DAY 26: Thank you, Saint Regis Parish (Trafford), Saint Michael the Archangel Parish; FUEL, Sisters of the Holy Spirit, Passionist Nuns, Carmelite Nuns of Latrobe, Sisters of Saint Joseph (Baden), The Little Sisters of the Poor; SHIFT BUDDIES Vince P., Pat S., Joe B, Jim and Cathy S., Steve and Denise McG.; VOLUNTEERS Nichole B., Barbara C., Lisa W.; and all of you beloved patriots for life who accompany us on the sidewalk and in your hearts. 


Saint Frances Receives the Stigmata
Illumination from the Life of Saint Francis
by Saint Bonaventure,
before 1478, Add. 15710, f. 164v.,
The British Library, London, England.
Copyright British Library Board / Robanna / Leemage.
A miniature, possibly painted
by a Poor Clare nun from Fribourg.


My soul clings to you. Your right hand holds me fast.

You don’t need to be a biologist! This is not a trick question. But everybody knows that scientists vigorously disagree these days about what a baby is. Even some parents answer incorrectly. It is extremely important to know the right answer. Look deeper at the bigger picture for the correct answer. Consider some quotes and paraphrases from The Privileged Planet authors Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay W. Richards. Consider Chesterton. Consider the Bible.  Consider the Magnificat cover.  The correct answer to what-is-a-baby is broad and deep and beautiful. Pick up a baby. Settle in a cozy place and let the little one rest in your arms. Be quiet.


We are a pale blue dot that is just a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark, says atheist Carl Sagan. Since Copernicus (1543+), modern science argues that life and the conditions required for it are unremarkable and unintended.  It argues that Earth’s complex life and the rare-conditions-that-allow-for-it are highly improbable, perhaps even unique. That does not matter. These conditions are still nothing more than an unintended fluke.


Despite all we’ve been told about this pale and insignificant blue dot, Earth is really a quite extraordinary hostess for both life and scientific discovery. Earth is a rare place.  No other location yet discovered holds a candle to this one blue dot, however pale it may appear to some.

Atmosphere as well as the sun, moon, distance from our host star, and position in the Milky Way, are all curiously fine-tuned not only for life but also for allowing Earth’s human inhabitants to observe and discover things near and far about nature. It’s as if a master designer made the Earth not merely for life but for curious and intelligent beings.

We were, perhaps, a bit naïve about the sheer hostility and metaphysical panic this book would provoke among the self-appointed defenders of science and atheist religion professors.  These hostile attacks have had serious repercussions.  None of these bad faith attacks have touched our argument or its supporting evidence.  On the contrary, evidence for our hypothesis has continued to emerge.

Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay W. Richards, The Privileged Planet. ID the Future  


My own case for Christianity is rational; but it is not simple. It is an accumulation of varied facts.  The ordinary agnostic has got his facts all wrong.  He is a non-believer for a multitude of reasons; but they are untrue reasons.  He doubts because the Middle Ages were barbaric, but they weren’t; because Darwinism is demonstrated, but it isn’t; because miracles do not happen, but they do; because monks were lazy, but they were very industrious; because nuns are unhappy, but they are particularly cheerful; because Christian art was sad and pale, but it was picked out in particularly bright colors and gay with gold; because modern science is moving away from the supernatural, but it isn’t, it is moving towards the supernatural with the rapidity of a railway train.

Somehow or other, an extraordinary idea has arisen that the disbelievers in miracles consider them coldly and fairly, while believers in miracles accept them only in connection with some dogma.  The fact is quite the other way.  The believers in miracles accept them (rightly or wrongly) because they have evidence for them.  The disbelievers in miracles deny them (rightly or wrongly) because they have a dogma against them.  G. K. Chesterton, ORTHODOXY, pp. 149-150.


When I see your heavens, the work of your hands,

the moon and stars that you set in place—

What is man that you are mindful of him,

and a son of man that you care for him?

Yet you have made him little less than a god,

crowned him with glory and honor.

Psalm 8:4-6

A baby is a beloved child of God.

A baby is in close communication with God.

My soul clings to you. Your right hand holds me fast. Psalm 63:9


Enjoy their company. This young couple is moving in the right direction through courtship. Fred Astaire / Ginger Rogers – I’m Putting All My Eggs in One Basket, written by Irving Berlin for the 1936 film Follow the Fleet.





PAT M. 7-9

Anyone passing by PP this Sunday would have had the privilege of simultaneously experiencing both the morning and Knight time. 

