Day 27…Thanks to our wonderful team!


Did you ever wonder why God gave you your unique gifts and talents?  What was HE thinking and what did HE have in mind? What does He want me to do with them?  Is there something special he wants from me?  Am I really qualified? There are so many who are smarter, younger, more caring, more articulate, better educated and have more time… I could go on but I still wonder why HE gave me what he gave me.

I got a new perspective on this question from a recent chat I was having with His Excellency, Auxiliary Bishop Waltersheid, and to my surprise he called himself “God’s humble little Donkey“. He obviously, humbly, was comparing himself to the simple donkey selected for Jesus for His triumphant ride to His passion, death and resurrection . The humble donkey was perfect for what was needed in that situation despite all the characteristics it didn’t have.

So I ask myself, am I, are we Jesus’s modern day humble donkeys?  Are we being selected to carry the light, love and hope of Christ to the darkness of downtown?
No doubt, it can be a heavy burden sometimes.  It’s not always easy going down there and we all have of our shortcomings and reasons not to go, but ask yourself “has he picked me to bring Him there?”.  Does the master have need of you? Am I being asked to be the throne for God’’s love? 

The answer is yes. The Master has need of you. What a privilege! You have been selected. You’ve got what it takes. Thanks for your fiat, your “yes Lord, Your will be done”. So, sign up or show up, just come or come again.  If it were easy, HE wouldn’t need you with all your uniqueness. “Hee Haw“.  Tim

Read on to see the humble little donkeys that rode into our vigil today…

The morning started with the blessing of having John joining Michael and I, plus the light from the sun due to time change. Noticed there were more staff and volunteers entering PP before 8 :30 than normal, however, that did not translate to more clients during our shift. Foot traffic was light this morning, once school kids were in class, maybe due to return to colder weather. No negative comments this morning, with several thanks you’s and positive conversations. God is faithful as we continue to pray for end to abortion.

Fr. Jeremy took time from his busy priestly schedule to answer the urgent plea for a partner for Conrad! Pictured with early morning crew, Mark and Michael

Today Monday, March 11 was an abortion day. In contrast to the last few Mondays, I’ve been on. Every 30 minutes there were 3 to 4 abortion minded women entering PP. I watch them as they went to the check-in desk etc. Typical schedule.  All very depressing. No one accepted anything except one who took a pamphlet in then through it back out the door. Many smiling faces at the desk standing in line.

  We Were blessed with John from North Huntington who was there from 730 until 11 holding a crucifix. He was not on the schedule. His generosity and kindness,  in driving over 1 hour each way made a huge difference to both the 7 to 9 and 9 to 11 shifts because we had three people.

   Father Jeremy was on from nine until 10 and then Michelle joined us at 10. A very somber morning.

We are grateful to John for showing up on such a needed day as today! Thanks to him we had three people per hour this morning!

There were no problems during our shift. One couple did go into PP but didn’t come out before we left. There was another man there. He said he does a Christian radio program. I didn’t get all the details.


Today was much colder than the past two Mondays. Fortunately, it was sunny so we were grateful for the sun shining on us as we witnessed in front of the darkest building in Downtown Pittsburgh.

There were a good bit of girls exiting today. Not sure if it was a surgical abortion day. A number of them were wearing sweatpants and most carrying the signature brown paper bag. 

No one was looking to engage with us – not even eye contact. We pray for them, not knowing for certain what their reason is for visiting 933 LIberty Avenue.

We had a few memorable interactions with folks on the street. One woman returned Mike’s cordial greeting with the usual four-letter word. By the time she passed me she was out of nasty words. 

Another man that was going into the gyro shop from his car declared he was glad we are against IVF since it will mean “100,000 fewer white babies born this year”. I think he must be blissfully ignorant of the millions of African American babies that are aborted at Planned Parenthood. He was singularly focused on the reduction (and elimination) of white babies. It was truly a strange, and thankfully brief, interaction. Reverse racism came to mind. Finally, a man walked by who not only appeared, but was very inebriated and wanted to engage in conversation. He did most of the talking and was all over the map (abortion, his personal struggle as a father and the state of our country). I let him talk not knowing what might trigger a reaction given his inebriated state. Fortunately, God sent a young man who flashed an ultrasound picture at us as he walked by and said “It’s a girl” to which I replied “Congratulations!”   The other man then turned and headed down the street. Prayers for him as he told us he hasn’t seen his daughter, to whom he provided child support, for 26 years. He grew very emotional when describing the pain that has caused him. Perhaps a factor in his current problems? It makes me think about how men are the forgotten victims. 


Only a few people going in and out of PP as we stood and prayed on a pleasant sunny day , a little nippy with the wind ,  but not too cold . One gentleman stopped and asked what all display stuff was about , after I explained it was resource material he asked if he could have a set of Rosary Beads , said he used to say the Rosary and would like to start again , he said he was completely against abortion. Took a couple of the baby feet pins to give to a pregnant friend of his then left .

Another lady stopped later and was taken aback by the baby models .. she let out a gasp and said “ That’s murder!” I told I her I agreed . She stated how much she appreciated us being there and walked away .


4 thoughts on “Day 27…Thanks to our wonderful team!”

  1. Thank you all for your prayers for Jack and myself. He is slowly getting his strength and appetite back. Doc says it will take six weeks. Will be doing cardiac rehab in April.
    God bless you all!

  2. God bless your sacrifices. I pray always for you and the end of the atrocity of abortion. Always know there are many standing pray fully with you each day.
    May the peace of Jesus Christ be with you all.

  3. One comment for Marie P:

    What that man said was not reverse racism; it was racism. What an ugly encounter. Sorry you had so much difficulty on the sidewalk. Par for.the couse, though, isn’t it? God bless.

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