Day 26…Thanks to Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish, St. Michael the Archangel Parish, Divine Mercy Parish, dedicated team members & volunteers!

A few months ago, I drove my daughter to school early in the morning, grumbling to myself about having to go out in the cold and dark.  As I turned around and headed for home after dropping her off, I saw that the eastern sky was ablaze with an absolutely gorgeous sunrise.  I would have completely missed it had I refused to take up my tiny cross for that day and instead stayed in bed.  I apologized to God for being so grumpy and thanked him for such a beautiful sign of his love.  (Photo credit to Greg, who had also seen the sky and felt God’s presence!)

It’s hard to force myself out into the cold and dark that always surrounds PP.  I admit that I often grumble to myself as I make the trip into town.   But God never fails to send reminders of His love while I’m there, things I would have missed had I not gone outside my comfort zone in order to do His will.  May each of you experience this joy as you step out in faith and head to the sidewalk to help God’s little ones in need!

Morning, I see You in the sunrise every morning

It’s like a picture that You’ve painted for me

A love letter in the sky

Chris Tomlin – Nobody Loves Me Like You (Official Music Video)

Quiet this morning.  It should have been easy to concentrate on the prayers, but my mind wasn’t cooperating.  Strangely enough, something that should have been a distraction helped me to focus:  one of our faithful volunteers accidentally spilled his coffee as we were praying the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary.  As I watched the tiny rivers follow the cracks between the bricks and spread out across the sidewalk, I was reminded of the classic movie, Ben Hur.  The final scene takes place on Good Friday.  At the foot of the cross, the precious blood of Christ is shown dripping onto the ground and mixing with the rain, then spreading across the land until it reaches Judah Ben Hur’s mother and sister and cures them of leprosy.  That image in my mind, combined with the Scripture that Vince read between prayers, made meditating on the Crucifixion a very moving experience.  So grateful to the Sunday morning crew of Vince, Dave, Rich, George, and Marie.  It’s a blessing to pray with you each week.  (“God Wink”–on the day I was reminded of that beautiful scene from the movie, Most Precious Blood of Christ Parish covered many hours of the vigil!)


The fourth Sunday of Lent, Latare Sunday, Rejoice! I’ll admit it is a little difficult to find a reason to rejoice on Liberty Avenue. Biting wind and blowing snow returned and there was an angry tone in a few of the comments we heard, and of course the abortion business still flourishes in that place. But still the killing ceases on Sunday and our prayer was for our God to touch the hearts of women, who have an abortion scheduled in that killing facility this week, so that they might choose life.  There is much joy to be had in the courage of the faithful from Most Precious Blood of Jesus parish who prayed with us in large numbers and also in the rosary walk that prayed with us as they do every Sunday.


I had 8 miraculous medals to give out today and 2 left with minutes remaining in my shift…i didn’t really want to take 2 home, but I didn’t know how I could have an opportunity to give 2 away in this short time. A tall black man approached our vigil in a positive way, and I offered him a medal with the explanation. He graciously accepted and than told me he is the son of the woman who brought the painting to the vigil this week. His mom courageously chose life for him…they are 13 years apart in age  and have addiction issues. He accepted the last medal i had with the only gold cord and is going to give it to his mom. Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you!

Lots of beautiful young people offering prayers today! What a joy!

Young people from Most Precious Blood & Divine Mercy parish braved the weather to pray for an end to abortion today!

Blustery day downtown with Most Precious Blood of Jesus parishioners and faithful regulars. Prayers for those passersby who obnoxiously laugh at us. It always seems so hollow and forced


I love it when the Most Precious Blood of Jesus parish has their ship. It is such a pleasure to watch the great turn out they always have. The wind and the snow just made it more enjoyable for some reason and there was much praying. It seems when there’s a larger crowd gathered. We get more comments from the peanut gallery as they drive by. Both for the positive supportive ones. And from the intellectually challenged as well, who only seem to know four letter words. LOL

Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish comes out in full force on possibly the WORST WEATHER DAY of the campaign! May God grant us much grace through their faith and perseverance!

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  1. from :

    “How can this be, since I have no relations with a man?” Of course, the whole point is that she asks the question in all humility, faith, and obedience. In so doing, she teaches us how to question and, thus, how to think properly about our faith.

    And we have to think about our faith. Not to do so would be a disservice to the faith itself. God’s revelation is addressed to rational creatures and must be received and responded to by such. Jesus Christ, the fullness of God’s revelation, is the Logos—the word, idea, and or thought—made flesh. God is our “reasonable worship.” (Romans 12:1) The failure to think warps and distorts the Catholic faith. It begets a superficial, superstitious, and brittle faith, apt to be shattered the first time someone asks a good question.

    Unthinking faithful become easy prey. They are the seed along the path: “When anyone hears the word of the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what is sown in his heart.” (Matthew 13:19) An unthinking magisterium becomes tyrannical, not teaching God’s word authoritatively but just imposing its own power.

    Now, to appreciate our Lady’s question, we have to contrast it with Zechariah’s question from earlier in Luke’s Gospel. (cf. Luke 1:5-23) The angel Gabriel appeared to him in the temple. Standing at the altar, he announced the answer to Zechariah’s prayers, the birth of John the Baptist. In response, Zechariah asked, “How am I to know this?” At first glance, his question seems similar, practically the same, as Mary’s. But the difference is profound.

    How am I to know this? Well, God’s messenger is standing in front of you. That should be evidence enough. If God’s sending of an angel isn’t enough, what will be? In modern terms, Zechariah’s question would be something to the effect of “Yeah, right” or “Oh, yeah? Prove it.” He is not receptive to the truth being announced to him. Rather, he insists that God prove Himself. Zechariah is a skeptic, not seeking to conform his mind to reality but insisting that reality prove itself to his liking. Which makes Zechariah an apt image of most modern thinkers.

    Mary’s question is different. “How can this be?” could be translated How shall this be? or even How is this going to be? Point is, she accepts that what the angel said will be. But she also wants to know how. Mary first trusted—she had faith—that God’s messenger spoke the truth. Then, she wanted to understand how such a miraculous thing would occur.

    So, this is the first lesson our Lady teaches us about thinking: to ask questions in faith. Theology is defined as Faith seeking understanding. First, we believe what God has revealed; then we seek to understand it more. We don’t make our own understanding the condition of faith. We don’t say, “Once you convince me, then I’ll believe.” That’s what Zechariah did—and was punished. Faith in what God has revealed is necessary for the proper kind of thinking in the Church.

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