Day 39: Thanks to St. Isadore the Farmer, St. Maria Goretti & Our Lady of the Angels, St. James (West End), St. Thomas, and more …

Finishing Strong : PP CLOSED TODAY!

“Death Takes a Holiday” – SM Dean

May this be a sign of THINGS TO COME!

My Favorite Sticker from the 2022 March for Life

Every now and then, we get a glimpse of what may be to come and today was no exception. For reasons unknown, Pittsburgh’s busiest abortion center (especially on Saturdays) was shuttered and dark. We don’t know the cause of the closure — was there an operations issue? A water problem? A staff shortage? Whatever the reason, celebrate and thank God that NO CHILDREN lost lives today at PP. Not one tiny heartbeat snuffed out, not one broken-hearted mother… All who witnessed for life offered praise and today stood in the true hope that one day, this situation will be permanent. I continue to say “the best people in Pittsburgh are on the sidewalk in front of PP.” I have never believed it more!! May your walk with Jesus this week be blessed and may you continue to respond to the pro-life vocation placed in your heart by the Father of us all. While the 40 Days for Life vigil is wrapping up, the mission continues! See you on the sidewalk! – Jeannie

7-9 Shift Manager Tim Reports:

Prayerful Men and a CLOSED ABORTION CENTER! Great News to start the day!

Blessings abounded today. The clinic was closed and the streets were quiet so our witness stood out. Father Zach and Jack from St. Isadore the Farmer arrived early and we were able to pray as a group along with Joe, Bill and David. We were strengthened by a blessing from Fr. Zach, whose team later joined him for a second shift. Blessings to all. -Tim

9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

I arrived for my shift to find Planned Parenthood completely closed – PRAISE GOD!!!  It remained closed throughout my shift.  In between raindrops, we enjoyed the prayerful company of parishioners from St. Isidore the Farmer along with Dan from St. Maria Goretti, Mary from Christ the Divine Shepherd, and Bill from St. Ferdinand. 

It was pretty quiet on the sidewalk today, except for one jogger running by who yelled “You should be helping women instead of doing this!”  It’s too bad she couldn’t have stopped to talk; we would have loved to have let her know about all of the wonderful pregnancy care/support centers around town who do just that so very well and whom we support with our time, and treasure, and prayers.

Fr. Zach and the Prayer Team from St. Isadore the Farmer
SM Sue, Dan from St. Maria Goretti and double shifters Joe and David

As this spring campaign comes to a close, please remember that we welcome pray-ers all year ‘round on the sidewalk.  We’re there.  Come join us!  Contact Jen at for more info.  May God bless you all! -Sue

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

Praying for PP to close its doors forever.

Planned Parenthood was closed today. Keep praying that the day will come when it is closed permanently!
I had the pleasure of talking to two gentlemen from New Jersey, representing Glorious Dei. Pittsburgh was one of the places they were visiting to spend time in prayer against abortion. As our vigil draws to a close tomorrow, I wish all of you a Blessed Easter.
– Dean

1-3 Shift Manager Kathy Reports:

St. James warriors were joined by Jason for two hours of praise that Planned Parenthood was closed. Passersby took info. AJ from St. James provided musical entertainment through song and whistling. He did an amazing rendition of Amazing Grace! Had us all singing! -Kathy

AJ, Jason, Steve, Cathy

3-5 Shift Manager Billy Reports:

Hey guys, if you thought we were going to be lucky by close about the spring weather, apparently no. I was blessed to be accompanied with Mary until 4:00 and the wonderful St. James Parish in West End. We had rain and hail and some sun. I don’t think we had a lot of comments today. We were a hefty crew and we had a lot of people accepting the literature.  God bless you all.  – Billy

Rain Down, Rain Down, Rain Down your LOVE on your PEOPLE, God of LOVE! St. James West End Parishioners Stand and Sing Praise for LIFE!

5-7 Shift Manager Reports:

Coming soon!

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  1. Intercessory prayer is help, of course; many of us donate materially also (being moved by compassion, and by the grace of God having some resources to contribute), but, if either a destitute person passing by the vigil and asking if we have anything to eat, or a cloistered nun receiving a letter from us, could contribute *only* heartfelt prayer and not even a dime besides, we would remember then that intercessory prayer has great value in the eyes of God, and maybe we would stop feeling like we have to explain that we also do other things in order to be “allowed” to pray in the eyes of the world. The world would not “allow” it anyway: When people say that we should be helping women, what they really mean is “stop praying where I can see it, because it hurts me to see this prayer; stop hurting me” (sometimes they have memorized the verse about praying in private and they shout that instead, which makes it a little more clear what’s going on in their hearts)… imagine being upset to see someone praying instead of being happy to see someone praying; that would be a terrible way to live, and we should pray (privately) that all these people come to know and love God, who can heal this wound in them.

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