Day 13…Thanks to Christ the King Parish, Dedicated Team Members & Volunteers!

Sacrifice is an easy word to say, yet hard to do.  

Standing up for the unborn especially on cold, wet and windy days isn’t easy, especially when the alternative is staying in bed drinking hot coffee or sitting in front of the fireplace.  But, remember, HE said it would be hard.  .

Going downtown has it’s challenges with traffic, parking, interactions, weather and sometimes just not wanting to go.  However, if you have been called to “follow him”, then you need “to deny yourself and pick your cross” and follow HIM.  I know It sounds so simple yet it requires sacrifice, giving up some “me time”.

I also  know denying oneself in today’s culture which strives for comfort and pleasurable stuff and avoiding anything having anything to do with sacrifice is hard.  I’ll admit when I first started going downtown to pray at pp I hated every moment on the street, yet I kept going because I was called to this “vocation” in addition to all of my other responsibilities with family, work and leisure stuff. But, I took baby steps to get more comfortable with it and kept coming back one more time.

I’m guessing if you are reading this, you have picked up the cross and know how heavy it is.  Take heart, HE will help you.  With His grace you can do it.  We are not alone on the street.  Remember “where two are more are gathered…”.

Maybe like you, I have found that the road to happiness and holiness requires sacrifice. It’s the price to pay. So again, I remind you, deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow him.  

If you haven’t been yet downtown come on down, sign up or show up. We need you.  If you have been downtown already, come back again if you can.  More is always better when it comes to our witness outside pp. I’ll help you with your cross and you will help me with mine.

Thanks for carrying your cross so joyfully.  I am always so impressed when I meet new people downtown and they are so joyful and happy to be there.  So many of you seem to be the Holy People I so want to be. I God bless you all.


This shift was cancelled because there was no partner for Michael and no one answered the call. Michael went to the sidewalk and waited for half an hour, and had to leave because we do not want our volunteers to be there alone.

Mary arrived at 830 and began setting up. I arrived just before nine and helped her complete the process. There were no incidents to speak of except an angry gentleman who expressed his views however, I never felt that we were in any way threatened. Mary said that she saw one couple, a young man and woman going in. We both witnessed about four or so young women going in alone, and I did see at least two or three of those paying at the front desk. The actual volume was nowhere near a typical abortion day.


There was a man and a woman sitting on the ground and on a plastic milk crate. We were praying the 4 sets of the rosary mysteries.

Both of them were obviously very high. They kept making derogatory remarks especially the man. We just kept praying.  But I was also praying for them. When we were finished we started talking to the woman. She told us when she was pregnant, they wanted her get an abortion but she didn’t. She said they took the baby when she born because the baby was addicted. She said that her daughter is fine now and she was glad she had her.

The man the apologized to us for what he said when we were praying. God is good.


The sidewalk was busy for our first hour with a lot of foot traffic due to the convention that is in town.

There was a couple sitting in the doorway near our display asking all who passed for money. They left after about an hour once the foot traffic eased up.

Mike and I enjoyed the unusually warm weather for late February. There were a number of women exiting PP, most carrying the usual little brown paper bag.

We pray that they are not carrying the pill that will destroy their baby.


The little buck-toothed prognosticator Phil may have been correct with his early spring prediction this time .. it felt like a beautiful spring day , sunny and in the 60s. !
But it was back to being noisy on Liberty Ave with all the buses going by  and children running around after school . One person screamed an obscenity at us as he entered the DMV office across the street, and one lady walked by and gave us a thumbs up as we prayed the Joyous Mysteries and Divine Mercy Chaplets .
A couple of ladies walked out with the little brown bags in hand .

Dan, Jack, Cathy and Mary Catherine ( and camera shy Joanne taking the picture)

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