Day 19: Thanks to St. Regis Parish and their Knights of Columbus (Trafford), St. Michael the Archangel Parish, and all other Volunteers–especially our Team!

My family was blessed to have a fun but EXTREMELY busy weekend. There was just no way to keep up with everything by myself. But I was also blessed to have kind and caring people who jumped in and helped. Thank you especially to Nikki for taking over the blog Friday and Saturday and to Pat for covering my shift early this morning!!!

Each of us is called to be a kind and caring person who is ready to jump in and help families who just can’t keep up with everything by themselves (we’ve all been there!) From offering prayer and life-saving assistance outside abortion mills, to supporting pregnancy resource centers, to befriending a neighbor who might need a hand with her little ones from time to time…there are so many ways to lighten the load for someone who is struggling.

Another way to recognize and respond to difficult situations for pregnant and parenting women is by getting involved in Walking with Moms in Need. Begun in 2020, its mission is gaining momentum as awareness grows. To learn more, visit Although it’s aimed at Catholic parishes, it can be adopted by any group looking for ways to support families!



Praised be Jesus Christ!  We received (Dee’s) lovely note and request for prayers for the 40 Days for Life, and we want to assure you of our prayers and sacrifices, uniting ours to yours this Lent, especially for all the innocent unborn.  By Our Lord’s sacrifice and death on the Cross, may He have mercy on us and put an end to abortion. We want to encourage you to fight the good fight, and know that you have the prayers of the Carmelites behind you.  May God reward you and Our Lady help you!!!  In the Hearts of Jesus, Mary, Joseph,

Your Carmelite Nuns in Fairfield, PA


7-9 AM +++ Pat and Vince

We had a peaceful and prayerful morning as we began in the dark and ended in the light.  I had with me two of my brother Knights from my parish, St. Regis in Trafford, and my SB Vince had two of his brother Knights from his parish, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in the North Hills.  Marie, who I believe regularly comes during this shift, was also there.  Vince led us in praying all four sets of mysteries of the scriptural rosary (I’m always so grateful that he does this), and then we concluded with the Divine Mercy Chaplet. 

The one notable thing for me was that as we were praying a middle-aged woman walked past us and then turned around and looked at us.  At this point I was sure that we were going to hear something profane, or at least negative; however, she thanked us several times for being there.  What a nice surprise.


9-11 AM +++ Ken

A special thanks to the 7:00-9:00 am shift that precedes ours. They are always deep in prayer when we arrive as their shift is a non-stop 120 minutes of prayerThanks also to Margie, shift buddy Pat’s sister, who filled in for Pat for our 9:00-11:00 am entire shift today. Prayers also for the 11:00 to 1:00pm shift Rich and Roseann. Roseann has not been able to come for a few weeks, suffering with shingles, and Rich is recovering from a power tool injury. Most Merciful Savior, heal them, we need them. Rich and George stayed for our first hour, held over from the previous shift, and we were joined by Heather and James from Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish. In the second hour, volunteer Daniel answered the call to stand with me and Margie. As always the Rosary walk stopped to pray with us as they do every Sunday of the year.


11 AM-1 PM +++ Rich

May God bless Rich and Roseann with health and healing!

1-3 PM +++ Charlie and Andrew

Cold and gloomy today, but what do you expect from our location. We did have some joy as we had a full crew with shift buddies and the faithful from St. Michael’s today joining in prayer.  A big Thank you for all who came out today to be prayerful in our cause.  


3-5 PM +++ Andy, Steve, and Denise

We had an unexpected visitor take interest in Denise‚Äôs sign. He asked for it and put it on, hung out for a short while by us, hung out for a longer while on the 800 block of Liberty, and headed down Liberty spreading the message “Choose life!”


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