Day 24: Thanks to Sts. Martha & Mary Parish, St. Matthew Parish, Selfless Individual Volunteers and Dedicated Team Members!

Christ has no body now on earth but yours; no hands but yours; no feet but yours.

Yours are the eyes through which the compassion of Christ must look out on the world.

Yours are the feet with which He is to go about doing good.

Yours are the hands with which He is to bless His people.

St. Teresa of Avila

Every time you go to the sidewalk, Christ is able to use your body to reach into our hurting world.

Thank you for allowing Him to use your hands to give out those yellow resource cards with life-affirming, hope-filled alternatives for care.

Thank you for allowing Him to use your feet to stand on that cold, hard sidewalk where His love is so desperately needed.

Thank you for allowing Him to use your eyes to look out for those in trouble and meet their troubled stares with a tender gaze.

Our Lord has the power to instantly end abortion by imposing His will on each of us, but He loves us so much that He treats us as friends instead of slaves. He allows us to choose whether or not to follow Him, and permits us to cooperate in His work of salvation. What a mystery and a miracle…

May God grant each of us the grace to continue letting Him use us in His divine plan!



7-9 AM +++ Barbara and Richard

Diane, Diane (not a typo!!!) and Tom
Diane, Bill and Richard
Jeannie’s Darling Child poster

We feel blessed to stand and witness outside the building where Planned Parenthood kills babies who cannot defend themselves from its ferocious reach.  Diane and Tom set up our uniquely designed staging platform.  Outstanding Bill witnessed and prayed, accompanying us with his accustomed aplomb. Diane who owns a farm joined us. She took the day off. We prayed the invocations Jeannie so beautifully wrote and printed on the back of her numerous Darling Child posters. Thank you, Beloved Jeannie!


9-11 AM +++ Mark and Kathy

Thank you for coming to the students from Culture Impact, Sidewalk Advocate Kim, and individuals Helen and Rosemary.
No clients came during my shift.  I passed out “Watch Me Grow” brochures and yellow resource cards to passersby.
Two men were yelling hostile words to one another right on the sidewalk in front of us, which I feared would escalate into a physical fight, but didn’t and both men parted ways.  I called the police and reported the incident.


11 AM-1 PM +++ Marilyn and Katie

Kim with Sts. Martha and Mary Parishioners Cynthia, Will, Janine, Maureen and Cheryl
Cheryl and Kathy who is from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

It was a blessing to be back on the sidewalk and sub as shift manager today during Sts. Martha and Mary’s shift.  Sidewalk advocate Katie and I met a young girl, “S” who is eight weeks along.  She mentioned she was thinking about abortion.  The good news is that we showed her the fetal models and gave her information on fetal development and Birthright and she seemed very receptive.  She seemed to be genuinely amazed that the baby was that size and asked where it was at in her body.  “S” was going to come back to the vigil to talk more with Katie who offered to take her to lunch.  Unfortunately when I left at 1pm she hadn’t returned. However, she is armed with resources and if everyone who reads this can please say a prayer that she chooses life, I believe we can be confident that she will do just that!  Jesus, Mary and Joseph, intercede for “S” to choose life for her precious baby. Amen.


1-3 PM +++ Donna and Elaine

Parishioners from St. Matthew Parish and Saints Martha & Mary Parish joined me today for the vigil.  Also, Katie was with us for most of the time.  We prayed the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet as well as other prayers.  We handed out resource cards and talked to people who were interested in our mission.


3-5 PM +++ Val, Mike, and Christine / 5-7 PM +++ Pat

Change of shift at 5 pm. Thank you Lord, for these wonderful prayer warriors and witnesses to life!

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