Day 25…Thanks to Christ Our Savior Parish, St. Thomas the Apostle Respect Life Group, Faithful team members & Volunteers!

What if?

 Throughout this season of 40Days, you’ve probably noticed a repeated invitation to join us on the sidewalk. Have you felt a tug on your heartstrings or a prick of your conscience, and still felt paralyzed? I know, I know. There are several “What if’s” you’ve been mulling over and you haven’t overcome the reluctance which they’ve caused.

   Let’s take the bull by the horns and address a few…Big ones first:

  • What if I don’t know where to park? Whether garage (closest is at the Smithfield & Liberty one) or street parking (parallel parking, ARGHHH!), there’s plenty nearby or within easy walking distance. Do a little recon on It will give you the rates and availability of both garage and street parking. Generally, for example, garages are $12/2hrs and streets are $8/2hrs – $6/2hrs, if you park up a couple easy blocks away closer to the Greyhound Bus Station. There are open air lots out that way, too, near 11th and Smallman. ($5-$10/2hrs) Credit or debit cards, usually, although garages will take cash.
  • What if there’s CRAZINESS while I’m there? Not everyone in the city is civil! That’s a valid question. I can recall two instances where I talked relatives into coming for the first time. One had to endure the distraction of a zealot’s barrage of proclamations from a bullhorn the whole time – real fire and brimstone stuff! (Obviously, NOT a 40Days participant!) It was a shock to her system! No chance of her returning anytime soon. The second set came and simply stood to the side and quietly recited their rosary together. And, of course, the “character du jour” decided to pick on them for his morning diatribe! Sigh. Again, still working on the comeback!

But, we DO have security with us during this 40Days season. And, although they work on the other side of the fence, the PP security guards do not wish harm to come to anyone. They have cameras all around and can keep an eye out to maintain safety (at least OUTSIDE – forget what goes on inside!!). They don’t want altercations, either. It’s bad for biz. This shows the brilliance of our peaceful and prayerful 40Days presence!

  • What if I need to use the bathroom? No problem. We have access to one several doors up on the same block and same side of the street. Little Lamb Resale to the rescue! The shop also makes a great warming space when it’s freezing out there!
  •    What if I can only stay for an hour? We’ll take it! Some time is better than no time!
  • What if I don’t feel comfortable coming by myself? Are there others from my area who I could catch a ride with or caravan in with? Contact us ( and we will look into that for you!

 Last one…

  • What if I.NEED.COFFEE?? or something to eat? Places abound downtown! That’s the least of your worries! The advocates on deck might even have a few recommendations.

   I probably haven’t covered every “What if”, but please contact us (same above email) and we are happy to address any of your concerns.

Those of us who are a bit more seasoned extend our hands to you. You won’t have to go it alone. We are here. CHRIST is here! Come!

The soggy weather didn’t dampen the spirits of the morning team of Joe, Tim and David.  Sadly about a dozen couples went into the abortion center, a few took a cards but none engaged with us. Randy joined us in prayer and stood  most of time at the top of the painted arc where his sign could be see by those inside pp. The next shift of Judy, Bill S and Joe came early and helped bolster our presence.  Judy, not one to shy away from giving anyone literature even gave the bus driver stopped at the traffic light a pamphlet. Who knows how those seeds will blossom.

Bill & Judy

Dedicated pro-life group from St. Oscar Romero Parish in Canonsburg (with shift anchor Joe); Alisa, Lisa, Lititia and Joan

We had a member of our 40 Days family (Billy) join us today. Early into the shift a couple tried to engage Billy in an argument based on our purported shaming of women. Billy stood his ground and they left after a few minutes of heated discussion. There were many women at P.P. today, with very few accepting support literature.

Mid-day sidewalk prayer warriors, Dean, Billy & Chris

Don, Ed, Nadine and I opened in prayer. Women were entering and leaving PP almost immediately. Some had brown bags, others looked sad.

2 women came out to smoke. They listened to all we could help them with, bu did not take brochure or respond, just went on their phones.

A professional man listened as he entered PP. When he exited after a short time, he said he is training to be a doctor. We encouraged him to care for moms and babies, not to kill babies. He made eye contact and nodded.

Our homeless man in the bar doorway responded to a militant woman who swore at us. He told her not to, (loudly), using same language. Then the militant woman swore as she quickly walked by. He ran after her and said, “You are angry because you had an abortion, don’t be hostile! ”

We had good conversation with him about Jesus’ suffering and told him that words don’t hurt us .

Don, Ed & Nadine, Son-shine on a rainy day!

3 thoughts on “Day 25…Thanks to Christ Our Savior Parish, St. Thomas the Apostle Respect Life Group, Faithful team members & Volunteers!”

  1. Hello Nikki!
    Another really encouraging, well written email!!
    This was a nudge for me to make some prayer time happen at my Rochester, NY location. I’m not afraid of crazies or parking, but the drive to get to Rochester from my house is really daunting with the very little free time I have. With God’s help, I’ll make the drive happen during this campaign. I miss living close to my Pittsburgh prayer buddies too! You all are the best! I’ve told so many people how Christ-like the peaceful prayer warriors are on Liberty Ave!

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