Saturday’s Jericho March at Pitt…

Well, we didn’t have the 7,000 that we hoped for, but the 150 faithful souls who came had determination and fortitude enough to make up the difference! It took us two and a half hours to walk around the Cathedral of Learning seven times, and we prayed seven rosaries and one divine mercy chaplet. Leading the prayer procession was our beloved Bishop Waltersheid, along with a priest from my parish, Monsignor Lamonde (please pray for him as he is gravely ill). It was very moving to see him take part in this long procession in a wheel chair. I believe his sufferings touched the heart of our dear Lord and our dear Blessed Mother. We were also blessed to have Fr. Ming Li, Fr. Jason Charron, Fr. Tony Gargotta and Fr. Brennan with us.

Being in the middle of so many brothers and sisters who love our Jesus and Mary, and who are willing to suffer for that love…was beautiful, and it was an oasis in the desert of our times. Especially being in the heart of Oakland, that oh so intelligent academic community…those who are just too smart for God...was like being a light in the darkness. Thanks to all who came! I have to say, I was feeling euphoric for the first 4 times around. The fifth time around I was starting to feel pretty tired. The sixth and seventh was really difficult. I am almost 60 and could barely finish it…but I was inspired to see many people older than me who persevered to the end! I have to believe that our sacrifice was pleasing to the Lord, and helped to make some reparation for the terrible sin of abortion and fetal experimentation…and will draw down grace and protection from God. Maybe we should make this a monthly thing? If anyone agrees, please let me know.

Just a reminder that there is an up-coming conference to learn more about what is happening at Pitt, being organized by Franciscan student, Lucia Hunt. You can register for the free event (Monday, Nov. 8 at 6:30) by going to her website at:

Enjoy these photos from yesterday’s Jericho March at Pitt:

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  1. Rose M Waruszewski

    I was privileged to participate for a few rounds in the Jericho March. My husband and I had scheduled something in the afternoon about a month ago so I had to leave early, but I wanted to say I saw Fr. Ming Lee there as well. Let’s continue to pray that God will intervene to stop Pitt from the atrocities they are doing.

    I would be interested in doing a monthly Jericho March…

    1. Thanks Rose! I also forgot to mention Fr. Jason Charron! I have updated the blog with both those wonderful priests’ names!

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