DAY 26: Thank you, Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish; Saint Luke the Evangelist RLG; Corpus Christi Parish; Sisters of the Holy Spirit; Sisters of Saint Joseph, Baden; The Passionist Nuns Community; Volunteers Rich D.and George S.; Beloved accompanying us on the sidewalk downtown; Beloved praying and fasting with us this fall; Beloved Nikki and our managing team. 

Saint Joseph with the Christ Child (c. 1650)
Sebastian Martinez (1615-1667)
Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain
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Be sober and vigilant. Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

Am I in trouble?  Really?  I’m something’s prey?  The devil is real?  Are you serious?

Notice Saint Joseph, a priceless treasure, firmly holding Jesus’ wrist and keeping eye contact.  Pay attention, Little One.  I’ve got this covered. When life offers you sober and vigilant people to accompany you, praise God for his priceless treasure.  Enjoy the grizzly adventure, the heart-wrenching lifestyle rescue, and the roaring treachery of the sin-wrecked king.  Even that scene of fleeing mothers and children ends well.  Jesus rose from the dead.


Coventry Carol: Robert Shaw Chorale (with lyrics) 

Herod the king, in his raging, charged he hath this day, his men of might, in his own sight, all young children to slay.


We are praying for you throughout these 40 days. 


We send you our prayers during these 40 days of life. 


I want to assure you that we will unite our prayers and fasting with the Pittsburgh 40 Days for Life Team. This intention will be remembered in our Masses and daily Holy Hours of Adoration from 5 to 6:30 PM and all day on Friday.  We pray the strong pro-abortion lobby in PA will be ended and hearts be converted to Our Lord. We ask God to send His Angels to guide and protect the 40 Days for Life Team.



Al and Sally

JEN McD. and VINCE P.  7-9

THANK YOU to Jeff for going above and beyond the call of duty this weekend.  He kept vigil for the last shift yesterday, loaded all the sidewalk materials into his car, then brought them back and kept vigil with us again this morning!  God bless you, Jeff!  Thank you also to the faithful Sunday morning crew–Vince, Marie, Rich, and George–for a very peaceful and prayerful morning.  We had quite a few people bless us, far outweighing the one negative comment and one scornful glare that I noticed.  A beautiful group of parishioners from Most Precious Blood of Jesus was gathering as we handed care of the vigil on to Ken and Pat.

Jen, Marie, Vince, Knights of Columbus George and Rich

Second from your left, Ken and Pat (9-11) accompanied by Most Precious Blood of Jesus parishioners

KEN B. and PAT S. 9-11

Sunny and warmer today and the same can be said about those who prayed with us. We are always very grateful to the faithful Knights, Rich and George, who pray with Pat and me every Sunday morning. And we are especially grateful for the Latin Mass community from Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish, so well represented this Sunday. Most Precious Blood is a powerhouse of Traditional worship and prayer, the Mass of the Ages, The Virtus Ordo of the Saints of all time. I am always reminded, when praying with tradition, that I read an Exorcist once who said that the demons flee at the sound of the language of the church, Latin.  Most appropriate as we stand at the gates of hell on Liberty Avenue.

And I would add that the noise and negativity was more pronounced today than what we are used to. The traffic lines were being painted with noisy equipment, we had more than our share of negative comments, and we even had a rat run past. One particular person was screaming profanity at our participants, and there were young children present. A newcomer with us decided to engage with some defense, but peace was quickly restored.

It is very reassuring to see the faithful members of the rosary walkers on Sunday. They bring with them a sampling of Heaven’s peace plan, joining in the great spiritual battle of our time with the rosary and Marian chant.

Knights, Rich and George, Most Precious Blood of Jesus parishioners and Rosary Walkers

Standing and praying, joining in the great spiritual battle of our time

ROSEANN and RICH K. 11-1

Parishioners from Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish prayed and witnessed.

LINDSAY M. and JIM M. 1-3

Coming soon!

JOE W. and JIM and CATHY S. 3-5

Beautiful day spent with the holy folks from Precious Blood of Jesus Christ and Corpus Christi parish, my shift buddies and a few 40 Days vets, who showed up in force and peacefully prayed with all their hearts.

What a joy to witness their giving a voice to the voiceless.



Jim and Cathy, vigilant Shift Buddies.

STEVE and DENISE McG. and ANDY L. 5-7

Coming soon!

Blood of Christ, solace in sorrow, save us.

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