Day 34: Thanks to Holy Family Parish, Roundhill Presbyterian Church, Christ the King Parish, Wonderful Individual Volunteers

Are you

ALL IN for the LONG HAUL ?

It used to be that once a woman learned that she was pregnant and decided to carry her baby, that child was in a safe place. But today, with the extreme abortion laws in most states, a woman can abort a child at ANY TIME during her pregnancy. She may have to travel to another state or “visit NYC for the weekend” but we in the pro-life movement must acknowledge that unborn babies are at risk for abortion for ALL 9 months. And mothers with difficult conditions need help and support long after birth as well. As Abby Johnson once replied to an interviewer regarding a woman who chooses life:

“OK, you ‘ve chosen life today, but tomorrow the burden is back on … — Those women go home, to their regular situation where their boyfriend is abusive, their mom will kick them out, their friends are saying it’s (having the baby) not a good idea and … and she is feeling scared and alone …. ultimately, she later will get an abortion. We have to do a better job of walking with these women on that journey not just a one-time ultrasound but in a few months from now, when she is struggling. And if they parent, through those early years.

Last week, Catholic Charities delivered diapers, clothing, a stroller, toys, and other baby supplies to 7 families in the diocese who were in need. This week, they will do it all again for another 6 families, and next week, another group and on and on. And at Birthright, they’ve learned that when a mom makes a early decision NOT TO ABORT, she needs to continue to receive support, encouragement and a listening ear or warm hug throughout her entire pregnancy and birth and beyond. Our delightful Pregnancy Care Centers offer the same – constant love, support and understanding.


Soon, we will end the 40 Days Fall Vigil. BUT ABORTION DOES NOT STOP at PP in Pittsburgh– Please, please consider continuing to witness and pray on abortion days with 40 Days 365 or Sidewalk Advocates. Greg or Nikki would be delighted to add you to the schedule!!


7-9 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

It was a relatively peaceful morning.  The weekend security guard came in, which is unusual for a Monday and many employees went in today as well. We prayed while Amy gave out pro-life resources. We ended our shift leaving the sidewalk to the next shift manager, Marilyn!

FAITHFUL “Sign Guy” Don gives us some new perspective every day! THANK YOU DON

9-11 Shift Manager Jeannie Reports:

What a pleasant surprise to NOT BE SHIVERING today! PP was quiet for clients, but several well-dressed folks headed in — perhaps for a meeting? I was a bit late as there was a movie being filmed in the city and I was unaware, but THANKS to my dedicated, faithful, and ON TIME shift buddy Marilyn, we kept prayer consistent on the sidewalk. HOLY FAMILY prayer warriors Randy and Tim had committed to the entire day, so we were blessed with Deacon Tim for our shift. Our regular faithfuls, Bill and Don, rounded out the prayer circle. Someone had left roses with the models so we decided to give them out to moms on the sidewalk. Thanks to whoever left them! Only one young woman entered PP — maybe for Birth Control? the entire shift… PRAISE BE TO GOD. Stephanie, mom of five! from Holy Family joined the prayer circle and we lifted our hearts to Him.

PRAYER GANG Marilyn, Bill, Bill, Deacon Tim from Holy Family
Marilyn is joined by Stephanie from Holy Family

11-1 Shift Manager Ginny Reports:

Members of Holy Family parish were with us today. One passerby spit on the sidewalk in front of us and gave us the finger. We told him we would pray for him. Ree and I were grateful he did not spit on us like the soldiers did to Jesus.

Lovely Group from Holy Family!

1-3 Shift Manager Lisa Reports:

Today was a relatively quiet day on the sidewalk.  PP was apparently having some kind of big meeting today.  
A man stopped and talked to Chris, who was praying with us, and asked him if someone could contact a woman he knows who is considering abortion.  Chris will pass the name along to me and I will pass it along to Birthright.
A big thank you to Beth Ann, Pastor Matt, Mayim, and Chris for praying with us today!  I’m also so thankful to my fellow parishioners from Holy Family, who joined us today from 7-1.  God bless you all.

3-5 Shift Manager Marie Reports:

Shift buddy Dan and I were joined on the sidewalk by his faith-filled wife, Joanne and Mary Catherine from Christ the King Parish. We started with a little bit of rain but luckily it didn’t stay around long or dampen our spirits or resolve. Despite a profanity-filled rant from a young woman on a Ride Share bike passing by, claiming she had “3 abortions,” we remained undeterred. We prayed the Joyful Mysteries and Divine Mercy Chaplet to finish out the first hour. The second hour was mostly calm with a young man requesting some information for a friend. The passersby were generally ambivalent to our presence. It seems like we either don’t exist or we elicit a hateful response! I pray that God is working through us to change hearts – even the most cold, hard hearts. There are many hearts to be changed.

Mary Catherine, Joanne, and Dan pray through sun or rain!

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