Day 35: Thank you St. Peter Catholic Church, Steubenville; Elk County Right to Life Group, Divine Mercy and St. Matthias Parishes and St. Matthew Parish

At the opening of these 40 days, the first thing that Amy, the director from Women’s Choice Network, asked us to pray for was “The Man.” She asked us to be kind and to engage him. Men have been sidelined in the abortion debate and very often in the decision of abortion. According to a national poll, more than half of all fathers–including married men–are not even told that their child has been aborted. It is a fact that more women choose life for their child when she knows there is a strong, willing man supporting her decision. Click HERE for a short video about a group of DADs stepping up and making a positive impact upon an entire community!

7-9: Tracy

It was cold and blustery this morning. (BRRRRR!)  Shawn, Beth, and Valerie from St. Peter’s in Steubenville, OH were there to join Steve and me. We began our time together by reciting the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. Although the doctor came in earlier than usual, there wasn’t much biz at PP in the first hours, but it started to pick up closer to 9AM when, sadly, a small number of young ladies and a few couples showed up.

9-11: Claudia

Praise Jesus through Mary, now and forever,  we had a save today.  A young couple walking in to have an abortion came back out about 45 minutes later and told us, “We just want to tell you, we’ve changed our minds.”  The young man wanted to talk but the young lady said she couldn’t. We watched them walk away holding hands. Going in I said to them, “Ask to see your sonogram. Ask to see your baby on the sonogram.”   

We had two beautiful groups joining us this morning.  Several ladies from Elk County Pro Life and several men from St. Aidan in Wexford. God’s blessings, Claudia

11-1: Shelia

 “C” wasn’t heading to PP but hurrying past to get to a new waitress job. When I offered a pen and resource sheet, she stopped and shook her head. She said, “You’re not gonna believe this but I just found out yesterday that I’m pregnant.”  She looked overwhelmed and agreed to step aside and talk with me for a few moments. She was not considering abortion outright, but a friend of hers urged her to consider it.  
Here’s an update: “C” texted me from Birthright and showed me a picture of her positive pregnancy test! No doubt that Regina is giving her plenty of love and helpful resources. Kim and Mike followed up to tell me that they were taking “C” to Aldi’s and then back to her friend’s place. God bless Kim, Mike, Elsie and Regina for all their efforts. 

It was wonderful to share the sidewalk with such a huge crowd from Elk County. They told me that the Liberty Ave clinic is the closest abortion clinic to them….and they traveled 3 hours to get here!  Talk about dedication to the cause of life!
Peace, Sheila

1-3: Linda

It was COLD and WINDY on the sidewalk this afternoon. But good news to report! “C” passed by the earlier shift, and Sheila engaged her in conversation. Turns out “C” had fled an abusive relationship in another city and was new in town, didn’t know anyone, and told Sheila that she was pregnant. They exchanged phone numbers, and later “C” returned to the 40 Days for Life folks on the sidewalk. Mike, Kim and Elsie had the privilege to be able to transport and accompany “C” to Birthright this afternoon!

Shift buddy Kim’s 1 to 3 account

Sheila did a great thing, God’s divine Providence, handing out  that brochure and reaching out to her.   “C” had a terrible morning navigating the bus system, trying to get to work, got lost, and was late walking down the sidewalk when Sheila approached her with a brochure.  She said it felt like Sheila somehow knew she needed help. She had to get to work and said she would stop back.  Work told her she was too late and sent her home.  So she walked back to talk to Sheila.  Mike and I were just arriving with our church group for the 1-3 shift.  I was signing everyone in when Sheila and Elsie introduced me to “C.”  Mike, Elsie and I drove to her birthright in Oakland.  She asked me not to leave her there by herself so I went in with her.  They verified she is definitely pregnant and guessing the baby is due in July.  She was given housing options, bus passes to help her get to work, grocery gift cards for Aldi’s, resources to find a doctor, get WIC, and women’s safe houses if she wants.  She left with the name of the volunteer who will be contacting her weekly and helping to support her.  She was so appreciative!   She has only been in the area for a short while  and has two jobs she is working.  When she came here she didn’t know she was pregnant.  She had only found out yesterday from a dollar store test.  She is determined to have the baby.   Her biggest worry/fear is about being able to provide and care for a baby all by herself.  She has no family  or friends in the area.  After the meeting, Mike and I took her to a place to cash checks, Aldi’s to get groceries, and to the place she is currently staying.   We were very blessed to meet her and be able to help.  Please keep her in your prayers!  I’m also really grateful to the other members of my church who prayed and got everyone back home for me.  I was supposed to take Cathy home and they did that for me so we were able to help “C.”

There was a large group of volunteers from St. Mathias Parish in Greene County. Also photos of Michael and Kathy praying, as well as Gretchen praying. ~Linda 

3-5: Nikki

It was the darkest, gloomiest, coldest and windiest shift I have had so far this campaign, but I have to say it seemed more fitting. When you are standing in such depressing weather, it is a reminder of the reason that we are there. I was very grateful for the company of two prayerful men, Bob and John from Saint Matthew Parish. We prayed the entire two hours away. We received no negative or positive feedback from anybody. One thing about bad weather, it keeps the hecklers away. I left the sidewalk in the hands of faithful Larry and Johanna. Truly, the best people in the world come to the sidewalks during 40 Days for Life and it is a privilege to know them.

5-7: Johanna

Johanna and Larry, 5 to 7

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