DAY 33: Thank you Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish; Corpus Christi Parish; SHIFT BUDDIES Vince P., Nikki, Jim and Cathy S., Steve and Denise M.; VOLUNTEERS Knights of Columbus Rich D. and George S., and Pat S.; FUEL The Passionist Nuns, The Sisters of Saint Joseph, The Carmelite Nuns of Latrobe; and brothers and sisters praying, fasting and witnessing with us for children killed by abortion.

Saint Anne with the little Mary (1732, detail)
Francesco Mancini (c. 1694-1758)
National Gallery of Umbria, Perugia, Italy
Copyright Domingie & Rabatti / La Collection

Pray for families.

Nikki brought 40 DAYS FOR LIFE to Pittsburgh. I went to the sidewalk.  Bloody, smirking, stinking ABORTION – hands busy dismembering baby bodies – hands busy dishonoring mothers – is this really my home town? Helen Alvare and Janet E. Smith taught me that the federal government writes laws about sex. In federal law, “sex” no longer makes sense to ordinary people. 

Helen Alvaré remembers: Jon Stewart ridiculed my criticism of contraception on the Daily Show. It was the day the U. S. Senate had convened a hearing on the mandate from the Obama administration’s Health and Human Services Department requiring all health plans, including those offered by religious institutions, to offer contraceptives, early abortifacients and sterilization, in every plan, without a copay.

A great deal of recent federal law has a view of what sex is for. This view of sex has become the current greatest threat to religious freedom. Any campaign to support religious freedom has got to confront it openly. What does the government say is the meaning of sex? What is between the lines? What does the government actually do?

Alvare quotes Lant Pritchett, American development economist with Oxford and Harvard credentials.  Pritchett, “Why did the United States continue to make birth control such a leading edge of its foreign assistance?” Massive population decline began in the nineties. It continues today. Population pressure is not the main cause of poverty.

Pritchett said “sexualism” is why the US continues to push birth control. Sexualism is the belief that being able to express yourself sexually is hindered if children are linked to sex.  Sex is not designed to deepen a sturdy bond between a man and a woman. Being able to express yourself sexually is hindered if it has to be in the context of a relationship. Being able to express yourself sexually is absolutely necessary for freedom.  You have to make birth control available full stop, even if it has no impact on poverty.

Federal law says that sex is not related to procreation directly, intrinsically or axiomatically.  The federal government has written this into law. The expression of sexuality is of itself a positive good.  Any limitations on that expression are in and of themselves bad.

Helen Alvaré, Professor of Law at George Mason School of Law. Religious Freedom and Sexual LIberationism – Helen Alvare at Franciscan University.

That is what the federal government says and does about sex.  Here is what their law does to the baby.  Here are just some of the things that federal laws about “sex” do to women and men.   

Many dogs have surrounded me. A band of the wicked beset me. They cast lots for my robe.  Psalm 22:17, 19

Janet Smith reminds us that sex is for making love and making families. A man and a woman are designed for a synergistic relationship. The sum of the two is greater than their parts. She notes that artificial contraception is a violation of the good of a woman’s physical and psychological health; an impediment to the total gift of spousal love, and; a rejection of God as creator of new life. To be dazzled, read HUMANAE VITAE, July 25, 1968.

A healthy woman’s body is working every month preparing for pregnancy. Her fertile cycles make her different every day. A man’s body continues day to day pretty much like a straight line. At their best, always a goal, men and women are made for each other.

Enjoy as two beautiful women sing with talented friends.  Pie Jesu (Andrew Lloyd Webber), Saint Peter University SCHOLA, Virtual Choir, Spring 2020. Loudjie Marie Theodore & Karina Muniz, soloists with University faculty, staff and alumni.


Sally and Al

JEN M. SHIFT MANAGER 7-9                                     

This morning’s gloomy weather couldn’t stop faithful volunteers from coming out to pray for an end to abortion.  Thanks to Diane and Tom for supplying all our needs, and to Vince, Marie, Bill, David, Rich, George, Pat, and Ken for sacrificing their time and comfort to witness to the value of every LIFE!

