Day 25: Thanks to Bellevue Knights of Columbus and their all day presence; thanks to Assumption Parish

How could you climb that?

How do you climb a steep mountain? One step at a time.

How do we end abortion? …With one smile, one prayer, one kind word on the sidewalk, one at a time. Sure, it’s hard and requires effort, persistence and sacrifice. But what great endeavor doesn’t?

Sure, the climb is steep. And might seem impossible. If it was just us alone maybe, but with God’s help “Nothing Is Impossible.” Okay, it might take some time, but what a joy it will be to reach the top.  Take the first step. And we will change one heart and mind at a time and end abortion.  

So, there is still time to come back downtown. You don’t have to stay long, just take the first step and then perhaps a few steps. And bring a friend or family member to share the joy of climbing to the top.


Here are today’s reports from the vigil where the Bellevue Knights of Columbus stood vigil all day long:

Joan was there as a sidewalk advocate reaching out to every woman who entered. Quite a few went in during our shift. Many prayers were said for them, the escorts, workers and babies. Sue

Here’s from 11-1: Thanks to the folks from Knights of Columbus, Bellevue chapter and Assumption Parish for praying with us today. 
A steady stream of women were coming and going at P.P.  A few of them accepted the pregnancy resource materials that we were handing out.

3-5 pm: Billy and I were joined by Charlie and his fellow Knights who had been there since 7 am. PP appears to have been closed, always a good thing. We had time for a rosary and DM chaplet together. I approached two women who were trying to open the door to PP and asked if I could give them some information but they told me no, they just wanted to go in to make a contribution. I explained that we have a number of helpful resources for pregnant women that we offer as an alternative to abortion, and one woman told me that she’s prolife, but also pro choice 😞  I had a good discussion with a woman from Venezuela who noticed that we’re out there every day, and told me how fortunate we are to be able to protest and pray publicly. Mary

Billy, Charlie, Ray, John and James.

Just a reminder:

SPECIAL PRO-LIFE MASS will be celebrated by Bishop Zubik at Saint Paul Cathedral this Tuesday, October 19 at 7:00 pm.

All the faithful are invited to participate.  A  pro-life  rosary  will  be prayed  beginning  at  6:30  pm.  The  Mass and rosary are being offered for the protection of human life and in reparation for any offenses against the human person and God’s gift of life.

And this too:

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