Day 31: Thanks to Holy Sepulcher Parish, St. Matthew Parish, terrific team members, and wonderful volunteers!


Frequently when we pray and try to offer free help to PP clients and passersby, we are met with angry responses.  Sometimes, the reactions escalate to the overturning of our fetal models table or taking our signs.  Why do people react that way to loving offers of free help?

I’ve often thought that the stronger the emotional reaction of someone to our offers and prayers, the more closely they have been, or are, to the abortion “issue”… taking someone to PP, advising a woman (girlfriend, sister, friend) to have an abortion, paying for one, or actually having one.

40 Days for Life is centered in love: love for the pregnant woman, love for the father of her child, love for the abortion doctors, nurses, and staff. 

Our Fall and Lenten campaigns focus on changing the minds of abortion-vulnerable women through offers of help.  Citing statistics and facts rarely changes minds.  Sidewalk advocates and prayer warriors try to change hearts with compassionate, non-judgmental, offers of free resources and personal help.  I’ve witnessed PP clients taken to lunch, driven to pregnancy care centers, and given cellphone numbers by our SAs and  pray-ers.   After a “save” is born, baby showers have been held for the new mothers.  “Love them both.”

If we are not successful in saving the life of an unborn child, we offer post-abortion healing through Rachel’s Vineyard and other services.  I have met women in front of PP, praying with me, that had abortions years ago.  It is clear that it’s still an open wound in their hearts.  They have never forgotten that day.

The angry men and women who say foul things to us as we pray or knock over the table need healing.  And the only true healing of heart and soul comes from our Lord, Jesus Christ.  He will forgive.  

Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed; save me, and I will be saved, for you are my praise.

Jeremiah 12:14



7-9 AM +++ Greg and Pete

 It was relatively quiet this morning as only one or two couples and quite a few workers walked in while Pete, Marilyn, Dean, and I were there.  The guard did come out at one point to scold me on how upset a woman was because I “got too close to her.”  I know for a fact that I never got closer than four feet to anyone walking in, and usually it was more like six feet.

A few people did take our literature, and I did have the occasion to meet “Amy” just before I finished my shift.  She warmly accepted our tri-fold brochure on Free Local Resources For Women.  It turns out she’s a hardworking single mom who works at a mall and also cleans houses on the side.  She’d come downtown by bus to clean a woman’s apartment only to find out the woman had canceled on her.  The father of her little one was begrudgingly watching the child while she traveled for probably an hour or more by bus to clean the woman’s condo.  Then she had to turn around, catch another bus, and get to work at the mall.  I felt really bad for her.  It made me realize what some people have to do to make ends meet.  

I did get her number with the idea that maybe she could help me clean my house as I try to get it ready to sell. If anyone else needs a cleaning lady, feel free to get in touch with me. 


9-11 AM +++ Mark, Kathy, and Kim

Coming soon!

11 AM-1 PM +++ Maggie

The rain didn’t come but the spiritual battles always do.

We had very humble and kind prayer warriors from Holy Sepulcher praying nearly the entire time.

An angry young man in a brown leather jacket turned and spit on the ground only inches from a couple from that church who were in the middle of the Rosary. They didn’t flinch but kept on praying! I wanted to go and reprimand the young man for his treatment of such sweet and kindly older people but the Lord rebuked me. It is better to pray that the young man remembers his vile action and one day feels true sorrow over his behavior.

We were able to pass out a few pieces of literature. It was a painful day as few people entering the clinic would even look at us.

But, then again, every day is painful down at Planned Parenthood. The ending of innocent unborn lives, seeing and hearing the hatred and insults of very misguided and blind souls. Not being able to reach out successfully to tell an abortion-minded woman and man that they are loved by God and so is their unborn child.

But, it is pain in our hearts that we offer to God through our prayers and sacrifices, trusting that at least some of the blind will one day see.

Also many thanks to Gretchen and Pete and all the dear praying souls who joined us at the sidewalk.  Love is the cord that binds us to God and to one another, and yes, to the lost and angry souls who we pray will one day know  this love, too.


1-3 PM +++ Donna

Bernadette, Theresa, Mary Ann & Frank

We were grateful it wasn’t raining today. We were greeted by Maggie and Gretchen, Bob and Rick, members of Holy Sepulcher, as we arrived. Faithful Maggie stayed into our shift. Maggie and I were blessed to pray with Antonio, who asked us if we wanted to buy a pressure cooker for $10. He had it in his backpack. Bernadette, Theresa, Mary Ann, and Frank from St. Matthew’s Parish took the brunt of many cars that stopped to tell us we were bringing negative energy to the sidewalk, and bad vibes, and we were haters. Then they gave them the finger. Wait. Who is spewing hate??? Many cars yelled as they went by. Don from St Killian’s joined us also. Ed stopped by on his lunch hour and tried to give information to every passerby and tried to get those that entered PP to come out and talk just for five minutes. The rosary was being prayed on both sides of PP today. Is there a full moon tonight? It sure seemed like it on the sidewalk. A man was yelling at us telling us we were pedophiles and then came back and wanted to argue with our security guard. A gentleman and two young girls took time to stop and look at the baby models. Another woman came by and was grateful to have the book In The Palm Of Your Hand, Prayers To End Abortion by Fr. Frank Pavone. Another man was grateful to have a rosary. He asked us to pray as he just lost his wife 18 days ago. We did have some positive comments. The PP security guard was even in a bad mood today. He accused Frank of walking through with his sign and Frank never moved from the left side. No one entered the circle with a sign. Maybe there were a lot of no shows today. We hope and pray that is true.  Thank you to all faithful believers who come to join us on the sidewalk. We are blessed because of your commitment to the sanctity of life and your willingness to join in the battle of our day, the battle for life. We were glad to see Pat, Mike and Val come to relieve us.


3-5 PM +++ Pat, Mike, and Val

Coming soon!

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  1. Thank you so much for your peaceful witness, your prayers, and for lovingly offering up your suffering for mothers, fathers, babies, abortion business workers, and all people who revile you. Blessed are you says the Lord.

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