Ken; Knights David, Rich, Vince, and George; Pat; Marie (kneeling)

KEN B. SHIFT MANAGER 9-11                          

Pat and I had the faithful members of Most Precious Blood of Jesus parish along with Knights of Columbus Rich, George and Dave. We also had a brief visit from the dedicated members of the Pittsburgh Sunday morning Rosary walk.


From 10-11, Joe and I enjoyed getting to pray with members of our own Parish, Most Precious Blood of Jesus…Bob and Glenn, along with wonderful shift manager Ken and buddy Pat. While we prayed, another group from our parish prayed on the other side. The Sunday morning Rosary walkers came through, stopped and prayed, which is always a blessing! Thanks so the faithful people who came and prayed today!



It was a quiet first hour with only Rich and myself. While we were praying and witnessing, a man came by and just wanted to pray, so we prayed for just about all the problems in our world today and then he left.  In our second hour Judy from Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish came to stand with us and we prayed the Rosary. Before we knew it, it was 1:00 and Lindsay’s turn to take over. It was a peaceful shift.

Judy, Most Precious Blood of Jesu;s with shift managers, Roseann and Rich


“Why we don’t love abortion”

Today I was blessed to pray with two groups of absolute prayer powerhouses, from Corpus Christi parish (who had signed up for today) and Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish (who bless the efforts frequently, as does Corpus Christi). It was a peaceful day, not too many negative comments. A few friendly waves. But early into my shift, I overheard a car drive by with what sounded like quite a few young female passengers.  They yelled gleefully “WE LOVE ABORTION!!!!” and I was horrified when someone in our midst whooped gleefully back at them!  It turns out a nice young girl, who arrived the same time as the assigned prayers, was not actually with that group at all, but had arrived simultaneously and had engaged in pro-choice conversation with some members of our group. Other than that outburst, she was very nice and moved along.

This drive-by outburst, WE LOVE ABORTION, was very sad. The LIE of the death culture is that abortion is an “unfortunate necessity” for women of poverty, rape/incest and abuse, or in danger from childbirth. But, if that was true, why the gleeful celebration of abortion nowadays by the death culture?  The TRUTH is there is nothing to celebrate here. And anyone who “loves abortion” has never endured one, known anyone who endured one, nor walked beside anyone (man, woman, spouse, partner, sibling, parent, grandparent, neighbor, friend) who now suffers years of anguish and consequence as the result of this “unfortunate necessity” now being made light of as a celebratory moment.  Hopefully the power prayers of our large group from CC and MPBJ Parishes affect these young women, and they realize as we all have, the true horrors of abortion there is nothing to love about it. 



A dreary day at the mill, with a few angry and ignorant comments by passersby were quickly overcome by the fervent and faithful prayer by the parishioners of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish. Also, my beautiful shift buddies Jim and Cathy.
What a blessing to share my shift with such authentic Catholics.
All glory and praise be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parishioners sponsor the Prayer Vigil this evening.

Most Precious Blood of Jesus priests and parishioners witness this afternoon.

They bring Jesus to the sidewalk in prayer witness for life.

Jim and Cathy, SHIFT BUDDIES


It is an honor when a little bit of rain falls during your shift. We are not here to be comfortable, we are here to make sacrifices, and when God generously gives us a little bit of rain it just helps us accomplish our goal a little bit more wholeheartedly. A little police action up the block but nothing serious. Many Rosaries, a little bit of discussion with one critic but he did not want to understand anything about DNA.

Faithful regular 40 Days Witnesses

A little police action up the block


And God saw that it was good.


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  1. In response to Lindsay’s blog, the “We love abortion” shouters may very well have had an abortion and known women who have had one. They may be shouting out due to conviction of their action and defending that action.

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