Day 27: Thanks to Christ the Divine Shepherd, St. Raymond of the Mountains, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and all the Frozen Chosen!

Ready, Set … GO —- LIFE WITHOUT ROE!

I am NOT a legal scholar but everything I’ve read on BOTH SIDES of the issue suggests that INDEED, Roe Vs. Wade will be struck down in full or part this summer. So– This will likely be our LAST 40 Days Campaign with the HORRIBLE national edict of ABORTION on DEMAND through ALL 9 MONTHS. Praise be to Jesus Christ!

BUT what we all must realize is that NOW THE WORK BEGINS in our STATE.

If you haven’t seen it already, Sidewalk Advocates for Life held a one hour online conference — it is incredibly informative! I invite you to watch FOUR brilliant female attorneys (and one terrific guy) explain what the situation is and what comes next. — WE are truly a few miles in on a Marathon so PLEASE stay tuned for messages from the State Level Pro-Life Organizations that will now work to create legislation to protect our tiniest Pennsylvanians! Put your GEAR ON and GET READY to be on the LIFE TEAM FOR PA!


7-9 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

It was a very cold morning on the sidewalk! It was also very quiet. About five workers and the security guard went into PP. There were also two workmen who went in with ladders. Amy and I split up on either side of the circle while Dean was in the front. We individually prayed for an end to abortion and for all who work or volunteer there. Dean knows the maintenance worker Curtis who always responds to a greeting with “Blessed by the Best!” His joy put a smile on all our faces and brought some warmth to this frigid place. Thanks also to Don who stood faithfully with his sign! God bless you all for being there, Sue

11-1 Shift Manager Ginny Reports:

We had a wonderful group of people today, with the members of St. Raymond of the Mountains, led  by Rachel plus members Our Lady of Perpetual Help pro-life group. It was very cold, windy, and snowing. Despite that, we prayed at least 5 rosaries, 4 or more Divine Mercies,1 St Michael Chaplet, and many other prayers.  I was lucky enough to get a close parking place and some people sat in my car awhile to warm up. Most of our group offered the harsh conditions up for saving babies. What a great group!

NEITHER SLEET, NOR RAIN, NOR WINDY SNOW will keep pro-lifers away from Being LIFEGUARDS
COLD AND COLORFUL GROUP Thanks to the faithful from St. Raymond of the Mountains & Our Lady of Perpetual Help Pro-Life Group!

1-3 Shift Manager Beth Reports:

Snow on the sidewalk,  praying for an end to abortion,  we stood firm when the wind blew. PP had little traffic except the construction guys Marie kept the signs stable while Beverly joined us later. One Monday to go. 

3-5 Shift Manager Dan Reports:

It was cold, windy and quiet on Liberty Ave. today. With very few people going in and out of Planned Parenthood Barb and Megan stayed busy handing out prayer cards urging people to pray for  he war in Ukraine.

Barb, Megan and Dan Soak up more Son Shine!

5-7 Shift Manager George Reports:

In spite of death inside that building, there is life … and a promise of new life outside!  – George


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