Day 11…Thanks to Christ Our Savior Parish, Jeannette Holy Name Society, Central Highlands United Methodist Church, and all faithful team members & volunteers!

Moved with pity at the sight of Our Dear Lord, Veronica courageously stepped into the path of the cross. She was determined to render aid to The Suffering One, if only temporarily.

All she had was her veil. Was it against custom for a woman to uncover her head in public? I don’t know. But, the veil was all she had, and it could be used to accomplish the favor of wiping His bloodied, sweaty Face.

Her focus was on Christ, not herself. She risked the negative reactions of the cruel executioners to her unexpected interference.

The outcome? Rather than feeling despised and dejected, Christ felt LOVED in that moment. He responded to her kind gesture by leaving her an incredible relic – the impression of His Holy Face on the cloth!

Let us, too, remain focused on Jesus, ever attentive to His needs, serving Him in whatever capacity we can. We must strive to see Him in each person we encounter on the sidewalk: PP staff, clients, hidden babies in utero, passers by, and each other! ALL are created in God’s image and worthy of our LOVE.


A gentle snow fell on us as the temperature dropped by it didn’t dampen our spirits. It was a busy morning with too many women going into the clinic.  We prayed standing and kneeling. We were able to give a few women some information.  There appeared to be a dance competition at the convention center and many families with young children passed us by allowing us to make, hopefully, a powerful witness with our presence and signage.  Let’s hope we planted some seeds of love.

A young man stopped by wearing only a hoody when the snow was really coming down.  He asked if we had any gloves.  God works in mysterious ways as we were able to give him gloves, hand warmers and a coat and also offered a drink and some snacks.  He held a 40 DFL sign for a short time and prayed with us and upon his departure he asked God to bless us all.  We were truly blessed.  God bless you all.


Snow flurries greeted Joe and Judy; David and Tim were already covered in snow as they headed home. 

 Bill, always walking while praying the rosary, asked Tim to push a small button on his coat which started an internal heater!!  The largest baby model looked curled up as if he was cold under its blanket of snow.


It was fairly quiet on Liberty Avenue today. Not many people were at Planned Parenthood. Nobody accepted the pregnancy support material.


Our shift was greeted by Smiling Dean, Chris and Isaac. Warm welcome on cold, windy day.

This waS Joes second shift today: he wanted to accompany his wife, Lindas church: Central Highlands Community UMC. Pastor Stumpf charged us up with prayer. We needed it quickly as women came out and went in for many one oclock apt. Some took info.

Sidewalk was busy with college event at convention center. This made it difficult to see people entering pp. Gods love and positive attitudes helped us. We were happy to see Billy and Jeff. Grateful for hug from Jeannie.


Hey guys

Just me and Jeff today on this suddenly sunny yet cold day. Today I heard abortion is healthcare, saw people leaving the clinic, one particularly left with her son and daughter. Jeff and I were praying. One positive remark. Some other foolish comments. But for the most part it was very quiet.


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