Day 28: Many thanks to Shift managers, Shift buddies, and all who offered prayer, fasting and a giving heart to our vigil today and especially…First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport, Saint Joseph the Worker Parish, Divine Mercy Parish, and Saint Matthew Parish, Shaler

Hebrews 10:23 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering (for He is faithful that hath promised.)

The events of March twenty-fifth are still fresh and I pray that an abundance of blessings and grace will be poured out on Russia and the world from this most Sacred act of Consecration prayed by so many. It seems as though we have prayed a lifetime for the fulfillment of this solemn act and for the promises of peace spoken by Our Lady at Fatima. We can also say what particular significance it is to us in the pro life apostolate for the Consecration to take place on the feast day of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The moment of conception when The Word became flesh. The beginning of life that is sacred and should be protected. Commemorating that moment when the angel Gabriel spoke the word of God to the Blessed Virgin and the whole world stood still, according to the saints, awaiting her answer, her fiat, her yes.

The significance of this day, the Incarnation of The Word; made flesh in the womb of the Virgin, nine Months before the Nativity of Our Lord, in relation to the holocaust of abortion cannot be missed. The words spoken in 1917,”Russia will spread errors throughout the world.” The first nation to legalize abortion was the Soviet Union in 1920 just three years after those words spoken by Our Blessed Mother at Fatima. It is as if God has shown once again His great and omnipotent Mercy by bringing forth this consecration on the feast of the Annunciation. It must be an answer to the prayers for peace and an end to abortion that we have prayed and suffered for these many years.

The call to prayer and penance at Fatima have been practiced and lived out these many decades most especially by the pro life community. Penance, Penance, Penance. It is at the very heart of all our efforts. We pray and fast to end abortion, we pray in reparation to repair the attack against the Sacred Heart of Our Lord for the sin of abortion, we pray for conversion and healing for all who have participated in abortion. Lord God may this be the moment the greatest of errors, the killing of the preborn baby in the womb may cease, and wars, violence and the destruction of innocent life will cease.

Isaiah 55:7 Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unjust man his thoughts, and let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him, and to our God: for He is bountiful to forgive.


7-9: Tracy

Dean, from First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport, kept company with Anthony and me this chilly, chilly morning. The buildings across the street for the most part blocked the sunshine, but around 8:30, the warm rays of the sun shown down on us. It was lovely and helped to lift my mood. Sometimes I’m tempted to give into disappointment when I feel I haven’t done well enough to reach out to the PP clients – missing one here or there. Dean kindly reminded me that it’s just that – A TEMPTATION! Best not to give into it. God is in control, THANKFULLY!
It wasn’t exactly a revolving door at PP this morning, but a number of young ladies made their way into the facility. No one accepted literature. A small number of folks passing by stopped at our display and looked over everything or picked up a fetal model.

Dean and Anthony

9-11: Beth

Sunshine, few clients and wonderful prayers brought springtime to a cold place.
From the First Evangelical Free Church of Mckeesport,  Dean and Roy came to the early shift with Rick and Patti helping later. Linda, Claudia, Kevin and I prayed and had a scientific, in depth discussion about staying warm, already ready for next fall. Little action on the sidewalk. Some going in, some coming out from PP but all were offered resources and hope. 

Dean and Roy
Rick and Patty
Linda, Claudia, Beth and Kevin

11-1: Sheila

Thanks to Judy, Bridget, Bernie and Susan for joining us today – I apologize that I forgot to snap a picture! The traffic into the clinic wasn’t very heavy, thankfully. The sidewalk was relatively quiet, except for a man who got in the face of our male vigil participant, clearly angry that he was carrying a sign that said, “Ask us about a Free Ultrasound.” He accused US of violating women’s rights and freedoms!  Go figure!  Then, he throws the rape argument into the ring so I stepped in and gave the response that Shawn Carney presents in his new book What To Say When.  The guy tells me to mind my own business and threw some choice words at us.  After he left, another participant pointed out how very convenient abortion makes it for men to avoid responsibility.  There are so many post-abortive men walking around out there. That angry man was probably one of them and they all need our prayers.

1-3:  Michael

 It was a relatively quiet and warm afternoon on the sidewalk.

Kim, Sandy and Rose

3-5: John

Saint Matthew parish. John, John, Bob, Dave. We received Rosaries from a Person who was at Medugorje. The stones were from the mountain at the Shrine. Not much luck handing out information. A number of people encouraged us. We prayed the Rosary, Chaplet and Stations. We prayed the Rosary to Saint Anne to watch over the children who were in the clinic today.

John, John Bob and Dave

5-7: Larry

Report coming soon.

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  1. Thank you Ken for this very encouraging reflection! Just as I was starting to feel that maybe the consecration would not be accepted by Heaven (after listening to some blogs that said that)…your words give me hope! yes, the fact that it was done on March 25th and the connection with abortion…I have hope that Roe will indeed “GO” this summer! God bless you!

    1. In response to those who believe abortion is a compassionate response to victims of rape , I have a simple question. Why is it compassionate to counsel a woman who has been raped to inflict an even greater harm (death) on an innocent baby? How does that help her heal from the trauma? Instead, if we offer her options to continue with the pregnancy and support her during this time, we not only encourage her to save a child’s life (an heroic act), but also help her heal with our love and concern. She will then have time to choose whether to raise her child herself or to place her child in the arms of an adoptive family.

  2. Looking at all these pictures and remembering my own feelings, I can feel the isolation and aloneness of these brave souls. At times, keeping my composure, I feel overcome with sadness as I stand there and the rest of the world just passes by with seeming indifference. Our efforts seem to be changing nothing. But then a passer-by will stop for literature or a horn will beep—someone last week stopped to pray the rosary with us. And I have to remind myself that God speaks in “whispers” like these and that my presence means something despite my doubts.
    John P McNavage, 3-5

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