Day 26: Thanks to Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish ALL DAY, selfless volunteers, and faithful team members!

Lent is a profoundly beautiful season, and therefore beckons the heart to do profoundly beautiful things for Our Lord and others. It is a season where Christ Crucified touches your soul and inspires you to give and not count the cost — to forgive the one who has hurt you deeply, to lay down your life for a suffering friend, to be open to life when it is most difficult, to speak the truth when you know you will be persecuted for it, to be “another Christ” in a world that has disowned him.

Amanda Evinger,

How providential that the “spring” 40 Days for Life campaign occurs during Lent! The weather alone gives us ample opportunity to enter into the mystery of our Lord’s redemptive suffering and to try to imitate Him by voluntarily suffering for others.

Some days are much harder than others…days with torrential downpours, high winds, or bitter temperatures. We’re so grateful to the many beautiful volunteers who walk in our Lord’s footsteps by braving the elements in witness to the sanctity of LIFE!

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9



Dear Dolores,
We are praying and fasting for the “Forty Days for Life.” We are praying that many people will be converted and open to God’s precious gift of life, especially in Pennsylvania. For Planned Parenthood we pray “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” We ask the Holy Spirit to protect the team and all who pray outside Planned Parenthood everyday to witness to life and pray. Our prayers are offered at Mass and during our Vespers and Holy Hour daily from 5pm to 6:30pm. With Love,                                             

  Sister Mary Ann, CP and the Community of Passionist Nuns

Dear Dolores,
Thank you for your note.  We will put a note in our Newslink—including the request for prayers for 40 Days for Life.  Many blessings on your ministry. God Bless,

Sister Mary Norbert, Sisters of Charity, Seton Hill


7-9 +++ Jen and Vince

Anthony, Vince, Dave, Rich, and Marie warmed the frigid sidewalk with fervent prayer this morning!

I’m embarrassed to admit how much I was dreading my sidewalk shift this morning. When the weather forecast uses the words “brutal cold”…well, you know it’s not going to be pleasant.

I arrived to find that my dear sidewalk partner, Vince, and his faithful brother Knight, Dave, already had everything set up. My hands stayed cozy in my pockets thanks to their kindness.

We were also joined by Anthony, Marie, and Rich despite the cold. Thank you all for sacrificing your comfort for the sake of our brothers and sisters, born and unborn!


9-11 +++ Ken and Pat

Dave, Susan, Kathy, Pat, Mark, Rich, Randy, Glenn, Beth
All but Pat and Rich are from Most Precious Blood of Jesus parish.
Rosary Walk

2Cor 4:17 “For this slight momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.”

We were afflicted with some serious cold weather today, at least compared to previous shifts of this campaign. But with the theory that someone always has it worse, it was five degrees warmer for me and Pat than for the previous shift. Sharing in our affliction today was an awesome group from Most Precious Blood of Jesus Latin Mass parish. There was a curious coincidence when the rosary walk arrived. They were just starting the fourth decade of the sorrowful mysteries as we were starting the same decade, “Jesus carries His cross.” Something about the timing, the cross, the weather, our united prayer, made it seem like a Holy Spirit moment.


11-1 +++ Rich

It was a very prayerful, peaceful, and extremely frigid time on the sidewalk. Many people walking and driving by saw our witness. Very worthwhile being there on Sundays! Thanks to all who came from my Parish on this very cold day!


1-3 +++ Charlie and Andrew

Coming soon!

3-5 +++ Andy, Steve, and Denise

Most Precious Blood of Jesus had an awesome showing as per usual. Yes, it was cold on the sidewalk, but it is much colder in the grave, or a medical waste metal can. Let us pray until the killing of unborn babies is no more. 


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