Day 37: Thank you to the Manordale Valley Knights of Columbus, Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, Elk County Right to Life, St. Agnes Parish (North Huntingdon), and all other prayer volunteers!

“Are you greater than our father Abraham, who died?
Or the prophets, who died?
Who do you make yourself out to be?”

John 8:53

This verse above comes from a longer passage about Jewish leaders who confronted Jesus about His apparent oneness with the Father and His apparent power over death. They doubted His words. They challenged Him. In our modern usage, I imagine these people asking Jesus something like, “Who do you think you ARE??” And it makes me acknowledge that they really had no idea.

But what about us? Do WE know Who He is? Do WE understand that our lives can be changed- transformed- through knowing Him?

One thing that struck me about this particular verse above is that Our Lord’s interrogators recognize that those who were considered “great” in their eyes (Abraham or the prophets) had DIED. It’s almost as if their deaths sealed their greatness as solemn memorials. But they had NO IDEA that this God-Man they were speaking to was not only going to die, but was going to OVERCOME death by rising to life again after His death. I’d say that His glorious and victorious resurrection GREATLY TRUMPS those who remain only a distant memory, since they have died.

Our Lord Jesus is very much alive. And even though we are about to enter into the holiest week of the year, when we focus on His Passion and death, we also know, as His followers, that He is eternally alive. Even when we are steeped in suffering.

Let us pray for all those women and men who are suffering through considering abortion. Do they know that Christ is victorious? And He can manifest that victory in their lives as well? One might argue and say to me, “How could you offer such a word of hope to abortion-vulnerable couples? Who do you think you ARE??” Well…. I know that I am a sinner who is constantly in need of a Savior. And I also know that my Savior lives. And He can take our brokenness and suffering and transform them. May all abortion-bound couples come to KNOW this, deeply in their hearts. May they trust in the Lord Jesus. Because– who does He think He is?? He does not just THINK it. He KNOWS and PROCLAIMS it. He is Our Lord and Our God. Let us all put our trust in Him.


Reports from the Sidewalk

Peggy and Cathy:

Thanks to Anthony and Knights of Columbus Vito, Dennis and Craig who joined us today in prayer. A number of workers went in, as well as 3-4 women. Only one took information, which was promptly taken during the wanding process. So much for “informed consent!” They are afraid of the truth (and losing the money.) Pray the workers will accept the truth and leave this business of killing.

Let us also remember with love our dearly departed brother David F., who was a regular and faithful 40DFL participant with the Manordale Knights of Columbus. He passed away in January, and is greatly missed. May he rest in peace. And David, please pray for US on that sidewalk.

Thank God for holy and Godly men to pray with us!!

Judy and Meredith:

Chuck, Lori and Judy came from LP Nazarene, and Meredith from Covenant Church. We were also joined by Fuzzy, Mary Bea, Laurey, Janet, Amy, and Mary from Elk County Right to Life.

A young lady stopped to take some information from us before going in.

Another young lady stopped and looked at all our stuff and told us we were fake, that all we did was stand here and didn’t do anything to help these women. We let her know that we offer a number of options and help in any way we can. We told her that we actually offered to adopt a baby last week and the lady changed her mind against abortion. The young lady was speechless for just a moment and then she said, “Well, if I were pregnant, I would be in there getting an abortion right now.” We just said that we were sorry she felt that way. And she huffed off.

Another lady came out who had brought a lady to have an abortion. We engaged her at length and spoke of options and reasons for not moving ahead with the abortion. She listened but her mind was not changed. The client has health problems and was on medication dangerous to pregnancy and the doctors advised the abortion.

(Editor’s note: it is horribly unfortunate that any medical professional would advise such a thing. We know that trustworthy medical professionals find ways to take care of BOTH patients, the mother AND child. If you know of someone who has received a recommendation such as this, please contact us at 40 Days for Life, and we can direct you to the proper medical care.)

Several women came out of the building, but they were not interested in taking or receiving information.

We continue to pray and believe that God will shut this place down.

Thank you to this faithful crew! God bless you, Meredith, Chuck, Lori, and Judy!
Thank you to these wonderful ladies from Elk County Right to Life! And thank you to Chuck, who made his way into the photo with the ladies!

