Day 25: Thanks To Divine Grace Parish RLG, Christ our Savior Parish, Elk County RLG, Archangel Gabriel Parish, 40Days Managers and Phillie Fans????


Direct from the 933 Liberty Avenue Abortion Clinic Window

We head to the sidewalk everyday, in the early hours of the morning, as day breaks, as the sun makes its way above the buildings and we lift our hearts in prayer, we see them all— the young and old, rich and impoverished, proud and humble… We know that people of great talent walk by and those with deep wounds, too… We greet them with a nod, a smile, a wave… Some smile back —- some scowl back …. We see abortion workers and abortion bound women and couples, those headed to PP for other reasons too … In the moments we have to encounter each child of God on the street, we stand in witness and faith offering to help any in need… We see them on their lunch breaks, hurrying to get an errand done, heading to appointments and interviews and busses and trains. …Thousands of faces and thousands of lives pass by us everyday… Students come skipping from school, toddlers are scooped up from daycare… Moms & Dads & grandmas …. cousins & lovers pass by… We see the commuters heading home, the homeless headed for shelter, the evening shift on busses headed for work… And they see us, and the day moves on … Hour after Hour, Day after Day, Campaign after Campaign, Year after Year we go on. Our effect sure seems minimal.

But there is so much we can not see. We cannot see those infants whose deaths we lift up in prayer and love; we cannot see the mothers and fathers and families affected by abortion who are comforted through our prayers, or the abortion doctors and workers who begin to see the light of faith because we are praying for them …. And even though we “see” those on the sidewalk, we may never know what our peaceful loving presence will eventually (or quickly!) stir up in their hearts. May the Seeds we Sow fall on fertile soil.


Shift Manager Tim Reports:

God will provide.  We had a little hitch to start the early day.  The signs and fetal display were unable to be delivered, so we had to race off to pick them up. But God stepped in to help with our immediate need.  Nichole with 40 DFL Erie and her daughter Olivia arrived early after driving several hours to join our vigil and she came with an SUV full of 40 DFL signs.  God’s providence allowed us to pray and witness with visibility until our materials arrived. Thank you Nichole and Olivia. GBY. Tim

Shift Manager Sue Reports:

We had a wonderful group of people praying today on the sidewalk! The respect life group from Divine Grace parish led us in the Rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet. Nichole brought her daughter who came to the sidewalk for the first time. There is something profound about actually seeing women go into the building. Nichole and Olivia stayed longer than intended hoping to reach women on their way out regarding abortion pill reversal and seeking healing from abortion. 

A couple from Philly were supposed to be at their own 40 DFL vigil today, but had to be in Pittsburgh to visit a relative…So they joined us so as to not miss their scheduled shift!!!!!! They witnessed with signs and praying. 

The Divine Grace group knelt in prayer and after praying as a group, all walked the street and sidewalk with signs and continued to pray silently. We had several people yelling at us, including a post-abortive woman who said that we should be helping women…it was not possible to have a conversation with her because she was so angry. I wanted to rattle off the numerous ways everyone on the sidewalk are helping women, including all the FREE services on the cards/leaflets we hand out. Her argument is just a “talking point” and I’m guessing that no one offered her help when she had her abortion, so please keep her in your prayers.   On a positive note, there was a “thank you” for being there from a driver. It was a beautiful morning and we are steadfast!

Shift Manager Dean Reports:

Mostly it was a quiet shift today with only a few women entering P.P. A few accepted our pregnancy support material. Also, it was encouraging to have the group of home schoolers join us in prayer.

A couple all the way from ELK COUNTY joins lovely Barbara “in the trenches”
FAITH BLOOMS in the HOME- Great Prayer Team of Home School Students and Moms,
“Defending The Holy Innocents”!

Shift Manager Kathy Reports:

14 people prayed during our shift!
I thank God for Andrew, my shift buddy: a couple came out of PP, Andrew walked beside them, his gentle demeanor caused the man to accept the card and pamphlet!
Also grateful for Julian’s presence and wisdom to quietly handle homeless.
God was with us!

Grove City volunteers plus shift buddy, Andrew, and his sister!
Three generations of pro-Life women from Grove City
Volunteers from Grove City and from Archangel Gabriel Parish

Shift Manager Billy Reports:

Today Jeff and I were accompanied by Cheryl and her husband. Originally we were with a large group from Grove City and Archangel Gabriel Parish. It was really quiet at Planned Parenthood today, some workers left early and a few people who weren’t workers came out. We had one woman in her car scream out, “You’re disgusting!” to Cheryl and her husband. The woman’s husband came to our sign on the side and bent it in half, yet the situation was handled peacefully.  But we were blessed with Good weather.

Also just a note to share for anyone who parks Saturdays: they will be ticketing on the side that doesn’t have the Pledge-a-Picketer sign.

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  1. You were remembered at the Eucharistic Congress prayer time yesterday! There was Adoration at the chapel at North Catholic HS where Diane Miller and I prayed.
    God did bless your day! Weather too! Sr. Jolenta

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