Day 24…Thanks to Holy Sepulcher Parish, St. Matthew Parish, Gospel Fellowship PCA, Dedicated Team members and volunteers!

Who of us has not been the victim of vile and obscene comments and gestures from passersby while praying or trying to counsel women?   How hard it is to hear them, how hard it is not to react with our own comments or retorts.  As much as we would like to say something, our verbal reactions could lead to an escalation of the situation, and, ultimately, could lead to a physical confrontation.  Even when the fetal models are overturned or literature is strewn on the sidewalk, our response should be one of love, forgiveness, and peace.  And if we feel threatened, we are instructed to call the police and/or walk away.  The fetal models and the literature are not worth us being put in physical danger. 

Jesus’ response to persecution was to turn the other cheek, to absorb the hatred, and forgive the persecutors.  Jesus allowed the ultimate persecutions of the scourging and crucifixion, obeying the will of the Father.

In a very real sense, we should be glad we are being persecuted and reviled, for it is evidence we are doing His will and accepting our daily crosses.

Take heart in these Scripture readings-

“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.”  Matthew 5:10

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.”  Matthew 5:11

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”  Matthew 5:44


Before going to today’s reports, I wanted to let you know about a wonderful event that Fr. Joe Freedy is involved in, especially for youth:

Request from Fr. Joe Freedy…

Join us on Tuesday, April 9th for a double feature event with renown Catholic speaker, Jason Evert! This event will be held at Sts. John and Paul Church (St. Luke the Evangelist Parish) at 6:00pm.

Purified brings parents and teens (13+) together to discover God’s plan for love and opens up an opportunity for them to continue the discussion about this important topic at home, in a healthy and easy way with resources that work. The event includes a new version of Jason’s renowned talk Love or Lust, where he mixes humor with down-to-earth practicality that removes any awkwardness, making the difficult conversations about love much easier. Your family will leave with an understanding of the good news of chastity, a healthy sense of self-worth, and the ability, if needed, to start again.

Gender and the Theology of Your Body will follow after a short break. This talk asks, “What’s the meaning of sex, gender, and the human body?” The truth of masculinity and femininity are being questioned like never before. Discover how your body as a man or woman reveals your identity and calling. This talk is for teens and adults and provides the opportunity to discuss this difficult topic facing teens and families today.

There will also be time for Eucharistic Adoration and confession. Register here and follow @PGH_Pure to stay up to date!

Less busy than usual with customers but more workers than usual, we were guessing it might be a training or something. Some of the workers were oddly wearing baggy sweats so we assumed they weren’t workers.


Apologies to Randy and Kim who were gone when I remembered to take some pictures. 

Larry and Bill kept watch on the sidewalk as a fair amount of clients went into pp. Received some positives and the only negative was from a young guy who complained that we shouldn’t tell women what to do although he was telling me, a woman, what to do. And they say we’re not logical.

Larry and Bill

Thanks to Debbie, Mike, Pam, Shalini, and Maryanne from Holy Sepulcher parish for praying and being a witness to life with us today! It’s always a morale booster for us “year-rounders” to have some company on the sidewalk! It seemed a little less busy than usual, and we had one guy yelling at us from across the street early on, but just as I was leaving there were two guys walking past and the one pointed back at our group and said “That’s encouraging!” And his friend replied “That IS encouraging.”

Thanks to the wonderful ladies from Holy Sepulcher for gracing the sidewalk with their prayers today! Debbie, Mike, Pam, Shalini and Maryanne

It was a blessing to be with so many faithful people on the sidewalk today.  Shift Anchor Fran, Bob, Gretchen, Jeremy & Rick from St. Mark the Evangelist, Don from St. Killian’s, Bill from First Free Evangelical in McKeesport, Donna S. & Reinette from Gospel Fellowship PCA.  It was a beautiful day and lots of hustle and bustle on the sidewalk but not many going into PP.  Fran was on the side by the gallery and they had asked Bob to move his walker over so he wasn’t in the way of the door. Fran made sure that he was not in the way of the door and it seems like they were trying to intimidate us.  They even took a picture.  Kind of ironic, towards the end of our shift someone from the gallery came out and placed their sign in the middle of the sidewalk.  The best part of our shift was a turn away “J”. Please be in prayer for her this week. Gretchen talked with her first and then came to me and we were able to help her. We had several blessings today with conversations with passerby who thanked us for being there and said God bless you.  One gentleman passing by was saying crude and vulgar things to some of our prayer warriors but they didn’t flinch.  He also was calling us freaks for having the baby models on display.  He didn’t like our signs either.  I wanted to mention Fran’s rings that she wears.  As you will see in the picture. One says JESUS and one has a heart. She said the JESUS ring reminds her of her commitment to Jesus and the heart shaped ring reminds her to share Jesus’ love and extend a helping hand. God bless each and every person that came to pray, witness and stand for LIFE in Pittsburgh today.  God is blessing our efforts and our faithfulness

This guy was mouthing off to us, saying that our signs and models are offensive. I guess the truth hurts.

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