Day 23: Thank you to Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, Christ Our Savior Parish, Christ the King Parish, and all of our prayer volunteers!

Today’s Responsorial Psalm made me think of how our prayer on the sidewalk can feel. The photos beneath each stanza give us images on which we can reflect. May our trust always be in the Lord. Even when we feel like we are calling to Him from out of the depths.

R. With the Lord there is mercy, and fullness of redemption.
Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD;
LORD, hear my voice!
Let your ears be attentive
to my voice in supplication.
R. With the Lord there is mercy, and fullness of redemption.

If you, O LORD, mark iniquities,
Lord, who can stand?
But with you is forgiveness,
that you may be revered.
R. With the Lord there is mercy, and fullness of redemption.

I trust in the LORD;
my soul trusts in his word.
My soul waits for the LORD
more than sentinels wait for the dawn.
R. With the Lord there is mercy, and fullness of redemption.

Cf. Psalm 130, 1-6

Reports from the Sidewalk:


Warm smiles and joyful conversation with Peggy, Tom, and Diane offered a glimpse of the sunrise which was still about a half hour away.  As always, Diane and Tom had the signs, tables, and supplies all ready and well-organized.  Peggy and I were thankful for the quiet (while it lasted) that allowed for peaceful, continuous prayer. 

A woman who was waiting for a bus across the street walked across the street to tell Peggy and me that she was watching and praying with us as she waited for her bus, and that she would continue praying after she got picked up.  Although we know that there are prayer warriors who cannot be with us on the sidewalk, it was good to experience living proof. 

Conrad joined us before the end of our shift, and he set to work offering literature and conversation to those passing by.  The doors to PP provided access for many staff members, but we did not see any abortion-bound women.  As 9:00 am drew near, a minivan drove up, all of the doors popped open simultaneously, and we were quickly surrounded by the next shift of dedicated prayers… well-known members of the 40 Days Family.


Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene had the 9 AM shift with Pastor Joe and Judy, Chuck, Carol and Lori.

We were joined by the smiling faces and warm spirits of Mark, Colin, Antonio, and Chris from St Paul’s Seminary. Bill also joined us as well. Anthony arrived just a little while before we left and it was good to spend time praying with him as well.

The weather was very pleasant today and God’s presence was very close.

At first PP did not seem to be doing any abortions today, but there were a few people going in and out. But their visits were brief.

We had an opportunity to pray with a few people who had stopped and had issues they needed prayer for.

Lisa K.:

Today was beautiful in so many ways. I am grateful for the beautiful prayer warriors we had on the sidewalk today. My Shift Buddy, Beth Ann, was hard at work right from the get-go as she began praying right away. Billy came to join us on his day off, which is so awesome. Frank rode up on his bike and joined in our prayer time as though we had known him for years.

Barbara was a special prayer presence on the sidewalk today. She sat on the sidewalk for much, if not all, of the shift. At one point, I noticed a man sitting on the sidewalk with her. I went over to offer him a cushion to sit on, but I stopped as I realized that he was praying. Then I saw the most beautiful thing. He and Barbara joined hands and prayed together as they sat there. Oh, that moment touched my heart so deeply. I thought I had snapped a photo of them from behind, but it didn’t take. I suppose it wasn’t meant for everyone to see. It was such a beautiful moment of grace. God bless Barbara for her presence and openness.

Dear Carolina came after Frank left. God always gives us who we need, just when we need them.

One last thing. For about the last half hour of our shift, the five of us prayed in silence. It was SO incredibly powerful for me. It really seemed to emphasize the solemnity of why we are there. I am so thankful for all who joined us today. May God be glorified for what we do on that sidewalk in His name.

Thank you to these faithful men of God, Frank and Billy!
Carolina and Billy stand for LIFE!
Barbara’s prayerful presence was beautiful.


Carolina had the opportunity to speak Spanish to someone entering PP. A young lady wanted to join our church, so I gave her the number for Epiphany. Some people passing by accepted resources, and we had conversations with some.  One woman said she appreciates what we are doing as she had an abortion years ago and has regret.


Pete and I were joined by three holy women from Christ the King Parish. Their wonderful example was only surpassed by their prayerful spirit.

Thank you to Cathy and Shift Manager, Pete!
Thank you to pro-life veteran Mary Catherine and her daughter, Ann!


Many prayers tonight as the sidewalk was busy.  Many young people in town for a concert and got to witness our message.  Hopefully we made many people think about life.  It was a blessing sharing experiences and praying with David, Mary, and Mitchell.

Whether we are worried about the state of the world, or the state of our lives… we need only to stay close to Our Father. May we know that “with the Lord there is mercy and fullness of redemption.”

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