Day 12…Thanks to St. Michael the Archangel Parish & Divine Mercy Parish, and all faithful volunteers and Team members!

This past week, Jackie wished me a happy feast day for a saint I had not previously known, St. Quadvultdeus.  She told me about a beautiful homily he once gave on the Holy Innocents and how relevant his words remain. We often connect these little martyrs, the children that Herod slaughtered in an attempt to kill the infant Messiah, to today’s abortion victims.  This quote from the sermon certainly fits our present crisis:

“You destroy those who are tiny in body because fear is destroying your heart. You imagine that if you accomplish your desire you can prolong your own life…”

-St. Quadvultdeus (on Herod)

That’s such an accurate description of a woman considering abortion.  It seems like the only way to save herself and the life she had planned before the baby was conceived.  Fear of an unknown future is powerful, so we pray for God’s peace to overcome it.  Our Lord often works through us to do just that.

The physical and emotional support offered by our incredible pro-life network can go a long way to ease a pregnant woman’s panic.  You help so much by making those resources known with signs and handouts at the vigil.  You also directly provide that support when you donate to pregnancy resource centers and diaper drives, like the one we held at the kickoff Mass.  May God bless you for your generosity and help us to remember these moms every day in our prayers, our schedules, and our budgets!


Chilly this morning but nowhere near as cold as last week. It was a blessing to pray with faithful friends. Thank you all for your sacrifice on the sidewalk! 


Second Sunday in Lent and the weather has a seasonal feel to it. A little brisk at 9:30 when we arrived but there is a warming trend. Lot’s of walkers and joggers but no comments or issues to report. Pat and I were able to pray 15 decades of the rosary before we were joined by Lance, Marsha and two of their children for the luminous mysteries. Appropriate since the gospel for today is the Transfiguration. Jen, Vince, Rich and George preceded us and as always they stayed to pray with us on shift. The rosary walk prayed for life and Lauren followed us with Divine Mercy parish.


Thanks to St Michael the Archangel Parish for coming down for the second week in a row! We were also joined by a number of parishioners from Epiphany whose shift overlapped with ours. Multiple Rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets were said as vigil participants cycled through, and we received a couple of encouraging comments.


Sometimes you feel great and you can pray the rosary all shift long. And then there are those days where you took medicine at seven thirty at night and slept until eleven a m. And all you can do is just be here and offered up. Which day is more efficacious? Only God knows


It was a quiet and prayerful time on sidewalk today. Keep Andy in your prayers he’s a little under the weather


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