Day 32: Thanks to St. Paul of the Cross, Christ Our Savior, & St. Isidore Parishes, St. Kilians TMIY Group- plus wonderful Volunteers


Plus Very Special Prayer Request : PRAY FOR “JANE”

You don’t have to look very far to find TRUTH! Sometimes it is as near as the contents of a CHILDREN’S BOOK. I am a first-time Grandma and am admittedly ONE OF THOSE who will show total strangers how beautiful my little Leo is. My home looks like I run a daycare– Do I have a Highchair? Yes, Pack N Play? Yes, Crib? Yes, Diapers and Wipes, YES YES.. Stroller? Yep…Children’s Toys and BOOKS ? Absolutely! AND It is in reading a few of the books I chose for the toy area that I realized that the NATURAL LAW we seek to uphold and protect is confirmed everywhere — even among Barn Animals!

And while we Know Jesus is the G.O.A.T. for us all, He even compared himself to a loving mother Hen in Luke’s gospel:

Luke 13: 31–35 “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how many times I yearned to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, but you were unwilling!
Jesus compares himself to a mother hen who longs to gather her chicks under her wing. As the theologian N.T. Wright points out, this is much more than a sentimental image. It refers to the gesture of a hen when fire is sweeping through the barn. In order to protect her chicks, she will sacrifice herself, gathering them under her wing and using her own body as a shield.

On the cross, Jesus used, as it were, his own sacrificed body as a shield, taking the full force of the world’s hatred and violence. He entered into close quarters with sin (because that’s where we sinners are found) and allowed the heat and fury of sin to destroy him, even as he protected us! – credit to Bishop Robert Barron, Word on Fire Institute


A few times over the last few days, our peaceful 40 Days Pittsburgh prayer witness has been the target of a bit of vandalism and destruction at the hands of a young woman who we can only imagine must be suffering greatly. Clad in a dark hoodie, “Jane” seems to be especially upset that we present the scientific facts of Fetal Development— She seems particularly angered with the word “Heartbeat” and with our Medical Model Display of the Unborn Child. Her outbursts have caused some damage and disruption, but she has not engaged with any of us, nor has she assaulted anyone. We did call the police this Wednesday when “Jane” damaged our Fetal Models. Please add her to your prayers as you are down on the sidewalk.

UPDATE: I was there this morning and I believe I saw “Jane” walk hurriedly by — glancing sadly at the repaired Fetal Models. There was a pretty large crowd on the sidewalk today, praise God, and I think she was deterred from causing any trouble!

PLEASE, PLEASE keep an eye out for this hurting young woman. She is of medium build, has dark brown hair parted in the middle & worn in a ponytail & has extra piercings on the upper part of her ears. She has been seen carrying a light teal backpack (with a Pikachu keychain attached,) wearing white sneakers and a dark zipped hoodie. Jane likes COFFEE and she also has lovely manicured nails – polished black perhaps for Halloween! —– “Jane” – You are Beloved by God, and by Us !!

A SIDEBAR: “JANE’S” actions will only serve to reinvigorate our educational team – the Fetal models will always be a part of our sidewalk witness and “JANE” will NOT be prosecuted (despite our clear evidence of her vandalism- the sidewalk CAMERA WORKS! )

Shift Manager Tim Reports:

We had a blessed and beautiful morning as the team from St. Paul of the Cross arrived early and their group got bigger as the morning went on. We prayed many different prayers.  We were also blessed to have Jill and Betsy in the Choices Pregnancy Services mobile sonogram unit offering alternative care.

NOT a big day for CHOICES Ultrasound Van, but VERY SLOW at PP as well!! Praise God!

Shift Manager Sue Reports:

Nice crowd from St. Paul of the Cross Parish joined me 9-11. In addition, Bridget and John prayed quietly just outside of the circle. We gave abortion-minded folks our best offers, but were unable to stop them from entering. The Sidewalk Chalk wording “WHERE THERE IS LIFE THERE IS HOPE” was just beautiful — 80% of the WORKERS filing into PP had to read (and step over!) it.

St. Paul of the Cross Pro-life Group 9-11 Shift

Shift Manager Dean Reports:

It was quieter than most Saturdays with only a few women entering, which is TERRIFIC. The Ultrasound mobile unit was there when I arrived and that’s always encouraging to see. The usual rude comments were issued by some people as they drove by us. We offered greetings and literature to all who were open.

Shift Manager Kathy Reports:

Thrilling moment of our shift happened when a Mom stopped with her son: 13 years ago, she was going to have an abortion, people were praying, they educated her and helped her. She kept her baby boy ! Gerald was happy, mom was beaming! Praise God!

Exciting story about this 13 year old and his mom!

Shift Manager Billy Reports:

There was only one individual signed up for the 3-5 shift, but we had 5 people from St. Kilian’s TMIY (That Man is You) Group show up —- a wonderful surprise!  We had a very nice fall day down there and in the beginning there was barely any foot traffic. As the shift went by, after us all praying, we had a couple people pass us by with the usual negative comments. One group asked us if we were going to be foster parents and said, “Wow, we’re trying to also save more,” with a sarcastic tone; but they genuinely asked us a question and walked away. Another group made a similar comment. But the best part of the shift was a lady came up to us with her kids, and her kids were looking at the baby models. Fran and I shared with them that the models represented babies. Other than that, we had a quiet and prayerful shift.

Joe, Arlene, Bruce, Don, Mike–representing St. Kilian THAT MAN IS YOU Group & Supporters–joined Billy!

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