Day 31: Thanks to St. Catherine Laboure Parish, St. Matthew Parish, and all who prayed with us today!

Suffering and torment is still terrible and well-nigh unbearable.

Yet the star of hope has risen—the anchor of the heart reaches the very throne of God.

Instead of evil being unleashed within man, the light shines victorious: suffering—without ceasing to be suffering—becomes, despite everything, a hymn of praise.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in “Spe Salvi”

We are three-quarters of the way through this campaign and likely getting tired now. Tired of driving into the city…of finding a place to park…of standing on the hard pavement…of bearing with the weather…of hearing nasty comments from passersby…and above all, of watching women walk through the door of destruction. Let the beautiful quote above give us a boost to go on, though. When we willingly suffer for the good of another, our actions become a HYMN OF PRAISE to the God who willingly suffered out of love for us.

In this you rejoice, although now for a little while

you may have to suffer through various trials,

so that the genuineness of your faith,

more precious than gold that is perishable even though tested by fire,

may prove to be for praise, glory, and honor

at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

1 Pt 1:6-7



7-9 AM +++ Jeannie, Barbara, and Susan

We headed into the darkness this morning with a great crew. Our typical 7 to 9 women, Barbara, Susan, Marilyn, and Jeanne; were joined by Richard who is our constant chaperone/guardian! We were delighted to be joined by three women from Saint Catherine Laboure Parish in the South Hills – Debbie, Janet, and Donna. It was a fairly quiet morning with the exception of a very cool leaf collecting machine that was being run on the sidewalk by some public workers.

Jeannie and Sue

9-11 AM +++ Michael, Kathy, and Mark

A group from St. Catherine of Laboure joined me this morning as well as Michael S. and SA Kim. Bill H and Rocky stopped by briefly. Literature was passed out.  One young lady accepted resources who seemed to be in the position of needing them.  Prayers were offered for ending abortion and for those entering the building.  More positive than negative comments were spoken to us today.


11 AM-1 PM +++ Katie and Elsie

Other than the great group of pray-ers joining us from St Catherine Laboure it was a pretty average day on the sidewalk, unfortunately. We had some positive comments and some negative, some promising signs and some ominous.  Before Mass this morning I was catching up on reading October’s edition of Benedictus, and this message from St. Catherine of Siena really struck me. We DO suffer greatly because of the sin of abortion, whether it’s a close member of our family or a stranger who is lost. But it also brought to mind the stark contrast between us and everyone else headed to PP this morning, and any other day. Unlike the mothers and fathers so desperate and hopeless that they are about to resort to the most unnatural violence against their own children, and the workers who make a living exploiting that fear and sorrow, finding some sort of sick victory in a life snuffed out and countless lives destroyed, we have the joy and hope of the Cross and the assurance of the true victory of God. If only we could open their eyes to the peace of trusting in Jesus and the comfort of forgiveness before it’s too late for their babies, and themselves. 


1-3 PM +++ Elaine and Donna

We have been blessed with great weather on Friday afternoons. Our faithful friends joined us today: Theresa, Frank, Bernie & Kathleen from St. Matthew Parish and Mary Jane from St. Thomas More. We handed out quite a few cards and pamphlets to passersby. A couple exited PP and were offered information and both told us to “F— off.” Someone driving by yelled from his car, “Thank God for abortion!” Another passerby was clearly pregnant and walked by saying, “I’m pro choice!” Theresa said, “Good luck with your baby.” She was then yelled at. Another gentleman talked for a long time with our group wanting to express his opinion about abortion. On a good note, a man who was working down the street made a point to come and thank us for being there. He said he goes to church on Washington and his church is involved with 40 DFL. Some prayed the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet while others prayed quietly. We pray for everyone who crossed our path today and all who work at PP and all who went in. For all who show disdain for us, Father forgive them; they know not what they do. We pray that Jesus touches their hearts and they all come to know Him as Lord & Savior. Amen.

Theresa, Frank, and Kathleen
Elaine, Theresa, Bernie, Frank & Glenn

3-5 PM +++ Val and Mike

Beautiful fall day today on the sidewalk.  Unusually quiet for a Friday afternoon; almost eerie. Thanks to Al and Amy for being with us today.

Mike, Al, and Amy

5-7 PM +++ Pat and Charlie

Judy and Charlie kept vigil with Pat on the closing shift.

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