It was all Knights of Columbus for the first shift today as the St. Regis Knights of Trafford joined with the St. Sebastian Knights of the North Hills for wall-to-wall praying.  SB Vince P. once again brought his prayer guides and led us in the praying of all 20 decades of a scriptural rosary, followed by a Divine Mercy chaplet.  For those of you who haven’t yet had the dual experience of the quietest and most peaceful shift of the entire week, coupled with this wonderful experience of praying the entire scriptural rosary, I can’t say enough about it.  (And if penance is your thing:  BONUS! It tends to be the coldest shift of the week as well.)

Lud, Grand Knight of the St. Regis Knights of Columbus council; with Diane, Vince, and Tom

Shift Buddy Vince, his brother Knights from Saint Sebastian and Lud from Saint Regis Knights.


A cold and wintry mix of weather for our shift this morning. March has not quite figured out how to go out like a lamb yet. Prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy with Vince and Pat M. when we arrived along with Knights of Columbus members, Rich, George, Bill and Dave who stayed with me and shift buddy Pat S. for the beginning of our time on Liberty Avenue. The weather is bleak, the world is a mess and we are standing once again at the place of death but it is Laetare Sunday, Rejoice. Jesus feeds the multitude with five barley loaves and two fish, Resurrection is coming, and the faithful stand with the unborn and all injured here by abortion. May the suffering and death and the  miracles of Our Lord Jesus Christ transform this place and bring about conversion, repentance and Easter Joy. Maria remained with Pat and I for our shift and the brave persistence and dedication of the weekly downtown rosary walkers always lifts our spirits.


No one was signed up for our shift today but Bob decided to brave the cold and witness with us. Thankful that we didn’t have to take selfies today. We prayed Rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplet. Very quiet on the street today.
Roseann and Rich

Shift Manager Rich and Bob, Witness

NIKKI B. 1-3

I have to say that today’s shift was just what I needed! It was truly nourishment to my soul! I was feeling kind of bitter and grumpy for some reason and wasn’t looking forward to standing in the bitter cold with the windy conditions that were predicted. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to see so many faithful people brave the terrible weather on a Sunday afternoon when Planned Parenthood is closed! During my two hour shift there were at least 15 to 20 people who stopped and prayed! Saint Michael the Archangel Parish had adopted the time slot and I was blessed to pray with Mary Jane, Al and Michele for the first hour. We prayed three sets of mysteries of the holy rosary. While we prayed, Bridget came with her two sons and they prayed with us until her boys got so cold they had to leave. For the second hour there was Claire and Mary Jane; and also Nicole and Audrey came all the way from Erie, PA to pray and witness. Barbara and Lisa came all the way from Greensburg. A large family from Saint Bernard Church, which is part of Saint Michael the Archangel Parish, came with their five kids. Philene also joined us and led us in another rosary. As I was praying and seeing all these different groups praying together and watching Nichole with her “I regret my abortion” sign walking back-and-forth in front of the clinic, I was overwhelmed with emotion. Truly, God has knit together such an amazing pro-life community here in Pittsburgh!  The thought occurred to me that if every abortion clinic in this country had a witness similar to what we had for these two hours, I really believe that abortion would end. We had quite a few negative comments from passersby. I think it really bothered them to see so many people physically praying and especially with children there, that really got under their skin, especially since Planned Parenthood is closed. I think that proves to everyone that we are putting our trust in the Lord, which is probably frightening to those who oppose us. One man even walked by and with a sneer flashed his Planned Parenthood membership card to me. Like I guess that was supposed to upset me or something? I imagined him flashing that same card at the gates of Hell. It’s kind of like a membership card. But I didn’t say that. It was wonderful to see the 3 to 5 manager Joe, show up and give me a big bear hug. Such a wonderful brother in Christ! We have such a great team here in Pittsburgh! God has blessed us abundantly!

Faithful family from Saint Michael the Archangel Parish

Clair, Lisa, Barb, Nikki

Mary Jane, Al and Michelle

Nichole, Philene and Audrey

JOE W. 3-5

These women and shift buddy Jim, cast the nasty weather aside, smiled, prayed and humbly but confidently gave voice to the voiceless. 

Blessing to serve with y’all.

All glory and praise be to God!!!

Joe arrives for next shift. He and Barb stand for a picture.

Witnesses for life made the weather feel not so bad.


Witnesses for life join shift buddy Cathy

Shift buddies Cathy and Jim, brave invincible witnesses

Our beloved Cathy and Jim

ANDY L. 5-7


And God saw that it was good.

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