Day 25: Thanks to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, All Saints Parish, Regina Coeli Parish, St. Thomas the Apostle Parish… all Mirrors of God’s LOVE.


Probably like quite a few of you, I’ve spent a year or two in the pro-life movement and probably will continue until I am unable. Since I was a little girl, I was always shocked that anyone would even think of killing a tiny baby. My parents dutifully took me and my siblings on decades of Marches for Life and they even sheltered a mom or two over the years who needed housing. My folks were great witnesses and I credit them for my original deep respect for life. Fast-forward 50 years and I am still active in the Pro-life movement.

HOW DO PRO-LIFERS DO IT? How do we keep coming back on the sidewalk, in the voting booths, in the public arena, in the legislature in an attempt to shed light on the reality that abortion kills children and hurts women? We all know WHY we are here but HOW are we (still) HERE ?

IT is because we ARE MIRRORS instead of FLASHLIGHTS.

BATTERIES are produced by MAN and have a lifespan that is finite. Even rechargeable batteries are eventually useless. Eventually a flashlight with a battery will become useless and the source of power is discarded.

INSTEAD, we are called to be Mirrors–to REFLECT the power and love GOD has for mankind. OUR SOURCE OF ENERGY IS INFINITE. We will not run out of power as long as the power is HIS.

A mirror does not ever run out of energy.

If you ever think a mirror is not really amazing…look UP!


7-9 Shift Manager Tim Reports:

Joe, David, Bill, Amy and Charlie
Greg and Mary

The shift started sharply at 7 when two “angels” appeared, Charlie & Amy pulled up with donuts for the team.  What a blessing.  It was very quiet the first hour and the Saturday year-round regulars were joined by Mary and Greg, coming from Steubenville.  We were able to pray together as a group for a while and had a nice presence on the sidewalk.  Then the escorts came out and it got busy with several women going into PP and none would accept any helpful information.  I was relieved by Saturday regular Bill S. as the members from Our Lady of Mount Carmel were arriving.  Thanks to all for coming today. GBY


9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

Early arrivals Vince, Tim and David from Our Lady of Mt Carmel parish
Church groups from St. Oscar Romero and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel!

I arrived late to my shift today due to a mix-up on my part.  My bad.  Bill S. graciously stayed past his earlier time to cover for me.  Thank you very, very much, Bill!!  We had large groups from both Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and St. Oscar Romero Parishes.  With Bridget on the other side of the circle, praying was happening almost nonstop on both sides.  James from All Saints in Butler joined us toward the end of the shift.  PP seemed to be at its normal level of busyness this morning.  

Dear Lord, please hasten the day when all deaths cease at and through 933 Liberty!

Sue M

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

Judy and James, faithfully praying
against the scourge of abortion. 

Today was the last shift watch of winter and it was a cold one. Thank you, James from Butler, for braving the elements to be with us, united in prayer. Sadly, there was no shortage of women headed into PP today.


1-3 Shift Manager Joe Reports:

An army of beautiful Christians from Regina Coeli parish in Bellevue came to pray for the voiceless.

Y’all are such a blessing to this movement.

Praise be to God!

Joe W

3-5 Shift Manager Billy Reports:

Today Jeff and were accompanied by St. Thomas the Apostle church. We have had a lot of rowdy people pass us but we were able to pray. And thanks to all coming out in the snow.


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