Lord & Savior and experience Your peace which passes all understanding. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Know Jesus know peace.

No Jesus no peace.

Blessings For Life,


Val and Mike

Church group from Weirton, West Virginia

Pat and Bill

Mike, Nancy, and Lud from St. Regis Parish

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