Day 18: Thanks to Triumph of the Holy Cross, Divine Grace & Christ Our Savior Parishes, and our wonderful 40 Days for Life team members!

“…One of the women was crying and I cried too…”

I had another angle to write about today, but when I got this report from Tim first thing this morning … It says it all. There are a lot of details to be handled every hour of our campaign … From the initial planning by the leadership team … Church involvement, Shift Manager Schedules ( there are 35–thirty five–shifts a week ) for six weeks, Fetal Model displays, Giveaways, Kick off and Concluding Events, City schedules and Festivals, AND once we start … Folks get sick, the weather gets bad, children and parents need those headed for the sidewalk and once in a while someone interferes with those praying on the sidewalk . There are constant questions:

Do we have Enough folks for a Witness this Hour? Is everyone signed in?

Do we have the sidewalk setup right?

Did the Security team show up? Did someone take photos?

Do we have the right materials to hand out? Does the mom need post-abortion care?

Are anyone’s hands frozen? Does Anyone Need a Break?

But all of these questions and details pale in comparison to the actual reason we are there in front of PP:


We are there in hopes of reaching the heart of an abortion-bound woman, but more often than not, our witness is to walk with and love the moms and their babies who will experience abortion today. We are MOURNERS for those little lives and we are givers of HOPE for their moms. Thank you, Tim. Do not be afraid to Cry Too!

7-9 Shift Manager Tim Reports:

It was very quiet early with a very light snow falling.  I was able to pray along with Kathleen and Mary who traveled up from Steubenville again along with year-round regulars Joe, David, and Bill. We were joined by the team from Triumph of the Holy Cross and were then able to have a nice presence on both sides of the arc. Once the escorts came out a few couples went in, two of the women seemed to be in severe distress yet would not take any helpful information or talk with us.  One of the women was crying and I cried too. And so we prayed.  Street traffic began picking up for the St Patrick’s Day parade and several people thanked us for being there. One man said, “Thank you for serving.”

EARLY BIRDS Joe, Mary, Bill, Kathleen, and SM Tim
TRIUMPH OF THE HOLY CROSS PARISHIONERS bring the Message to Pittsburgh!

9-11 Shift Managers Sue and Sue Report:

Regulars Bill S. & Randy along with Robert and Carmen from Divine Grace Parish were there when I arrived, and we were joined by Mary and Peggy from Ohio and SA Greg, all of whom stayed for the entire shift.  Thanks be to God that PP was not as busy as usual.  St. P’s Day parade revelers passed by, although it seemed there were fewer than there have been in the past.  Many accepted cards.  It was a mostly peaceful shift, except for one young woman exiting PP who reacted loudly and negatively to Greg’s simple question, “Are you OK?”  One man with a cool dyed-green goatee and hair, “D,” stopped to talk.  He said, “I heard that most women who have abortions regret their abortions for the rest of their lives,” and we said that is correct.   A homeless couple came by.  Barb gave them a bunch of candy bars, and Greg graciously walked them to a coffee shop down the street for a coffee. 

Sue with the team from Divine Grace
Bill and Amy with signs made by Mary Pat
Pittsburgh’s Mounted Police out for the Day of Green! FYI –Their horses are treated better than babies at PP!
The mounted police game us a thumbs up for our support!

11-1 Shift Manager Judy reports:

‘Tis a cold day for a parade; lots o’ folks in green passing by.  Unsurprisingly, two wee ones stopped to gaze at the fetal models which were directly at their eyesight level.

I met with the unflappable Barb and two security men today.  Greg had stopped down to check on things and had gotten hot coffee for two homeless people.  I hadn’t recognized our 2022 guard, Julian, but he remembered me.  I managed to give out numerous yellow cards and a few trifolds. 

One green-clad woman shouted, “YOU’RE WASTING YOUR TIME!!!” right at Barb’s face, but she smiled.  She says GOD BLESS YOU to every passerby no matter what.  God bless Barb!

11-1 Shift Manager Barbara Reports:

Faith and Begorrah (Faith by God.) 

Erin go Bragh (Ireland forever.)

Green covered people, all ages, both men and women, children, dogs, horses, sheep, wagons and a very large person dressed as a leprechaun, paraded past Judy and me on the sidewalk and in the street, for our entire shift.  What a magnificent celebration of joy and the Irish vibe.  I’m Irish.  But like me, probably most of the passers by had never been to Ireland … and we still call ourselves Irish.

“PP” roughly stakes out its cold dark gigantic swath of brick sidewalk at 933. People scurried in and out.  As far as we knew, we were unable to rescue an abortion bound person today.  That conversation between the Holy Spirit and the person can be lengthy, silent, and very personal.  We spoke to almost everyone.  Handing them our literature, Sidewalk Advocate Judy coaxed, “Take a card.  It could save somebody’s life.”  “God bless you,” I prayed.  99.9% of the people we spoke to said, “Thank you.  God bless you too.”

Thank you, Nikki and our managers.  Sidewalk witnessing is certainly a colossal blessing.

1-3 Shift Manager Billy reports:

Joe, Jeff, and I had an interesting day. We got one thumbs up. Two guys came over to talk with us and had a conversation. One wanted to donate. A lot of girls came out of the clinic and the traffic was somewhat peaceful. Some people were rude but God is good.

Thanks to Jeff, Billy and Joe for finishing today strong!

Please, Lord, touch the hearts and minds of all who entered PP today, and let them never go back there and seek help for their needs elsewhere.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

1 thought on “Day 18: Thanks to Triumph of the Holy Cross, Divine Grace & Christ Our Savior Parishes, and our wonderful 40 Days for Life team members!”

  1. Thank you to all the side walk prayer warriors!
    Yesterdays account is a good read and a good testimony as to why we are Called to stand firm for our family of unborn.

    So spring forward welcomes us as we wake this morning and it is an unwelcome transition in the sense that it means we lose an hour of sleep and have to adjust to so many things like my dog being anxious at a delayed dinner time.

    Our side walk friends today have to deal with the time change and making sure they arrive on time. God bless them for their sacrifice .

    The positive for the time change is we can accept the Spring Forward as an encouragement that a wonderful gift from our creator is soon upon us in the warmth and emerging beauty of nature’s life cycle.

    We can embrace the anticipation for spring as encouragement and hope for those we seek to help and feel a renewal of our Faith and love for all of Gods family.

    I pray the spring brings new life to our hearts and especially in the hearts of the unborn and parents we meet.

    Love to you all and those you love. You all complete me.

    Thank you


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