Lisa and Linda:

Linda and I are so grateful for having such a beautiful group of prayerful women with us today! Thank you to the six women from Elk County Right to Life (pictured above), who surrounded us with prayer on both sides of the circle, and thank you to Jennifer and Bob, for your prayers with us as well!

It was a busy day, with people going in and out of PP.

We were able to get post-abortion information into the hands of two women who were “support” for two others going in for abortions. Pray that God brings something good from something so sad.

Although we had some negativity from passersby, we also had some beautiful encounters with them as well:

One was a man who asked Jennifer who we were, and whether we were all part of a church, etc. Jennifer explained about 40 DFL, and gave the man some information. He said that his wife has been praying for us, since she saw that people had been praying outside of PP. We are so grateful for those prayers!!

Secondly, a man stopped inside the circle, we had eye contact, and I said hello. He decided to approach me with a question. He asked whether I thought it was okay for a woman to have an abortion if the baby was conceived from rape. I said, “Well, what do YOU think? I’d like to know your opinion first.” We chatted for quite a while. Turns out that his adult niece had been conceived from rape, and he only found out about it a couple years ago. He told me a lot of the story, but eventually came around to sharing about how wonderful a person his niece is today. I smiled and said to him, “I think you just answered your own question.” And he said, “Yeah, I think I did.” Please pray for him and his niece and their family.

Later, a man came up to us from the crosswalk, announcing that we were some of his “favorite people.” At first, I assumed he was being facetious. But then he looked at us with seriousness and said, “Remember, ladies, the Lord is on the throne.” Those words and that encounter, simple as they were, had a beautiful impact of hope on my heart. I needed to hear that at just that moment.

Oh, I should add one more thing. As I was leaving, I chatted with one of the participants from St. Agnes who had just arrived. I commented on the fact that he had a large group with him. He said, “There’s only seven of us.” I said, “Well, that seems like a big group to me!” And he said very seriously, “We should have a HUNDRED people here with us.” He is so very right. Let us not despair or worry about numbers. Let us be thankful for those who DO come, and those who pray and fast from home… and let us continue to pray that the Lord will keep calling MORE to join us in our efforts of prayer.

God bless you all! So thankful today for the family that we are, and for the MANY ways that the Lord uses us ALL.

Carolyn and Cecilia:

Thank you to this dynamic brother-sister pro-life duo, John and Carolyn!
Thank you to Helen, here with Carolyn! Helen is one of our Pittsburgh pro-life heroines!
Those Elk County ladies can’t be kept down! They gave a whole day for this prayer time, including a 2.5 hour drive each way, and a 4 hour time slot on the sidewalk!! God bless you, ladies!!
Thanks so much to this faithful group from St. Agnes!
Thank you to faithful Joyce and Fr. Jim, who was there every week of this campaign! God bless you, Father!!

Pete and Virginia:

Our time started out with cool, dreary weather, a reflection of the darkness going on inside PP.  Heavy rains came for about 15 minutes, followed by the sun and some warmth.  I think the storms help us appreciate the sun more than I think we would otherwise. I hope and pray for those facing ‘storms’ in their lives, that they will come to appreciate the Son.  Our presence down there, and our prayers, hopefully will help them see the Son. I was joined today by shift buddy Virginia (thank you for your example in engaging everyone that you could over these 6 weeks, with a strong and gentle spirit,) Dean, and my 3 youngest girls who make a great witness simply by their presence, unless they’re fighting.  Steve and Vivian also joined us for a brief time; they were there the whole time the heavy rain was, and the sun came out when they finished their prayers. There were more than a few girls/women who came out of PP with the brown bag, some tucked under their arm, hiding it either out of shame and/or the hope that we wouldn’t engage them.  Virginia offered literature to those she saw in time, but all refused.  I hope and pray they will have a change of heart and seek the help they need as opposed to the ‘solution’ PP offers.  God Bless.

Thank you to Dean and these beautiful pro-life young ladies! God bless you all!

Larry and Johanna:

Coming soon….

May the Lord, in His Mercy, reveal to those considering abortion not only who HE is….

but also who THEY are.

And how precious and irreplaceable they are.

And how precious and irreplaceable their unborn children are.

May we keep these couples in our hearts as we go through Holy Week next week. Lord, have mercy.

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